Zhong Pinliang Indiana Jones which can make up

September 21 [Fri], 2012, 19:33
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 545th chapter Fumo Mr.
Zhong Pinliang ,please . Fumo made a farewell gesture .Zhong Pinliang silently nodded ,also no longer words ,direct left Chu Pengzhan office ,he also knows this is enough ,Fumo can send him back ,afraid of make a fool of yourself not up .
Keep up with him. !Exploration about Yuri Huang . Minutes Pinliang left office ,Chu chin Peng and fast to the Indiana Jones said . ,Mr. chu ! Fumo nodded ,turned out of office ,to go near the clock Pinliang said: Mr.
Zhong Pinliang ,I send you to go back . Clock Pinliang was overjoyed, heart ,what does this mean? Representative Chu Pengzhan or reconciliation mean ?Think of here ,the clock Pinliang heart is also very happy together ,the Chu chin Peng ultimately agreed to this matter ,also have great confidence ! There Fumo .
Zhong Pinliang has a pair of onsite son-in-law attitude .Forber does not say anything ,and bell Pinliang downstairs ,on the car, asked Mr. Zhong Pinliang : where are you going? I go home ! Zhong Pinliang thought ,can Fumo perceive : Yuri Huang is still waiting for me at home ,I will back soon ,if she is hungry ,I have to give her some instant noodles UGG Bailey Button Fancy Outlet! Oh ,since Chu, in your home ,you are not to eat, then come with me to the hotel will be easy to get .
Hearing this Forber said: every day I prepare for miss chu . Also, then give me . Bell products window to nod, his heart ,this dinner is found .To Chin Peng Le Grand Large Hotel dinner took Fumo ,Zhong Pinliang will be sent to the clock Pinliang home villa downstairs ,Fumo carrying boxes to be with Zhong Pinliang again, but Zhong Pinliang stopped .
Mr. Zhong Pinliang ,I want to have a look Miss Chu ,ask if she has what it takes Womens North Face Denali Cheap,today it was late ,I is not to go back ,I go to buy her some toiletries . Fumo subtle explained .
Oh ,well, no ! Zhong Pinliang Indiana Jones which can make up ?To not see Chu Yao Meng ,not anything away ?He waved his hand : Fumo ,Yuri Huang now is certainly not wearing clothes ,you up, not convenient ! Oh ,there you go ,and let her wear the clothes ? Fumo suggested .
This ... ... Her body is not easy, you know ,the first girl UGG Boots Outlet,will not easily ,wear clothes do not suffer ! Zhong Pinliang suddenly have a brain wave explained: besides ,toiletries ,my house rooms are some ,I give her a set on it ! ,that ,that you go .
Fumo will be in the hands of convenience to bell Pinliang ,then turned back to the car .Zhong Pinliang is carrying convenience fast on the floor, to his own room ,from the Windows account look ,found Fumo car had gone ,and breathed a sigh of relief, andao: finally gone Karen Millen Dress 2011,almost no hiding the past, thanks to a master me ,otherwise ,I sewer capsized !If we could make it through the two days ,and Chu chin Peng has a client ,myself even if through clouds .
Zhong Pinliang assured the open front bento box ,found inside the dinner is very rich ,could not help but have a big appetite ,eat up quickly .In fact Fumo is an illusion ,he did not to leave ,but drove to a circle ,the car stopped at a corner ,off to bell Pinliang home near the villa ,hiding in a substation box behind .
A glance at the clock Pinliang two floor window ,found the clock Pinliang still ,Fubosong in relief, but Zhong Pinliang that I would slip away ,but it seems that bell Pinliang did not directly .
Don circumspect ,or because of something else .The present situation and development about the Chu Peng report ,Fumo remain here watching the clock Pinliang .Chu Peng exhibition arrangement Fumo ,is to let the Fumo clear ,what happened to Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu !Chu Pengzhan Indiana Jones and are in fact not believe bell Pinliang will be so stupid ,Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu are placed in the home, that is pure have a death wish ,bell Pinliang had said ,but a lie .
Chu Pengzhan Indiana Jones and the uncertainty is ,bell Pinliang there is what to do with Chu Mengyao !In this way ,only the Fumo secretly track clock Pinliang ,found Chu Mengyao captivity locations ,can investigate .
While Zhong Pinliang does not so foolish as to bitterly cold ,he is on the two floor window, although did not see Fumo ,but this situation he is not easy to double Yanshan cave ,where Chu Pengzhan does not clear before, he is also a white ,and caves have prepared enough food and water ,two girls must be hungry .
After dinner, the clock Pinliang watched ghost and went to bed .Zhong Fabai these days with troops and Li Cihua study of the demolition of the things ,no empty home ,have this and by Shanla relations opportunity ,how could he let go ?Forber saw the clock Pinliang home all the lights went out ,also did not immediately act rashly and blindly ,but to wait for a while, maybe an hour ,normal people should have to sleep time, Forber was a leap into the villa ,climbed up the clock Pinliang window curtain gap ,through to the inside look ,the clock Pinliang alone to sleep in his bed, house no second individuals .
Forber is also set the hearts of speculation ,Chu Yao Meng should not in the clock Pinliang home .But not one hundred percent sure ,Fumo preparation into a villa which search circle again, be careful no mistake .
Fumo as yellow order master out of this thing ,in addition to the Chu Peng show, no one knows .In fact even the Chu chin Peng ,also on the strength of Forber actually recovered much ,do not have a clear idea UGG Jimmy Choo Kaia Outlet!Forber currently has the strength to reach the Yellow order late peak, but want to break through the mysterious master out of order ,without a suitable opportunity is not possible .
So like Wu Gonggao the black order early home master ,is less and less .Because Fumo just refining body, through a body itself to achieve his strength ,energy fluctuations and normal people do not have much difference ,so Lin Yi cannot discern his real strength !Fumo charges out unless a moment ,Lin Yi can be found .
However ,and Forber together, Forber almost no shot time, Lin Yi to now ,no clear Forber strength reason .Search of a villa inside information, for a yellow order late peak strength of the master ,without any difficulty .
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