this portable poison is poison civilization study

September 15 [Sat], 2012, 10:40
Volume I :Huashan Xian Chapter 1140th mortal Lu yuan !-- Chapter 1140th mortal Lu yuan !The central China ,era of war is about to begin ,but the atmosphere was thick .In this environment, various war machines running .
Whether it is barren Buddhas League side ,or the law Wu alliance .The two party is so .Meanwhile ,in the method the union side information system . The immortal wind civilized vice principal transfer place .
barren civilization main transfer place . Other party. Transfer of local . Other party. Transfer of local . All these people to the Pegasus triangle metastasis . A key monitoring among these people, there are eight individuals to a local transfer .
Who is the strongest assassination team most likely candidates . They have ,that is to say ,barren Buddhas alliance strongest assassination team build-up . An intelligence to into the law Wu alliance intelligence system ,and law Wu alliance information system being analyzed ,the .
The so-called war ,not only master and master of detonation ,as simply calculate master limit warfare .The so-called war ,is that both sides all together and fighting ,all in the output ,such as information system and no civilization environment master ,but these people kept analysis to provide information north face store,which an opponent in where, for the war great .
As of now ,through an intelligence will remit the strongest assassination team gathering news . of the strongest assassination team build-up ,era of wars ,started . Intelligence chief took a deep breath, he reached this conclusion when a strange feeling dizzy ,finally ,the most terrible era war begins .
This ultimate era war began ,there will be numerous sacrifices . The results immediately pass on . Intelligence captain said . Is . Immediately someone busy . In addition ,see Tianma triangle have our side of the civilized environment ,the strongest hand always assassination team only kill civilization environment ,to see which one may be their goal .
Intelligence captain said . start analysis . Information system analysis up immediately ,Tianma triangle is a huge star ,there were one hundred thousand stars in it, and according to the different parts of the intelligence analysis ,in this area of the law Wu Alliance Party civilization vice principal of a total of two ,but another Saint snow civilized vice principal not much worth the strongest assassination team out of the necessary ,then only one other possible ,Lu yuan .
Epoch wars first assassination team build-up ,the other was the first goal, it is Lu yuan .While at the same time also can be very simple to explain ,why Lu Yuan, because land element growth potential too terrible, and barren land gradually in this prophecy .
Intelligence captain immediately said : the results immediately pass on our side ,Lu Yuan but important character, can in each other hands . But that is to say ,the intelligence captain also understand ,Lu Yuan dead is a one hundred percent chance ,absolutely no chance to survive, but now the assassination squad the strongest against Lu Yuan Lu Yuan ,how can there be a way out ,the strongest assassination team ,is to deal with Jiu Jiyuan the nine characters to be era Lu Yuan ,and now the strength ,absolute ten die without .
At the same time ,the two intelligence to the fastest speed up the intelligence report ,a report it drew a road shocks ,era of war officially began ,while Lu Yuan is on the other side of the strongest assassination team attack ,how to land element can not be what can live .
Lu Yuan !Yes ,law Wu League side will be immediately sent to support the master ,however ,a time to support where in time .Lu Yuan to face the strongest independent assassination team very long time, so Lu Yuan is only a possibility ,he finished !No matter what the level of the information system ,and either a receiving the information of the world people are reached this conclusion Lu Yuan .
The strongest assassination team that ten characters ,some of this era was born Huanggu master ,and most of the early fame several era horror character .Meanwhile ,Tianma triangle, vanity ,came the chatter of strange Laughter : ha ha UGG Turn Cuff Gloves,No.
six ,No. seven ,you two have to speed fame ,two people often argue which one barren Buddhas union speed first ,the result is a junior at speed than the Women's North Face Clearance,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ,is a disgrace ,you two are assassinated not Lu Yuan, or by the I five to do it .
... ... The strongest assassination team in their own hands ,Lu Yuan heart is also a little nervous, after all, is the strongest Royal assassination team .But even if the tension ,Lu Yuan also according to original purpose ,towards the lost land and the central China intermediate points away, to where to put the shortage of it away .
Lu Yuan in the non-stop flight time was found wrong .Yes ,it is .Because noxious smell in the wind .Not only is the wind ,in the surrounding stars void ,and stars on the surface as cloth toxin ,and more frightening than this ,the most terrible is light and toxin ,right, darkness and toxins ,while the light of the virus and the darkness of the virus ,and are light UGG Delaine,dark fully com .
Then Lu Yuan was a real shock ,can put poison in light and darkness ,this means ,the strength is also too terror .Such a person ,want only poison the civilized people .Lu Yuan has also been made ,but whether to anywhere as long as your own place always had these toxins ,Lu Yuan found the legend of a virus ,and somewhat alike ,this poison is poison with poison them ,this most is the poison who never appears ,but can make virus along with being the performer and transfer ,this portable poison is poison civilization study ,while not overtake Lu Yuan, estimates of the opponent with the poison civilization this carry poison .
Lu Yuan smiled ,drink and asked : is the strongest among the assassination team which one ? While in the void which appeared in a row to endless toxin composed of words ,a large dark toxin is this: the strongest assassination squad ,No.
five ,poison the civilized vice principal . Oh ,this one ?Lu Yuan arrived after know civilization civilization exit exit a is just a few hundred ,therefore ,was simply put hundreds of civilization throughout all the information entered your own mind, conscious memory for the civilized environment people is too simple ,so to have heard of venom vast civilization main ,in memory ,this is a poison civilization vice principal ,and seven era of mana, but his mana and immortal wind wind ,barren two civilization vice principal of basically the same, however ,his drug use to kill than immortal wind ,wind speed kills two with waste even more terror ,so in the number five .
Through the rolling of toxins ,in Lu Yuan as the center ,put Lu Yuan surrounding all surrounded by this toxin ,all around as long as Lu Yuan arrived where where is toxic world ,this is in the world ,Lu Yuanshen in this domain is a poison center ,numerous toxins to destroy land element .
Lu Yuan immediately put the holy young Kendo for offering up ,this holy young Kendo once offering up immediately ,reducing the number of toxins ,but even so ,there are layers of poison came in .
Pretty poison !Lu Yuan that listen to his side the main blow seedling civilization what his Miao Gu poison has not poison the civilization ,but now found the original ancient civilization ,seedling associate master this argument are just blow one it ,really pure on the virus ,Miao Gu civilization vice than poison civilization also has certain gap .
However ,Lu Yuan green St. Kendo in Miao Gu civilization associate master billion poison poison ,this time to hone a considerable progress ,much better than before ,if it is before holy young Kendo ,is absolutely cannot withstand .
Lu Yuan to also do not worry, continue to hone the holy young Kendo ,also in does not stop moving ,not to the fastest speed to move into ,if not the fastest speed of mobile ,was the strongest of the assassination team to catch up ,the strongest weakest assassination team is a six era ,they will die no tomb ,himself along with unparalleled speed wincing the strongest assassination team .
Portable poisonous with Lu Yuan and stop the attack ,but Lu Yuan green St. Kendo in this portable poison honed progressing .In the void ,flashing carry poison tumbling ,at the same time in the void of coagulation appear to chatter sneer words : Lu Yuan, poison the civilization of horror kill action of carry poison ,you only a blind alley .
Lu Yuan basic science also ignored ,holy young Kendo in various toxins forced upgrade .Portable poisonous North Face Targhee Triclimate Womens Sale,releasing all the terrible toxin ,a void demon poison poison ,poison ,deceit ,the sky god ice poison ,poison, poison ,poison poisonous hell ,changing ,very fierce ,behave in a vicious and unrestrained way toxins mixed together, these toxins each is a billion drug synthesis ,awful .
Lu Yuan green St. Kendo is not easy ,don pan out green light ,in the void ,circular ,resist various virus invasion .But even so ,some cannot resist the attack of the grade .A time Lu Yuan situation quite dangerous .
This is the strongest assassination team number fifth means ,even Lu Yuan green St. Kendo resist ,but also so embarrassed .But if the other does not resist this people here, you can get more awkward ,no wonder he can be ranked in the fifth position ,it is not simple .
Meanwhile ,a green light from a Kendo tree from above ,with Lu Yuan green St. Kendo ,makes the holy young Kendo on glaucoma a Yankee ,as to spray out of the Dragon fly .( the first more to ,uh, this chapter still more late ,sorry .
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