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Rain and wind ,weather ,dry black one night ,Chen Zhu led a team of horses ,around two Royal Highness Residence Hotel close to go ,week after week can occasionally see also in the vicinity of inspections of the old ,but can greet each other let down ,but must continue to use Gu Yufa wolf feel ,this hotel because the two princes come ,suddenly become a palace courtyard very master do brocade ,surrounded by the iron letter ,Prince two ,is to treasure for Wang Sun noble guard ,this should have guarded, plus early to Qianxi almost meet thorn ,Princess Prince arrangements for defensive measures is more complete, for several days ,ensuring that no one can already harassment was living was an Konoe ,use the days grow many experience ,despite facing enemy strength or ,finally the condensation UGG Short Sparkles Clearance,strict discipline and for many it is natural ,not only to die ,in the edge of danger ,for self-preservation, only remain in one ,always nervous nonetheless ,Chen Xuanyuan nine cast ,ye ,solution Tao et al, in and the door together to fight against the coalition ,still from time to time to two king here.
See ,for fear that he should have what accident sorry Wanyan Yong Lian ,who all understand ,impossible to guard against ,Chu wind Liu defense again how no danger of anything going wrong ,we will be the forest footpath produced a crack to Chen casting around for several weeks, determined that there is no risk after heavy spit out of breath to defense ,the two princes .
,is already an open secret ,from the Jin Dynasty to the Southern Song Dynasty, the two princes in all the way to be cross-country copycat rebel followed ,said Lin Qian do not know the two princes came to Qianxi ,Onicai Shinji king ,although be North and South ten particularly worried that a flaw in one hand, really need two Wangyeh strength good, need two princes do people encouraged ,on one hand, and really don the two princes remain Chen Zhutan tone, wind wind Liu Liu ah ,is really hard for you .
.. ... Fortunately ,here ,can meet Chu wind Liu Chen Zhu once God, walking speed is not controlled, put behind soldiers will be thrown out ,have fun ,but suddenly stop at the corner ,heart like a sudden loaded anti Hu jump brightly nightmare ,fear come true ,profuse sweating day ah !What he really was !Around the periphery of a Zhugen Chen to have gained nothing ,the thought ,the enemy Lin Qian ,already sneak into the heart ?! General Chen ,I wait for you for a long time Lin Qian clearly to others is not such a smile ,but to his own time ,insist on such a capture to laugh, laugh Chen Zhu sweat flow speed : you .
.. ... How did you get here? ! Said at the same time ,Chen Zhu nervously looked behind enemy lines started working a : OK ,Lin Qian belt with never ,but he was not a man to ... .
.. Lin Qian ,never with those other enemies are not the same, facing the other enemies ,Chen Zhu did not know how I hope that person single-handed ,but Lin Qian single-handed ,but easily infatuated ,at the expense of his sword will tell the truth to the new cast ,Lin Qian in extremely lonely time, but the most difficult the strange enemy .
.. ... Chen Zhu thought ,that moment ,really want to own the vast nickname offer hands : how did you get here? Who dare to leak ,two king ?! Your golden Prince two ,Guiyang city has several Inns Hotel rankings brewing can meet with him? You persuade him to remain within doors ,or you and before ten all of the moves ,will be in our hands Lin Qian response ,his teeth : the Chen Zhu firm fall on your hands ?You have to know ,not everyone, come to the two princes ! Unfortunately, the Wanyan eagle with your boss ,after all, is the two son of Lin Qian smile ,smile ,or even that suits people like lightning through the chest, Chen Zhu suddenly felt heart abnormality ,such as to produce a bit fine crack : what are you doing here ?Want to hold the two princes ?I am afraid you are not so large ! Chen Zhu said ,he feels this is to vigorously diffusion continues rupture : Oh Lin Qian ,you don come .
.. ... Although he did not see the magic door that one catastrophe ,but can imagine scenarios ,if again ,Lin Qian can then not invincible ,but certainly not a bloodbath ! accident ,who did it ?Is it right? You gold south tenth Yan end ? Lin Qian did not answer him ,tone is Chen Zhufei A.
not Chen Zhu gawks possum : what carriage accident? Like smoke woman shift my attention I ,then by wagon to hit me ,this clean ,North and south before ten only the great serpent want ,Chen general don pretend not to know you have inspired ,who would dare do ! Chen Zhu was shocked ,tongue : you .
.. ... Yes, I am. What are you doing? Want to challenge me and Tianjiao adults ?Lin Qian you say is ,why put excuses ! I come here today ,no matter who came up with it ,more lazy with your responsibility ,to be together ,North and south before ten probably will escape ! Lin Qianli channel , if you put that a killer out of gold ,I .
Let bygones be bygones !Say ,what the colour is it right? ! Your courage ,is more and more big, the Jin army gathered in my place ,dare I shout ?! Chen Zhu couldn burst into anger ,I don is ultimate aim is to push a dare him this one aggressive uncompromising tone ,the new cast to here can not Kuizhou battle you occupy the initiative ,how can let you win it again ,the new cast at a draught was his plan to defend the honor of the hold-up ,at the same time with the help of a footpath ,finished his Jin ,Chen Zhu bate drew his sword ,and before the ten prestige to fight : Lin Qian ,see you still crazy ! Chen Zhujian from behind ,and the rest have a crossbow bow ,when it is, Qian also aware of Chen Zhu is presented in front of each division when Archer ,three layer three layer around to ,used to transfer signals to the remaining troops Mingdi and signal flares have been ready ,only by footpath the force of one person ,is simply not possible in the fight with Chen Zhu at the same time ,the group will be here to prevent war Jinbing message !Chen Zhuping add a touch of confidence: the forest footpath ,although you single-handed terrible, but it cannot clap with one hand !They all come ,you lost me the knife ,wins eleven two ,but won all we do !But did not expect, the letter bomb had not been sent out ,a soft sound, almost all Jinbing Jincu ,completely up to the direction of a Lin Qian side several accompanying ,suddenly someone cuff between acute a weapon ,only hear the sound of his shadow ,do not know its shape ,its name ,but straight the clouds ,in the low breaking the first gold letter playing the way all the people ,all are such weapon Kung Fu deterrence, be struck dumb ,line of sight can ,all contributed to this one direction !The transmitted signal ,completely stranded on the hand !The wind stop sound stem ,Chen Zhucai knows ,Lin Qian not cannot clap with one hand ,forest footpath behind is not simply a ,may also be stunt master can not be ignored !This weapon ,the one is sent, but this too ,is likely to exist in every single one of them !The new cast forehead suddenly Qin sweat : as a result ,these arrows and the letter bomb ,and how to transfer out behind him ,master ,I underestimated !Chen Zhu ,come quickly, go faster General Chen not improperly belittle oneself ,not war is looking for foreign aid you in my two people ,the first one of a round ,General Chen lost ,and others later ! Then ,Lin Qian laughed out knife you won be too long ,there will be also found here !You can ! Chen Zhu said at the same time ,ready to greet with initial positive sword sword ,confound ,eidolon ,escape the great sword ,indeed as previously ,and sing ,come down in one continuous line ,be roughly the same ,every split connection she leave no trace ,each a every stitch float appearance no voids Liberty UGG Boots,in addition to line sword mind kept showing the schemes and intrigues ,Chen Zhu the action ,did give lost knife journey set under a resistance between the first moment of Qian ,knew that he was not possible in one or two strokes to blood covered within the ,like two days before killing ants defeated Chen Zhu lost that crazy ferocious all-powerful ,Qian but it has added a warm and peaceful ,yes ,this is the real me ,objective clear ,specific force ,to conquer ,not to kill ,I control knife ,a knife control me .
.. ... The southern eighth of gold ,in the form of sword skills ,he quickly than the Xuan, Ling he contended for Yin ,anxious he spells not evil ;and on the strength of the momentum, the first never belongs to the forest footpath himself ,Chen cast he also not Ranked seating him, also not paired Qian threat however ,when it comes to no methodicalness ,had to admit ,Chen Zhu become an independent school ,called the chaos of sword and knife battlefield pictures a little while and cannot get lost ,which gradually fall leeward opponent ,it is because of the opponent is cunning, opponents know rush not to break this immense momentum is surrounded ,disguised as a clay on the scroll the four corners of the world to flow away ,but also constantly change the pitch and speed, is not lost ,more delay time, look ,Chen Zhu is playing very chaotic, each sword like hastily added ,together ,each are used ,modified to send out, teach Qian had to agree ,this sword ,true ,do not know its action !The onlookers are lament, the new cast ,he is constantly renovate their chaos and magic ,as long as the forest footpath baby to give him the next moment ,the next moment his sword is changing all the time !Rather ,the onlookers also understand ,Chen Zhu wants to play his own sword ,must by the forest Qianlai indulgent ,against dozens of back and forth ,the outcome can almost see through a footpath ,the Lost Sword ,king of gas ,made clear !The great sword ,and being of the same knife air inclusion, whether can be confused shows many sword ,have been lost sword rain color effects dissipate becomes much sword ,loses to him how much the sword !Fortunately, the commander at the last minute, just outside patrol several old finally pass by ,just south of fifth gold Wanyan violently ,and North Fifth leaves, insomnia ,Chen casting is delighted, as long as he two people hand help ,he will not lose too horrible to look at ,say late time ,then in the the new cast hurried retreat helpless occasion, two just comes to master ,a knife ,a carrying roller ,without demur ,flies ,for the new cast gain a respite, left and right attack posture ,Qian smiled ,the gently touched, it is more than a touch the opponent !Wanyan violent fights have left ,three ,a knife as the name suggests, the fierce and resolute right lobe ,gale ,insomnia ,although not encountered in the long jump ,weapons as the stick ,light ,people stick together ,momentum is fierce acute ,immediate ,and Chen Zhu in a situation of tripartite confrontation ,finally ,momentum ,velocity ,force closes, potential to take the forest footpath force !The situation suddenly from a crushing of a plum blossom bamboo ,with three enemy ,or reset ,but unfortunately ,they encounter in the course of time ,and became the forest footpath monologue ,stop him ,he simply could not harm him is really make the three individuals out of curiosity, why he three Qi Xinxie force without mistakes ugg australia sale,it is impossible have got one ,in front of the enemy not hardship ,and even every knife heavy full, teach him three person shall neglect ,neglect would be unable to resist sustain the blows !His lost sword ,like in the splicing with swords and sticks gap ,continuous host the action , the transported man and whistling wind .
.. ... Get rid of that lost knife transverse oblique scan enemy invasion ,many ,very comfortable how do not have heard ,I Daikin has this character ? Suddenly ,someone not far from this one little doubt ,tone in all the best praise and curious ,but this sentence ,ask too shallow was never know .
.. ... Under the know ... ... The answer ,the best heart movement ,make the siege three people all thriller look that is not Wanyan eagle with the who !He ,even to the melee to !?Chu wind Liu, do not stop him ?!Perhaps ,even Chu wind Liu is this wonderful battle to attract ,temporarily forget her the good protection of Prince safety !?Three Titans neat absent-minded ,stick almost sell ,knife almost collapse ,the new cast away again ,carry the sword back a few steps to the Chu wind Liu side ,just stand, paralysis has been delivered to the whole arm : danger !Stop him ! Chu wind Liu was taken aback ,sword flying out at the same time, quietly asked : who is he ? One outs, Princess sword ,three siege ,immediately into the combination of two king Chen Zhu that frightened ,lowering his voice : you finally see him today , Chu wind Liu collect eyebrow thoughtfully : is he .
.. ... Well ,can have such amazing strength ,not he is which early in Wanyan Jun Jin of age ,their failure would have the thanks he gave this to heart ,despite the Wanyan Jun attached ,but Chu wind Liu did not on who hated, in contrast ,red jacket walled as pressing danger ,people dare to offend Wanyan Jun attached to challenge Chu wind Liu ,for the time of the Chu wind Liu ,is a worthy opponent attempts to ask Wu Yue what his side ,but because it is a small head and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled ,Chu wind Liu not unlike Wanyan Jun attached so shame ,but also for the small head sadly sign that ,over the years later, he meets again with rival !At that moment, she is inserted into the battle, the situation is a striking one snag after another ,the incoming ,once had made a very good state of the field have feel thorny ,front two ,fencing match, poly if one ,steady and not stiff ,scattered as million ,the spirit and not thin ,her help, Chen Zhu sword ,will really be a tiger with wings added ,suddenly flew over several levels !Odd and she doesn like pop ,of course, at first glance, recognize who she is ,when he is a small fry ,she was the goddess ,gallop in Shandong for several years ,she is his three brothers seldom respect a female that he wants to get to where ,even with her sword to compete ,and now ,his itself ,accept the challenge is a homely food Chu wind sword Liu ,really like the best knowledge and the new cast same mother ,but obviously have self-insight ,changing miscellaneous odd ,then she is very young ,has rich experience ,a new cast and slightly methodicalness ,well-proportioned ,but is more difficult than the new cast broken ,because of her sword is attached to each partner sword ,the inability to separate apart ,even if apart is not weak ,close up to push the partner to the extreme !Chu wind Liu is not a war hero, but her partner Chen Zhu modification to the peak !No wonder the South North privately will spread a sentence ,to Chu wind Liu persons in the world ,seeing is believing ,she really is at every victory safeguard !Seeing that the glint and flash of cold steel fluent applicator ,dripping wet wipe, wash two King earned ,watching for a long time, never follow the Wanyan violent et al said to leave ,but could not help but hesitates to clap hands ,are attracted to delude one to folly : so the blade ,Daikin north-south ,Mo can have the King ,do not know .
.. ... He ... ... He ... ... People want to talk, be Wanyan violent one eye to stop them are not hope, the two princes know tonight he from the forest footpath so close !But ,don let the two princes know the result is ,two Royal Highness by Lin Qian attracted closer together ,at this time at the moment, he is not the person he is violent ,Wanyan lose countenance ,hands cold, I do not know how to heal two Royal Highness the voice just fell ,Lin Qian silent stage is already past ,the next few knife in strengthening the force ,the Chu wind Liu from the Chen Zhu side evacuation walk ,Chen Zhu and Chu wind Liu complicated with one after another ,overturned demolition ,seems to have quietly knife light ,from his two 剑网leak in,to the two Royal Highness with inexhaustible visual enjoyment ,however the two princes don ,this leakage .
Knife is static ,were stopped was full of turmoil !Gradually, Chu wind Liu and the new cast ,such as being to divide both sides to cooperate ,tend to pop the gently touch ,has been to the north and south before the ten announcement ,North and South ten to defeat him ,more than to the first four !Best show, for he lost knife narrative everything and he finally a knife ,almost causing Chen Chu two people without thinking to kill each other ,will be put to the other side of the sword on his sword ,when found occasion ,withdrawn too late ,best smile, lost knife straight transverse to the Chen Chu throat ,electro-optical fire stone ,the sword friction and a fierce shining ,with a loud thunder across the world ,to the war presented a -- lose one ending song !But ,who can never expect, in the electro-optical across the end ,two Royal Highness unexpectedly because of fear ,frightened channeling to Lin Qian behind ,was hiding in his cloak behind !Some people ,that moment all pale ,be frightened and change color two king ,he will have Lin Qian as the patron? !Wanyan violently tried to speak ,but with two princes ,rather a shame, fear thunder sense, but how Huangbuzelu to hide to others behind ,hiding who is not good ,just to find that it can make his life man ! You are really good .
.. ... At that moment, Prince two eyes is full of adoration ,loud shouts of applause with Qian ,has not previously Chu wind Liu and Chen Zhu was protecting his safety Chen casting sweat like waterfall :what is this ?The two princes ,would rather believe the forest footpath also don Lin Qian startled, the original two mistake that confrontation is between the master study ,he did not know the identity of its own, to estimate their new master is jin .
.. ... Although this was ridiculous ,but it is innocent and lovely, shook his head ,best smile now ,Wanyan eagle with the will in their own behind ,this situation ,if no one thought he didn hijack the two prince ,but the prince ,to be most willing to come close to him carriage accident, after all who is the murderer ? Lin Qian was the question ,this time ,who would dare to struggle hard to conceal what ?The two princes of the foot ,has stepped on the jaws of death !Chen Zhu hurried to calm ,nodded: .
.. ... Is the complete Yan Jingzhi ... ... Is all Yan Jingzhi ... ... The two princes sudden enlightenment ,Chen Zhu tone has prompted ,in front of people should not rely on ,and the dodge !But ,does not hide ,sway in his hand !The two princes eyes immediately turned Chu wind Liu ,scene, only want her to deal with this urgent come unexpectedly short scenes ,Chu wind Liu after all, seen too many times ,and much calmer than Chen Zhu : as long as you do not hurt innocent ,I Chu wind Liu can be secured ,with immediate effect from the north and the south end of Yan Jingzhi before ten off, how do you deal with him before ,and ten never join ! Lin Qian smiled grimly : please tell Liu Jun and Xuanyuan nine ye ,I have to deal with with me tomorrow ,unless they are timid ! Dark clouds crossing ,abruptly a few drops of rain UGG Classic Tall Fancy Clearance,like Lin Qian arrival and departure ,quickly overwhelming power ,people have to go, don not take maybe ,days away, will never reach Chu wind Liu long aftertaste :after Yan Jingzhi ,only to do you wrong .
.. ... Came quickly ,and before ten all this changes the shake after all you don ,I will send was removed ,lest the forest footpath come again Chu wind Liu accept all concern greetings ,back to look at the two Royal Highness ,to now ,he has not been able to accept the real Xuanyuan Jiu Ye look around ,the war : Lin Qian traces in the devil ,not hurt you ? Wind Liu but one : the devil ? Regulus nine Ye laugh : t the devil ?Golden North before ten ,therefore people exchange transfusion time, Wanyan respect one off, Nam also broken out ,my team, I temporarily also cannot completely ,he all of a sudden ,I removed the five person .
.. ... Chu wind Liu hearing ,this time he is really sorry is really not thought ,thought can give his hard hitting ,he braved the heavy pressure, also how to ensure his lost sword ,now ,all certificates, Lin Qian was hit to this extent ,is invincible .
.. ... Even more ,the invincible ... ... Nine ye ,will ,our plan ,de novo is wrong ... ... Chen Zhutan sigh wrong Xuanyuan nine Ye shook his head , I looked at him for so many years ,than those who are aware of his weaknesses ,in the life most important are gone, he won too long ,surface rendering ,are false .
.. ... I hope so .You order, Liu Jun targeting people around him ,for the four time out ,he has agile solution Tao half band satire , blue jade ,Yunyan ,now the Feng Xiao Yin Xuanyuan nine ye fear : what ?! Insider told me ,Feng Xiao Yin is more than a leader, is also the forest footpath woman ,killed her shoot two hawks with one arrow , Liu Jun Chen casting cold expression surprised : Feng Xiao Yin Lin Qian when you became a woman ?! The leader of an alliance says it was a joke, if you become the forest footpath woman ,it big trouble no became the king ?!Xuanyuan nine ye angry surprise ,far more than the new cast ,yell Liu Jun : who gave you permission to make ,to Feng Xiao Yin ?! Chu wind Liu of Chen Zhu and the Xuanyuan nine ye are abnormal ,Liu Jun is angry: Tianjiao adults do forget ,master told ,Tianjiao and cunning must give advice and suggestions ,let me cool Liu Jun ? Feng Xiao Yin in the program, is my another program ,you can ! Xuanyuan nine Ye coldly ,resolute and decisive Chen casting nodded: Liu Jun ,you don really kill Feng Xiao Yin ? No ,send out did not come back ,all you Liu Jun shook his head ,Xuanyuan nine Ye full hand sweat : almost work not completed ,I do so many things ,the premise of all her alive.
be ah Liu Jun ,Tianjiao adults in hole Wangshan ,had put Feng Xiao Yin catch in the hand as a chess for the future , said Liu Jun attitude Eastern rain ,finally some convergence : ,all also to leave her life is proud son of heaven, after tonight ,all of us ,according to the original plan, all deployed in the village Xuanyuan nine ye say Lin Qian such method free days ?Tianjiao adults, he had dared in far superior in power or strength ,obvious supercilious ,who can bear the tone ! The Eastern rain language with anxious him to aim ,and finally leaving words ,is to stimulate our upset a plan ,advance ahead if not this tone, in the village outside of yourself, how can we save enough strength to overcome them ? Regulus nine Ye laugh and insight into the forest .
Qianzhi tactic ,forget tonight Lin Qian . Chu wind Liu understanding have tried not to talk of Chu wind Liu ,still can not avoid from Liu Jun sarcasm: forget ?I not forget them ,was so wonderful performance ,the princess will imprint is engraved on my heart.
For a long time Chu wind Liu keep a straight face ,Wanyan eagle with the bate: Liu jun !How dare you such a shame the king !You ... ... How dare you ! Liu Jun away ,work hard ,never do things sloppily here tonight : move ,it is here that show ? The two princes of public humiliation ,is a kind of little prince offering performance can deceive others ,bluff Xuanyuan nine ye ye watch Liu Jun Xuanyuan nine at the back, also feel Wanyan eagle with the burst into anger :Liu Jun ,Liu Jun ,do, should not do not give others step ,should be give yourself a chance ,although the two princes to climate ,you shouldn have offended him ,sooner or later ,you will be to your way of doing things ,pay the price .
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