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August 29 [Wed], 2012, 15:43
Win the southern natural wonder ,happening these days in Murong hills all things but ,Song Xian is remembered for a lifetime ,took the wrong ship arrived in Pingjiang, was the first wrong ,came across Murong thorn ,she was involved in the coup crisis is second wrong, now ,the coup was completed at the time ,jade sudden disappearance ,is wrong third wins South ,sorry ,did not protect the jade ,she lost sight of endless pen ,not knowing how to write ,how to tell wins South their current situation next moment, to see the white ink black ,suddenly ,hand seems to be who hold ,turned around ,as if to see her again blue eyes ,her beautiful appearance .
.. ... Perhaps ,this world no one involved who ,who who ,he only wants her to be happy ,just to make her safe to win the southern side to win the southern side ,continue to silently in love with ?Smile ,it was like a man ,his own life ,not Zuoqing .
However ,being laughed at home about yourself, blindly prides itself on the Huns put out for home myself ,everything is going smoothly. Never without a tie in the world of their own, from which time, worried about his brother love best ?She understand his heart in the world, because of falling leaves autumn wind ,flying for the dance, have spread because of constant cut short ,life ,time wrong she is not because he is born a hero world ,cherish high aspirations ,the Huns put out for home .
See her first day of shake and sharpening he cannot hold you smile ,love is not so simple Womens UGG Ultra Tall,cross among them is that he go through thick and thin together brothers dark pine wind ,this woman clear tears deep in my heart and the knight ,rinse kill to jade will always keep her luster and the human world, he is only quietly for the gloss .
Can chase ,only let go Song Yin ,don write ,you can directly to win the southern safe now ,Is sad ,I could kick to Pingjiang ,a mess in here ... ... You said to him ,we are Murong Hills home ,your guests will go ,go to Jiankang to find him ,okay? In fact ,they are here, not a guest, but ,Murong villa to him and her !Why you ?Murong thorn words resounded through the ear : I Murong thorn ,from small to large ,is to have what you want ,what you want to get !Nothing can stop me ! It is hard to imagine ,this sentence in a nineteen year old girl mouth, was so natural ,calm !Perhaps because she likes to see the music of silk sword ,perhaps because she is with her own self-will feel ,and maybe because she looks to attract ,or iron heart to jade and blue for the people around them? How to guess the reason ,why ,love meet too late ,don of person ,be extremely cruel and merciless ,in order to use unscrupulous divisive tactics !Like this time ,jade ,is likely to be her to do, she must have done !Drop the pen fell apart ,letterhead ,clenched fist ,immediately turned around ,see Murong thorn that beautiful face ,pretty, such as the heart of a woman ,calculating ,sinister means, so that everyone around her was her clothing ,and praise her ,and afraid of her !Is it right? Said ,you did !Jade is where you hide ?! Song Xian cares to her ,regardless of whose names ,loudly asked Murong thorn is stupefied ,sneer : I want to know ,who is she to you ? Song Xian was she explains the irony ,she said: Murong thorn you remember UGGs Payton Boots, if her what happened ,I will not let you go ! Murong thorn chuckled : I did know the answer, you Yang Songxian ,love blue jade ,although only a few months time ,can abandon everything for her Yang Songxian laughed coldly ,not speaking Murong thorn smiled maliciously said: very clever I like you now the pain is ,it why do you continue ,she don you ,you might as well forget this woman ,and I together ,become the master of Murong hills ! She watched him keep a straight face ,silent for a long time, smile and say : well ,I like the answer walk to the door ,clear to say : you are too naive ,you don understand ,there is more than one sentiment word ,you have seen before ,now contact UGG Nightfall,will be plunge ! You don ,you put the jade Zefang out !! Song Xianyi took hold of her hands ,she holds , ,put it out ! Murong thorn tender and beautiful face was all smug smile : do not put what? In fact ,like jade so smart ,tell their own song Yin on their own without feeling is to deceive oneself and others sighed ,enjoy the house of all darkness this year, he was sixteen years old when I was fourteen years old UGG Women's Patent Paisley,like darkness ,always melancholy and moody ,think as long as you have ambition, can change a world ,falling in love with a pair of old shoes master ,expecting him to come back ,come back with her to write beautiful hero myth ,writing in the legend ,eager to him and herself to complete the duty ,however, he finally did come back .
.. ... Fifteen years old that year, fancies of men of letters ,both beauty and wit ,thought I loved is a hero ,but do not know the meaning of the dark hero ,that she should not tempted by the lost boys ,subversive of all her cognitive ,subversion of the fifteen years of life ,I wish I could have been ,by his side ,sky skyline can also ,unknown to the public .
.. ... However, a sudden departure again played a farewell for nearly a year ,did not see him ... ... From Kaifeng to Tai ,went to the heart of Suzhou ,eager to meet again in the twinkling of an eye ,he overhears Yang Songxian and Murong thorn in a dialogue ,although at that time ,he was not there ,suddenly that this section of the episode come unexpectedly ,a heavy heart Murong thorn ,you will never succeed ,I will take jade find out ! Well ,you find it ,you find that your brother !Still your woman ? Murong thorn and Song Xian seem to be in conflict with what ,to a place ,just a few houses away ,could be clearly heard suddenly froze ,smiling to the dark window :Song Yin ,really silly ,but ,Murong thorn ,you more than Song Xian .
.. ... Murong thorn house here, she knew the song Yin must have been mad :Song Yin ah song Yin ,you must not write to win the southern ,don ... ... With wins South ,think of ,have never been close ,but distant from each other .
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