you can empty space exercise approach

September 11 [Tue], 2012, 16:21
The Kuang Ming said cry a things .WWw.23uS.coM very confident .Dan is still on thermal coupling between the ways of spoon is worship .This is not provoked into angry ?The move is very affirmative ground says : in the exercise of this aspect clearance sale north face jacket, a monk is it may be Malay people opponent karen millen outlet sale,I am the next day the heir ,world order malay .
You said ,you can empty space exercise approach is very good ,but it is possible to destroy the four prohibition ,the four prohibition I didn ,therefore ,I also do not know this prohibition is how much strength ,but there is little evidence ,that is to say you this way how, or if, as you already out .
However ,they are able to take my immortal sword four .This is not only a physical exercise is very strong ,the remaining things is very surprising . In Malay speaking my strong body small that not have a death wish ?Malay race day vindictive act ,don put other monks placed between heaven and earth in the eyes ,you is what person, the demon tribe .
Saint of what, as long as you are to us the family ,it must be clear .This is the people pride ,the pride of from the heart .While the nation proud roots is our conscience ,tough, even when the Malay not saints when, in the chaotic early Malay no birds had saints what ,twelve ancestor witch is God very large array is not what people can get out of here .
Even a saint, eternal immortal body ,to the god evil spirit are large array ,it is good to consider ,therefore ,no other people in Malay before said his body strong .Kuang Ming explained that said: of course ,I also did not say that we the people here work prowess than the Malay people more powerful ah .
However ,it is a foundation ,foundation ,for the back to do basic Kuang Ming is a ban on virtual space to exercise the powers very confident ,however ,that confidence is to see what people encountered .
Like the family like this powerful presence .From the primitive has been hit now, is still the world this is a shocking thing .However ,the people actually do like this matter .Therefore ,in this way a tough race ,of course he did not dare to say anything else .
This time he is on the move the tongue so the master .The family day the heir ,that is the lost war, three most great presence of ah ,legends, history day witch have Malay Heritage treasure the end of round .
And the end of round like this baby is a very special prowess, tearing the void .In that case ,it is sure to go out .Therefore .In this way ,the Kuang Ming is obviously very excited .
The move here later said: for the later foundation, uh ,this to .I know there is a problem ,the river Styx their tough, is really beyond my contrary to expectation ,so that if there is no what strange ,it is true that people doubt UGG Tassel Short,tell us your opinion ,this thing is why .
Forbidden virtual space is enclosed by countless years ,inside some spines .Some changes it is very normal .Kuang Ming saw the move is angry ,immediately said: this is the soul to practice as a way of, in the front of people .
Any * * exercise method is small ,so the things I was totally agree ,but ,in Malay ,also is not to say that none of the bad ones ,such as not paying attention to the cultivation of the spirit North Face Womens Brooklyn Parka,which limits the family show ,I admit that we can void * * exercise method as the family .
Therefore .In this way when we are always not breached the four prohibition .However ,this is not to say that our results are not the point .In fact ,for many years .We are also summed up a method .
But ,after a year in the Malay monk finds ,we obtain the results is very good .Practice of the soul ,is our * * exercise a great supplement .Practice of soul ,to support our * * more powerful ,can say ,as long as it is the spirit to leave ,even if you are the big powers * * destroyed .
They use their spirit ,use their this life waste paper ,the same will have a second chance at life .This is the life of the benefits of waste paper .Although the prince put an immortal to death four sword Jianwang is very powerful ,but north face kids down jackets,as long as it is not possible to pass a great spirit and * * ,it is impossible to eliminate them .
Of course ,son this time damaged their four person in this life rune .It look like when they won leave the matter at that ,in this way ,they don chase me ,that strange things soul practice skill ?Such things indeed Malay not how attention ,in Malay people look ,as long as it is * * enough powerful ,it can destroy everything ,like the twelve ancestor witch .
His next move to ask : practice skill ,the way things Ni tell us your opinion ,how is one thing . On the soul of the operation practice move is very concerned about, once is Malay at this time soul practice of surgery, that is not only * * extremely powerful ,but ,the spirit is also very powerful .
In that case ,that the underground ,and many people are Malay opponent .Kuang Ming finishing my thoughts said: soul practice skill ,is divided into nine levels ,is used as a symbol of God .
A repair ten even want to practice it, it is mo our general monk into flesh ten days .I had already reached the body nine days .Will impact ten days .But unfortunately had a son ,* * No .
Housewarming hum say you made too much .I just help you out of it, if not my words ,you finally even the spirit can not be retained, in that case ,you should thank my is .Cut the crap ,then said .
Powerful state and the soul of a practicing what contact ,I don to hear any nonsense ,if you are not honest ,I don picking up you . On Kuang Ming man like this ,is to focus on the beat ,otherwise ,he would not know the immensity of heaven and earth .
In this way the eyes of people ,is always the most powerful talent is the truth ,was the ancestor of .Now is the move ,who can listen to who tower ,on the way ,move feeling use there is no problem ,but ,more new }} most } finishing if said is to trust the people, that move or not the way to do .
In fact also proved that beat on the necessary .After the move of the beat ,Kuang Ming immediately interpreted the flesh practice ten days of heavy and big powers realm of some elements .
Originally, this cut in virtual space ,practice * * is the most popular ,because the dead want bombardment that four prohibition ,however ,is not what the people have a way of practicing to * * ten days .
However ,if a monk lucky practice into * * ten days, that the way you will be able to have the opportunity to impact great psychic powers realm .However ,there are like this opportunity ,but also has a very small part of the people ,because of the impact of large psychic powers realms, it is not just that a monk cultivated reached * * ten days ,but also has a very harsh conditions ,that is to say must get a primitive times passed down the waste paper .
From the primitive times passed down the ancient waste paper ,not to say now ,Ninglian the waste paper ,like clouds hill ,founder of the Ninglian written in runes rune .It is used to control a huge sword ,so that waste paper is passed through the clouds hill school founder memory .
Own Ninglian waste paper ,waste paper and ancient is not much contact ,the waste paper as a fairy gas condenses out, although it is at the end of the time also showed the way a powerful force .
However ,the Qing Ping once used words .This acquired condensation waste paper has disappeared .However ,if the antiquity of the barren words text ,that is due to congenital Ninglian ,really ancient immortal ,it is difficult to damage .
Therefore, only the ancient shortage talent to meet the requirements ,a * * ten day boundary if the human is in this way when contention to this point, it will be able to impact great psychic powers realm .
In his mind ,the ancient barren gives concise cost life waste paper ,in that case .Have the chance to hit big powers realm .However ,there is an important point .That is to say ,the old waste paper is restricted ,the waste paper is divided into the fire of Jin Mu soil five line ,must find his five attributes of the ancient shortage talent to have the opportunity to concise success .
Like Kuang Ming general ,he practiced magic attribute is water property spells ,therefore ,he needs to have the water attribute this life magical words ,it can have the opportunity cost of waste paper concise life ,thus becoming the great psychic powers .
If it is to be the ancient Ming fire properties of waste paper is ,as long as he can sacrifice practiced words ,the final must be possessed by the devil, flesh and spirit completely collapse into the most pure fairy gas .
Incompatible ah ,if water attributes monk fusion fire properties of waste paper the words that have a death wish ,and is not what the difference between .In this way the things ,the ancestor is lucky .
He is also the gift of good ,although there is a little bumpy ,but no matter what is said ,at a critical time, he reached the ran his body ten days realm .Also, he is not only the practice to the * * ten day boundary ,also lucky enough to have a water shortage of the attributes of the ancient .
After some effort ,Styx was shock success ,become the powerful king ,can do progenitor ,become deep Er ancestor .In fact the friars in ban virtual space .To become God through to people who are very rare .
* * ten days are very rare .Also, try to escape and their attributes consistent with ancient waste paper ,but also impact of supernatural ten days realm ,so that it is very difficult .
The move wants to say: you take these come have a look ,discipline spirit ,this is still a good attention this time Kuang Ming does not understand that a little bit .The move of the tough very ,the last time ,Kuang Ming feel at present the move is a mountain ,let him feel very great pressure ,the way people also use the practice spirit ?However ,the move after all not so good alone ,Kuang Ming also hold don to find uncomfortable .
Put the pie cultivation jade Jane to move .The move to view when ,suddenly see Ling day reality and the ancestor of two left and came straight away ,and go .Obviously, the two dielectric .
One is to pursue the move of the .Housewarming .And a voice said: follow me ,you don have a look I where little why ,you have your nice when I returned to God Lek, was pack up your .
Of course ,even now in the face of any of the four individual words ,the move is nothing to be scared of .In this way ,some of his own means to deal with them but ,if it is in the four person, there is little act with confusion .
Kill not so ,but ,if it is said that in this way at the same time when facing the four person .To move in and virtual space is still quite influential .Therefore .The move to feel or to find out and virtual space is what exactly one thing .
The practice of the soul :how is the .As long as they are targeted to find the ancestor of them four personal weakness, the four of them is no scruples .At present ,the move consciousness swept the jade Jane ,see this practice the soul of .
It is unique, is the Malay people lack a hand a subtle approach to own spirit and the shortage of paper together ,so as to expand the role of the spirit .In this way ,the waste paper the eternal and immortal existence is a very good choice .
Practice spirit of art, divided into nine days ,called up in nine ,the first day is the ninth soul ,drawing style range unlimited power to exercise their own spirit ,so that the life of waste paper more firm .
This house is more like a foundation in general .Into practice the ninth soul ,it is to pass the point where god .And now the ancestor of them is the soul of the point where the palace .
Housewarming nodded and said : house of soul ,very good .According to the above statement, my body strength is a level of the spirit and style .So then ,that like this time ,I could just as easily impact Jiugong spirit realm .
Just be my spirit cultivation cost life waste paper ,hem ,even if not to seal it, that is not to notice them these people . Kuang Ming, this guy is certainly hope the move harder better ,now he is after all restraint to the jade demon blood inside the blade .
Can be said to be a greater force so small that this time Kuang Ming is more so ,in this way when Kuang Ming said : ,your body strong degree course is very much .And my master than I ,not much difference ,but the .
In this way ,is that if the physical strength of words ,we can virtual space is more but over the years ,did not reach the level of big powers ,but * * strength practicing to my original master level that monk is not .
These people are only the most stunning master ,million years to a ,is one such .Last but not able to escape the fate of the yoke .Finally disappear in smoke .Therefore ,Prince is very much ,I admit it ,but there is a very important point ,that is to say ,without the waste paper life ,it is the most important .
And. Childe practicing spells how is a magical ,this thing it is strange ,I was a bit to see through .That is a cloud mountain old metal spells ,but .Than his more sharp, even fail to show restraint .
Moreover, unlike is a metal magic .If you want to find what is .The waste paper to practice of refining the soul of it, that is very sleepy .The waste paper cut in virtual space is very little .
If it is said to be found with a son spell ancient waste paper ,the ear is more difficult . Housewarming practicing spells what attributes .Kuang Ming was certainly do not understand .
Although the move is already acknowledged the cloud mountain old master ,however ,at this time is still considered the move not Kuang Ming metal magic .The move of the property is so not to be able to identify .
In that case ,that want to into practice the magical powers of course is very difficult .Even said that the move basically impossible in virtual space and find yourself in need of the waste paper .
Ten thousand steps back ,even if the move is very lucky .Find an ancient waste paper ,but how is it .Kuang Ming but do not wish to move when finding a and its properties are not consistent with the old waste paper .
Once their property does not conform to, the result will be very miserable ,direct spirit are poverty ,* * also into Faerie gas scattered around .Thus ,the Kuang Ming will also be implicated in the .
He is now the demons of the blood to control the moving blade ,once was the death of words ,the results on Ming even immortality is not possible .Housewarming laughed and said : the five elements attribute ,is that between heaven only five elements attribute spell ?Five lines must be no other spells ?You are with very limited knowledge and scanty information .
For example mine property spells also exist .Also, .You did not know ,these things to you is not understood, but there is one thing you know became .The son if practice practice spirit of surgery, there is no need of five lines of the waste paper .
Of course ,if any ,I don cultivation ,but there is absolutely no problem .However ,I practice it simply do not have to find five rows of the waste paper ,I can say no the waste paper ?It is quite rare ,but ,when in the earth there are a lot of .
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