running the Purple Palace fairy tactic

September 10 [Mon], 2012, 12:49
> suddenly appeared in Yuqing reality over the human nature is not others, is Kong Yu ,Kong Yu to appear in Yuqing reality over later ,body * * orifices being suddenly fired twelve black ,the twelve black out of Kong Yu * * after a change is the body into twelve bar all day mumbo jumbo pennant .
WWw.qUANbEn.CoM nine nether iron into a long rod exudes a faint light ,hole jade now mana was enough to play twelve bar are the day mumbo jumbo Pennant most power .Only the twelve bar all day mumbo jumbo banner into hundreds of feet in size ,each lever is a man hug trees crashing down to earth ,thickness ,are shock shook up .
Twelve bar all day mumbo jumbo streamers decorated into twelve very large array gods ,then from the twelve bar all day mumbo jumbo streamers on release of very large evil spirits ,in the air rapidly condensing ,coalescing into a large network ,the eighth rob ray to stop ,and that a rob ray is like falling into the net in the fish ,constantly beating, but escaped out of the network management ,ultimately it is fall down, and then by twelve paying a tear is changed to intangible .
Is already close wait for death of Yu Qing people find themselves waiting a very long time without feeling the coming of death ,open your eyes and see Kong Yuzhan in his is over ,around twelve poles to the day mumbo jumbo flag is blowing in the wind ,he blocked for Armageddon ,however see this kind of situation ,Yuqing reality there is no happy mood ,the opposite face or from bouts of anger .
Yuqing reality by Kong Yuqi is actually ignored his own injuries ,stood up ,pointing to Kong Yu loudly shouted , jade ,I told you I didn let you out ?You listen to the teacher ?The teacher died not tight ,how to get your life is also a ah ,you really want to piss I ah ! At the same time ,finally come back around his face is different look ,just they just feel shadow flash, Kong Yu is appearing in Yuqing human heads ,and that the bold action is to let everyone is shocked ,but Qin Shi Huang Yingzheng ,Archer ,hole and lose Chan et al is don know what this means ,just saw Kong Yuchong at Armageddon ,Karen Millen One Shoulder Dress,instinctive thinking that Kong Yu also died in the Armageddon is good .
Shushan sword send Excalibur and merciful God ,the South China Sea static studio two is clearly understand what it means ,would see Yuqing reality gave up against the six nine visit ,their hearts are secretly celebrate together ,but Kong Yu suddenly rushed is let their mind excited double .
The world of Armageddon is a real person of Xiu test ,in addition to accept the test of the real person of Xiu to rely on its own strength of the past ,outsiders are not able to get in ,once was a stranger in the words ,then taken power will double ,that is to say the next visit will be more powerful than previously doubled .
As a result that Excalibur and Nanhai God ,two hearts glad unceasingly, although only Yuqing reality one taken under fallen also let them feel very happy ,but then take the last hole jade ,they are not too much ,if can again a few individuals to die ,it is more perfect .
For Kong Yu, such a Jingcaijueyan ,and external door or Satan, Kami Ko and South Sea God ,Karen Millen Multicolor Dress Clearance,nature is not the hope Kong Yu grew up ,if it can be nipped in the bud is natural to early strangulation ,and now Kong Yu death ,this would be their strength .
And Kong Yu sent in the Kunlun this death ,demons and Kunlun faction ally thing is impossible ,even those may also go to war ,if so ,then they Shushan sword school and primary purification can be cheap ,this makes Shen Jianzi He Nan the nature in the heart is to hope .
Kong Yu in the fall of the armageddon .As for the Kunlun school head mysterious Mako and Huaan two person is in the dark on the alert ,afraid of Kong Yuhui because of Yu Qing real danger and skill ,this is not their real life and death for Yuqing not care, they just did not expect Yuqing reality must face is six nine days long ,and the outcome is ,they naturally it is hoped Kong Yu would not go to die .
But they are not thought of Kong Yu velocity was so fast ,they see Kong Yu act when it has to move ,but the time to stop Kong Yu is already too late ,North Face Shoes,Kong Yu is actually in their noses away ,directly appear in Yuqing reality above ,this makes Xuanjin Ko and Huaan is a concern and regret .
Kong Yu listened to Yuqing real people, back to Yuqing reality gave a smile ,and then to Yuqing reality said , if the teacher you have difficult, I stood by ,that do I have with your students ?You should have a rest, recovery technique, first for you against a disciple ,you rest assured ,students will not happen .
Kong Yu watched the sincere smile ,Yu Qing people want to say something ,but like a fishbone stuck in the throat ,how also says not to come out, finally only a sigh ,said in their hearts , well ,today we are together even die together or ,in a hell of a with ,not lonely .
Yuqing reality hunkered down ,running the Purple Palace fairy tactic ,absorption around because rob ray bombardment and become extremely thin vitality world ,despite knowing that this recovery is not much skill,UGG Bailey I Do Wedding, but in reality is still Yuqing some crazy running with the Purple Palace immortal formula ,trying to recover a little skill ,north face jackets buy,I hope in the last and Kong Yu again with a bullet thunder resistance .
Kong Yu Xiang Yuqing real words when, in the sky as if brewed long ninth rob Ray came down, a loud noise emitted almost excite people ,those timid people scared ,and accompanied by the loud noise ,one is two feet thick fleeces ray fell, direct bombardment at twelve very large array above .
The previous eighth rob ray at less than a foot thick ,just than the general adult thick arm a little, however the ninth rob ray was soon increased to two feet thick ,which is naturally because someone broke into the Armageddon power double ,and to see that the power of the ninth rob ray, Kami Ko ,and the God of Nanhai ,Ying Zheng, hole Li face is exposed happy smile .
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