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> LI Chun original, Www! QUaNBEN! COM Ice knife pulled out from Xu, head of the chest, hard waving two rejection clean the blood of the above, sitting sideways on the chair: If you do not go out to suppress soldiers, Bingluan immediately played. out of the house, calling the shots up front yard full of armed police. Li Chun original closed his eyes, and himself into the darkness, CHENG Lai sound outside and a mess of sound also had ears do not hear. ? Up and look through the body of Zhang Yunshun and the XU head of the two men, and also hope to get anything valuable, especially Zhang Yunshun, maybe what martial arts secrets like. Rake again, Li Chun original disappointed once again, it seems to get the Cheats is unlikely, perhaps this house effort has always been word of mouth, no cheats? Powerful and legends can really missed their own skill, Li Chun original nor by some regret, his ice abilities to elbow I do not know why not continue to up the development nowadays wants to be powerful, but also through other methods. Would also expect that effort, it now appears, but is no hope. However, the limit of their ability has yet to fully grasp, can not say that the use of skilled, Li Chun original but it is not doing nothing. Cheng Lai-mastered the entire enclave, security for the time being or security, say their ability do not secretive, just to take advantage of this period of time in a quiet period to own that kind of right arm Ice ability fully investigated. The outside gradually settled down, seems to have control of the situation Zheng Li, Li Chun original heart put down. Compared to the outside for the time being nothing zombie foreign aggression, internal problems is more to life. Pacification of the entire enclave, not only means Zheng Li absolute authority, in fact, also means that Li Chun of the original before some of the ideas can be implemented. These methods, both of Li Chun original own salvation, but also to save the enclave. Cheng Lai pushed open the door and come in, the Li Chun original a little strange: the processing finished? Not so fast, right? headache. Lili Wei,North Face Bionic, Zhang reputation is not good, free to several charges on the line, just do it. little vampire, you thought reform effort on them, people will not necessarily be accepted. they were destined to live frugally and this enclave out of tune, you do not do them, they do you. After about a quarter of an hour, the village sodu gunfire sounded, Li Chun the original gently squeezed his brow: human life is so cheap. Operation of staff, to be found in the immediate. Then, after about an hour, an armed police entered the room to clean up the corpse, another armed police, Li Chun original Road: King said, probably also know that the of Li Chun original of some things. Live in the political commissar of the yard, make plans, super powers, and how to think are very important people, the armed police did not dare to blunt. Li Chun origin nodded: Zheng Li doing so, Li Chun original touches feel there is something wrong, after all, the foundation of instability in such a way, was hastily launched an attack but it is difficult to deal with. Armed Police cited Li Chun original front Cheng Lai is standing on top of a rough ride up the earth station to see him over eyes lit up a hand, the smiling, motioned the Li Chun former stand up. Li Chun original such a mess of things is dispensable, they shake their heads refused. Zheng Li face some ugly, then no longer care for him, loudly said: long-term plan,Mens North Face Gore Tex Jackets, we believe that they will be able to spend in front of the storm. Announced the establishment of the escort commander in chief of all armed forces of the enclave, Zheng Li himself as captain. Which under LI Chun original also some appreciation for the: will not relent! , stand up and let everyone to see it, after seeing it do not make a fuss, they have super powers. Twelve will exceed the ability of people with a son rebellious temperament stood out, and they also know Zheng Li largest gathering area, although somewhat uncomfortable but it will not put up a fight. Only twelve sights on the other side, looked down CHENG Lai vision, are secretly reckon: to lead their Li Chun former is the sort of person? Li Chun original This is really a bit of shock: Cheng Lai-what does that mean? Points in the army outside twelve protoss to me to lead, I'm a good show? In addition to it, what intent? Li Chun original does not believe that this is just the Zheng Li spur of the moment, good intentions alone, in addition to it? Li Chun the original Some feel tricky,UGG Annabelle Sale, Zheng Li under a move he also can not read the chess, not a good thing for him. Things are now, and nothing to put off, Li Chun original forward two steps, standing before the crowd. They still cuddly. Cold contempt: this person did not deserve attention. Although the two have worked together in an ice water some progress, but the Li Chun original believe their ability in fact, has not yet started, and himself, but to find a way forward, just getting started. Li Chun original looked them inside memory deeply addition to this on weird Siamese twins outside, there is a middle-aged man wearing glasses, seems to be surnamed Wang, mental capacity. A Zhang and two non-mainstream big guy the same hospital, both are will be issued the flame super powers. Li Chun original scan again they said dismissively: how to react, a Li Chun originally not know very much about the young first stood out, a look of cynicism: obviously different, want to come Zhanglao ever win over the four super powers. This young seemingly impulsive, behind the trio must have a heart, and him as a pawn to test Li Chun of the original character of the new captain. Li Chun original does not seem to mind the idea that the wave of a hand and said: quite figure decisiveness. Cheng Lai Oh a laugh: laugh, muffled to this kind of thing is: ? , devil's wrapped around her. Li Chun original see this kid also very obedient heart also eliminate the ill-feeling for them Siamese twins than half, than those who have managed to pass through the society, these students again maverick is still relatively good grasp. Point nod, Li Chun original on Liu Haibo said: Liu Haibo looked around angrily, see Li Chun original does not laugh at him, anger slightly disappeared a little. Non-mainstream girl bouncing twice before Li Chun original: to half a meter of water polo in front of everybody. Li Chun of the original one eye blink seriously with the skills of non-mainstream girl Ruoruo water, the heart rapid analysis: on his right hand, even not on hand. After a child, before finally landing of the entire water polo, Liu Haibo it turned into a ice hockey. 's position is clear to see why Zhanglao et al super powers who is not afraid of the early stages of these capabilities, it is too weak and small! Two performances completed, Li Chun origin nodded: nicely, you have the ability to get one. : no fighting, have to rely on Wang Shu them. Pharaoh that wear glasses, right? Li Chun original eyes turned a bespectacled middle-aged man, that middle-aged habitual Fu in his eye, nodded and smiled and said: Li Chun former Big Brother Wang doing before? is also some merit. Moment also attitude a bit: liter Chief of celebration, if not exactly on the toilet, and now I'm afraid it is dead. Pharaoh sorry face: Last Zheng Li with Li Chun original to see a super ability, this person said the only things moving ten kilograms, it now appears, nearly half a meter of ice hockey is even greater than ten kilograms? Moreover, Liu Haibo his attitude, the kind of leader respected must also be groundless, non without reason. Face calm and collected, Li Chun original with this the old Wang Hanxuan two, to see to the next person, it is the original that verbal provocation that cynical young man. That young man looks better than the original, Li Chun big five-year-old looks like, see Li Chun-original staring across the impatient to turn too far to go, not to speak. Li Chun original looked at him, did not say anything, just turn our gaze to another. After the play, see Li Chun original seems to be soft, the young man behind the three people a lot easier, and did not bother Li Chun original eyes. See the four so I do not know retreat, Li Chun original heart micro anger, the surface is still quiet young man pointed to a big guy and that Pharaoh courtyard: fire? introduce myself now. Village? many people left your village? a deadpan, it seems that some touches: a fireball appear in front of Li Chun original, above, flew at that hockey hockey slightly melt a little. In Li Chun former heart, puzzled: this be how it? Right Ice, left hand flame? The awakening of the super powers of this law? So he did not want to finish, that the young man surnamed Zhang outdone sent a fireball. Li Chun original looked up,UGG Nightfall, suddenly come to realize, the man with the right hand, look, this kind of thing would have been random, the contingency great. Goes surname young people see Li Chun original looked over quickly introduce myself: indeed proficient driving and good physical strength, it should be useful. (Five thousand words big chapter for the book list!) <

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