good as blatantly sweep Qingcheng

August 29 [Wed], 2012, 11:21

Yihua Gong came to the shows really fake UGG Boots Bailey Button Bomber, is also demonstrated enough sincerity, but their requirements unceremoniously. First, they claim that the practice sector forces major reshuffle its strength to match the status words, is not less than moral cases, the Tianxin cases these bent were the status of front-line ally and interests; Secondly, since Yihua Gong re-born, then the capital of practitioner organizations, have their corresponding position; Third, Yihua Gong want to be able to have some say in the future Loulan city! These three demands, seemingly ordinary wonders, essentially each one is directed at the core. With not less than moral cases, the Tianxin cases these the bent were close allies of the status and interests means Yihua Gong is still handing out of the top of the door, in the reshuffle after practice community, whether it is the post-war division of sphere of influence, or to carve up the property interests of the losers, the share will only lower than they achieved were bent. Require a place in the capital of the practitioner organization means that the desire of the political rights of the secular world, that will also foster its agents of secular circles. Loulan city, this new city, with the whole of China's most elite technology professionals, has a state-of-the-art science and technology, but more importantly, there are hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of undeveloped land in the surrounding, whether deposits of underground or surface output in the future, its economic value is an astronomical figure. This piece of fat, Yihua Gong is naturally reluctant to let go. It is also because of this, Xiao Zongyi when he says that they have a big opening. Income compared with the pay, a little out of proportion. Merely by virtue of this last stand, you get so many interests, but also a bit too greedy. Zheng Lan thought for a moment, and some ended. Xiao Zongyi noticed, smiled and said: more than the interests of, and then the strength of a solid, it is difficult for me cases cause but cases of For the Tianxin cases, the moral is a contain what the actual threat., and if this process can operate to quell several cases of my cases discontent, will the resentment go to Yihua Gong to the head, then the matter can be said that our side is no harm in this is one place Xiao Zongyi and charges made by the same time slowly nodded practitioner who can tolerate even outstanding female practitioner of worship, but can never be so practice community power changed hands. Xingaoqiao places practitioner who is impossible to tolerate by an all female practitioner, sectarian helm practice the profession become the leader ugg boots sale, and this is related to the Chinese practice sector face a major event in the entire human world! So from that point, Yihua Gong position of strength will be too strong. In a very long period of time bent cases it is difficult to cause any threat. And even if they intend to secretly support a sectarian bent were vying for positions, and then like moral cases, the Tianxin cases such handing out the door, is naturally impossible to accept their own puppet results. While those shallow roots, small sects. Want more than the previous tradition for thousands of years and even ten thousand years of sectarian bent were vying for positions is tantamount to a fantasy! Of the Tianxin cases, ethical cases these were for, but it is a great problem. Extra share the glory out of thin air, certainly cause them a great deal of dissatisfaction. And bent were required to do, that is, to this dissatisfaction transfer to Yihua Gong to him. Them between the more and the few cases, the bent cases of status naturally the more secured. Yihua Gong gate occult has been for thousands of years, although certainly they will be like we secretly develop savings and strength. Somewhat disjointed but, after all, and the entire practice community, compared with my cases can be described as a far cry. they do not have a good grasp of the timing of the birth. saying goes one step wrong, wrong step, and now they are re-born, regardless of the practice sector or the secular world to influence, moral cases and Tianxin cases they are far less, of course, it is even more better than I think, is tantamount to wishful thinking in a short period of time, to make up for the gap between the two cases., this is the second. Xiao Zongyi and charges made endorsed nodded, Zheng Lan right is the key, and now the conflict between humans and Yaozu already easing, although they are still ongoing tensions, but the scope of influence has been greatly narrowed. Secular and even already without any danger. Yihua Gong is a high profile out to people who had suffered Yaozu persecution will never remember their good. But they might be disgruntled. After all, they have to grab the the victory fruits of suspects. they stepped in, will inevitably lead to other sects to strong dissatisfaction, so go sovereign you can justifiably they sphere of influence allocated to the most intense conflict in the south ... they contain the ground, Yihua Gong they want to grow fast, is by no means possible! the right, then it wants to give them. Five percent is also given, one percent is given. Anyway, the bulk of always we occupied the remaining share is just as fresh bait, hook the fish are clashing ah. Xiao Zongyi and the face of the charges made emerge out of the obvious smile, obviously they mean exact Lan Zheng said these words. Xiao Zongyi laughed UGG Channing, I ... Do you fee the Shishu can blame you accomplished? it is not difficult! Lan Zheng stunned the world at this time Liu Yufei and Tang-tang two women enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way down the mountain road, the mouth is amazed until it is determined that no one is around when this uneasy authentic Tang tong: Liu senior sister apprentice, you bent cases they would let us occupy the Qingcheng booked under the Abode you? If they turn a blind eye to this, then wait until the Qingcheng sent, but we did not Zhanli. To that time, the Qingcheng how can Renxia tone? At that time, we again were forced to move out, not missing the palace's face? Miyaji, after that, will certainly be very dissatisfied. the decision of their own attitudes, Liu Yufei plotted such sweeping Qingcheng face, Tang-tang in her heart to feel some anxiety. Yihua Gong course, thousands of years of ancient sectarian heritage, but that Qingcheng not inferior to the where to go if the influence of play in the practice community and the secular world, Yihua Gong is not as good as blatantly sweep Qingcheng face is not overdone? But junior sister apprentice bent cases do you think they would either we do that? The treatment. And the the bent cases of Abode limited, divided between the allies, then, those sects in the south will definitely naughty together. Once things blow up, stabbed to the entire practice community to his heart were also a steal sheep! Hmmm, although bent were present in the practice sector occupies a large advantage Mens UGG, so unfair things any of its occurrence, then, do you think they the eyes of the practitioner in the world will be a look like? Hmmm, that they can not afford to lose face! Junior sister apprentice you worry! She is spotted it before doing anyway Qingcheng, South sectarian, will arrive here tomorrow, presumably for a moment that Zheng Lan will come good words good words to persuade myself to Qingcheng Teng place. them again Longitudinal ass, more or less to sell Lan Zheng a favor, not kill two birds with one stone? so that, in future negotiations, presumably more or less will be the starting point role. Tang-tang hearts light light to sigh a breath, and had to remain silent but her heart always feel uneasy the bent were really like Liu Yufei envisaged to do this? Xiao Zongyi charges made by them Could it be that you do not see these wonders? She may not like Liu Yufei so sure. us. So ... the three Italian collar that God would land together laughing.

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