naturally many did not say anything

September 12 [Wed], 2012, 16:33
Six grave robbers -- may not only tomb -- now have all become organic f éI material,it is also have no choice .Since the white Huang appearance clearance north face,has been seeing them ,then destroy everything is the only choice ,nobody knows the secret is secret .
But do these commit all sorts of scumbag ,white and not even a little psychological burden ,but the people are refreshed .Only ... ... How to have natural force feedback ?Carefully feel the changes in body, white Huangxian is surprised ,but then heart know .
Once again to increase the force of nature ,is derived from the scumbag who destroyed ,because they put the fire ,attracted natural hatred Mens North Face,so when white and destroy them ,in return, is granted .
Well ,it isn and kill the monster upgrade ?White Huanghu body one shake ,suddenly shocked !Look to themselves the big baby head ,also a string of 4 sticks ,eyes appear to have a barren , natural Destroyer , fire guard .
.. ... A class of words .Quickly shook his head ,say ten times this is not a game I can not sink m í,white and turned to their own summon .No loss is derived from supernatural planes, than by wild x ì ngcommunication ,summoned to earth the native species of awesome .
Have a look the T. rex figure ;have a look it have great physical strength and courage of the extremities ... ... Well ,a bit too short ,have act loving suspicion ;to have a look it on the top of the head ,mammoth ivory shiny white buffalo horn !Thunder Bluff man yo ,you mighty and majestic !Who dares not long after the eye ,let the baby at night to his NTR out ,also not unworthy of the pair of horns .
White and looking more like the big quail north face outlet online,he patted it on the f é Istomach ,feeling surprisingly good !And the most important is green no smell ,flat is a piece of feather Chu á ng.
.. ... That ,now ,not the development of Quail in function of the time .White was trying to get new toys for children that does not abandon the love, Let f é ij īfourscumbag off ,ideation fretting ,the head does not belong to the earth magic species suddenly disappeared ,in situ .
Device :no ads ,full text ,more about sweep sweep, identified no flaws ,he gave the dog tiger conveying a force of nature ,which to show one from the original road through the walnut grove .
... ... In white and kill the Quartet ,has rescued Kang Cong ,settle to mouse, Yingzuiyan temporary headquarters, a group of people like ants on a hot pan in a hurry ,whirled . Evergreen !What did you do ?Secretary Tian repeatedly Ji ā ogenerations before ,first of all to ensure white and safety for the students ,can not hold his personal safety, to change the rescue success rate ! The armed police detachment to the satellite phone to make a hullabaloo about North Face Womens Shoes,the face of Y ī nsink ,can drop of water .
Next to the old farmer and Dai Changjun listened, also a stomach sulk .Wei Changqing is not one of them, naturally many did not say anything ,but the team vice captain Xiang Pengfei ,but solid got her hands .
What got into you? Execute a command to execute the command ,even the instructions do not obey ,then how can be assured the task Ji āo to you! City Bureau received a telephone call ,immediately is foam flying : I know this early ,it should take Wang Dabiao !It is not useful ! The phone of the criminal investigation team vice-captain and armed police officers ,his mouth like containing a white boiled eggs ,talk that a whole ,but also can not distinguish .
Grievance, so wronged .However ,their bitter life didn .From the mountains out of Kang Cong ,in 119 call fire ,also did not forget to give your friend a reported safe . Hello !It is white and it, how can you be a man .
.. ... M only a mobile phone ,a look is white and the mobile phone number, Tian Jia father didn listen to what is there ,and impatient and angry criticism .It was said by half, was worried about angry expression, all of a sudden turn for the incredible surprise : ah ,old kang !You have been out, in Meishan next to the reservoir ?Well ,I .
.. ... Ah ,there is a fire ,good good ,I know ! Aside mobile phone ,old farmer lost heart with joy ,machine-gun speed commanded : ,white and students have the successful completion of the task ,the Professor Kang their rescue !But those grave-robbers run process, wanton ignition burning mountain ,we need to notify the forestry and fire units .
.. ... Tian Jia next to hear eyes straight hair .She is some unclear ,his father just said those words, what is the real story ,or is an American hero movies ?It is try to ,it invited white and help ,can not think of, people not only solves the problem with dogs ,also brought a round ,Liankang uncle to save .
For a time, the NV group secretary did not know ,is to praise his good eye ,or to admire the students ability of nonhuman .... ... From the olecranon rock to the Meishan reservoir, take only half an hour .
So no more for a while ,Municipal Bureau of public security and armed police chiefs ,arrived over white .Because of the timely discovery, respond properly ,and on the west the city fire brigade officers and soldiers ,but also the first time arrived at the scene, so although mice spilled diesel ,but the fire was quickly gained control .
In order to Tian Jia father ,headed by Dai Changjun ,around the white Huang side, not to praise the opening .Although on the surface also tried to keep steady, but those who do not like to encourage and praise ,but their true feelings ,give out l ù aclean out completely .
Politics and law committee secretary while laughing ,while disregarding the NV charming eyes, from his pocket bag Hongjinlong smoke bombs to white and two .Other people inside pocket ,the difference is the Yellow Crane Tower ,but nobody would dare to take out .
White and small comrade ,even our criminal investigation J ī ngand armed soldiers were not done ,how do you deal with ? didn the truth UGG Boots womens,is cheat others ,Professor Yama ?Brave ah ! Next to the Municipal Bureau of boss ,and the armed forces chief ,it is curious to asking questions ,he will not close .
Secretary of director report ,report !We are at the edge of the reservoir inside the walnut forest ,found the criminals ! A powerful report acoustic ,interrupted Dai Changjun and others continue to ask .
Several people being at a loss what to do to see at a glance ,looking back and found that he was all white ,after the accident ,they were moving ,to go over there in the past .Then all the regret .
Even the criminal investigation team vice-captain Xiang Pengfei ,from the police for twenty years ,various gruesome corpses are many see the blood and iron man ,also a discomfort to his face ,holding back of throat fanyong .
Xiao Liu, you bring people to protect the site ,in addition to inform technology department doctor Li ,let it come . Release command finished ,Xiang Pengfei and the leaders asked the walnut grove .
But in his mind, would have to report the small police told pour out a torrent of abuse -- so heinous crime scene ,you also when a leading surface report ,it is a no brainer pig !Look at my back doesn wear shoes !A group of people from the Walnut Grove ,old farmer Dai Changjun, look at me ,I have a look your face ,is s èdignified.
White and classmates ,you catch the criminals of the time ... ... Some people hesitated ,finally ask out .Can the white Huang, the face is full of herbivore holy brilliance ,a pair of fear and loss .
Plus he is rescuing the hostages last hero ,Hu Lu à nrecorded a confession ,also settle a matter by leaving it unsettled .The rest of the troubles ,they were overwhelmed team head .
Public security here ,while paste n ò ng gone.But in the white Huangchang out of breath ,for their own J ī ngCham acting was pleased with oneself ... ... Twenty or thirty paces of walnut forest edge ,police dog handler Wang Yu tiger ,is not the image howled with .
While the guardian evergreen is board face ,and beat him two punches peevishly ,a pair of comfort is not ,nor a helpless look at .White was a look at the past, just over two people looked at me .
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