While the Beixinjing as they now stand

September 15 [Sat], 2012, 18:32
>@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ people began to riot, black river to the Hai Rui and wish Qianshou several officials, and dozens of yamen runner coming .On the edge of the first wWw.
QUanBEN.CoM officials fear ,they treated two adults : ,public disturbance ,we first shelter edge . That I wish Qianshou is a ruthless role ,he said: do not be afraid, gnash the teeth in anger against the rogue ,is better than they have hard ! Said they want to stand out propaganda ,arrests, to hit to kill ,but his heart, but a point spectrum were ,Karen Millen Dress Clearance,also be anxious and fearful .
But Hai Rui grabs the arm ,pull behind me .Zhu Qianshou is taken aback ,see Hai Rui a man who came to the people to greet the past .Hai Rui ,but who also do not expect .I saw him though official robes of must ,should push Jinshan ,inverted Yuzhu ,North Face Realization Clearance,angry people to kneel down .
People once stood, only they kneel to officials ,but never seen the officer to kneel down before the people . The adults ,what the hell are you doing ! Behind the happy Qianshou shocked : get up quickly ,what ! Hai Rui reached up ,stop to Qianshou say more ,he took off with ,holding in his chest, from kneeling in Riverside heights ,he still needs to look down at all, sighed : ,please don go .
Today, wrong in me, not in everyone ,I do neglect your demand ,I give you apologize ,if you are not gas, would throw me into the back of Wusong River in ! Turbulent crowd completely quiet ,everyone staring at the quite out of the ordinary magistrate ,not just the manic atmosphere .
But , Harry still was not : ancient channel dredging of Wusong River ,in order to let Kunshan people never flood ,is a benefit of descendants of the good in any case ,have to do , the crowd buzzing a sound ,just will once again stir ,but with the Swiss : as you think I will seriously consider ,have a look have a way ,that allows you to accept ,and can take Wusong River ! It good to be sure .
The Xu Qingzhi jumped out and said: sage say ,you can ,is adult than the saints do ? I dare not since Harry than saints , Harry was Furui not channel : but I believe that human effort is the decisive factor.
,please go back first ,I assure you ,to find a compromise plan ,all projects will be suspended ! To hear him say so ,people still have what ?When so many people say, nor he changed his mind ,whispered to each other a ,they are scattered .
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ looked slowly dispersed the crowd ,many officials have relieved ,this only to find ,are out in a cold sweat .Two Chau County belong to an official ,want to catch Harry, also had not started ,we see him up, dust off your knees ,wearing Shangguan cap turned, the opposite color complex may Qianshou said: this thing is not as easy as it looks ,if I do not do so ,the inevitable conflict .
To hear him say so ,I wish Qianshou also forgot about system , decent problem ,deep voice asked : you mean ,someone behind all this? You should know better than me . Hai Rui Shen track: several times ,the momentum was going down ,there is always someone out of the time ,I suspect that someone at the back of .
Then catch them ! I wish Qianshou teeth : dare to provoke people to rebel ?Kill is not hate ! How to catch? Hai Rui lowered eyelids : they are all mixed together with people ,and not one or two ,to arrest it, only to have the restless people of neuroticism ,resulting in greater unrest .
Can you do that ,even at the expense of self-esteem ,but after the customs . I wish Qianshou shake one : is from the first ,hide but fifteen ! That there are at least fifteen days ,can let us think of a way .
Hai Rui light road .At this time the northwest dust rises ,a lot of people close, silence finally arrived ... ... Unfortunately, rush ,or missed the big show .Adult. Two people greeted rapidly ,salute saying : your humble servant seen an adult .
Silent dismounted ,horsewhip into iron arms ,was asked: riots ? Calm down . I wish Qianshou tract . Only temporary . Hai Rui added: and with the suspension of Engineering cost .
He is honest people ,never playing falsehood . Absolutely not ! Silent still said nothing ,under the light suddenly anxious: this is a rare severe drought ,the water level is much lower than usual ,is suitable for repairing dam .
If the money is also ,people is in place, the so-called trumps ,how can I say no to stop ? He is from Kunshan ,suffered from floods ,has been a long-cherished wish is to prevent floods by water control .
Zhu Qianshou will be about earlier ,speak to your house and GUI Youguang listen .To be finished ,and put Hai Rui out ,GUI You-guang was angry : must be the family behind the back, put the Xu Kiyoshino up ,ask to know ! To the tight .
Silence spoke : the adults processing method is right, if we mess up today ,is passive ... ... Similarly ,people do not rush to catch ,the situation intensified . But where to find the method to satisfy both sides ? GUI Youguang sighed woefully : if you want to keep the downstream field ,cannot move river river ,can still, dredging and mentions from where ? Don , silent ha-ha laughs: to overcome difficulties ,we benefit by mutual discussion ,have a look there is no other way .
Said Su Rong said: a brother ,the last task for you, have completed ? Dounan is Zhu Qianshou number .Adult. I wish Qianshou nodded: two things fall into place . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ last silent back from Zhouzhuang, then let stand called Zhu Qianshou to Suzhou ,a talking to his face : this county magistrate ,is people officials ,local tyrants and evil gentry is the umbrella ? I wish Qianshou be rather baffling : what mean ? Shen Mo will Youtian Wei a encounter ,coldly told him .
A be hardly worthy of belief is, I wish Qianshou even without the knowledge of . The following are out of lives ,you still dare to say not to know ? The silence was angry against laughs: big help officer ,not your hands ? Ming-jian , I wish Qianshou thought a long time before: imperial power go to the countryside ,he is usually not to the village ,and that after just one month earlier than the adults ,is authentic new officer ,consciousness should not have too much action, have no tube below the village .
.. ... The following country security ,are delivered to Kunshan inspection ,as if no one reported, that does not know . Is it right? Said speculation Road :people and collusion with the Kunshan patrol ,hiding the truth, expelled the aggrieved party ,the county magistrate to blind me .
Listen to what he said was reasonable ,the silence was eased slightly : like you would not be so reckless ,Tian Wei is the case ,you must check as soon as possible ,if so ,to punish the murderer, especially behind the hits ,no matter who he is, don hesitate .
I wish Qianshou solemn nods: is that as soon as possible ,and the adults ,reporting . Also, silent asked softly : Xu family in Kunshan occupation badly ? I wish the dry noodles color a hesitation, finally heavy emphasis first : has in fact been infiltrated ,but is said to be the first become aggravated ,tens of thousands of acres of farmland in the county have been eaten .
I will give you a task , Silence : Xu family in Kunshan industrial touch bottom ,either directly or indirectly owned ,controlled ,give me the check . Is . Zhu Qianshou Shen sound should .
A very touching ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ food wars ,let the Jiangsu and Zhejiang officialdom knew about Shen Mo energy ,wish Qianshou a small county magistrate ,dare and his immediate superior on ,after returning from Suzhou ,he began to investigate .
Now the past more than half a month ,two tasks have a clue, Hai Rui and he have a look under the light ,two people know machine .When they walked away, I wish Qianshou before: first say that case ,true ! Ho .
.. ... Silence gives a loud sense inexplicable sigh ,nodded: you continue to say . movement is too big ,act rashly and alert the enemy ,that posing to the Wei with Tamura ,said of his relatives, asked several people ,said the perfectness ,had killed Wei Youtian son ,took another two .
Zhu Qianshou sighed ,ashamed : they say ,that indeed I Kunshan inspection division to the people ... ... People often go to the countryside to disturb the people ,they will not admit .
Said : it seems that way of killing people and catch leave ,not inspection division people ,but with them to another group of people ... ... I suspect is Xu Wu . Silence did not comment ,said: then ? No later , I wish Qianshou shook his head : because of afraid to act rashly and alert the enemy ,so there is no disposal inspection division people ,is intended for adults ,the next step to arrest the Xu five ? Second things to say.
. Silent whispered : Xu family in Kunshan how much industry ? Don look up did not know ,a jump . I wish Qianshou staggering : according to the adult standards ,has a direct and indirect control ,a total of fifty-seven thousand acres of land ,most of which are the hypertrophy of the river ,the county accounted for half of the river .
Otherwise the pawnshop two ,one of Xu Wukai ;and designed usurer ticket office, as well as silk village ,herb shop ,and even brothels ,gambling ,numerous together ,North Face Windstopper Jacket,have accounted for half the county .
Silence cannot help move him : you have to be careful ,otherwise the day I wake up ,the government has become a family . I wish Qianshou blush scarlet : ,offering two ,since the offer and offer ,the latter said better, the former is not known to outsiders ,everything is private, except that all out, this situation is unknown .
Don mind .I kidding. The silent one laughs: yes ,you just ask me what the problem is ? The five question , I wish Qianshou : catch do not catch ? Well ,now I give you the answer .
Silent nod, spit out a word : catch . ,if that liberty ,but Xu Xu five people at home ,their family love with a mission ... ... I wish Qianshou Road: are later attached to Home Xu villain ,for example the Xu five ,and Zhu Tong Xu Tong Shen letter name ,renamed Xu letter ,Wang Zhong was renamed Xu Zhong ,the school was renamed the school of Xu Shen ,both for Xu house family ,known as the Kunshan tigers ,with Alex power is not illegal ,dominate the market ,but everywhere in house home itself .
.. ... But something happened, Xu three childe pipe ,so they will increasingly arrogant ,a do it afterwards . Think of something : today the first riot scholar, is the science of Xu ,so I doubt ,this thing ,also related with tigers .
Say sincere words and earnest wishes : your honour please look before you leap ,so as not to act rashly and alert the enemy . Well ,you really do mind . Silent nodded approvingly a sentence ,then changed the subject : but the way catch will catch, a faint smile: you because , things to catch him ,but because of who I am when Wei Laohan case ,want to seize this point ,they would stir not up old people .
.. ... Said tone could : so ,as long as the four tiger dare Xu five noisy ,it all up !Don out ,they will not know what home magistrate ,daughter of governor ! , I wish Qianshou studied Shen Mohao for a while ,then smiled: under the former also worry ,you are upright gentlemen ,with those aspects of how treacherous villain bucket .
upright gentlemen ,are better than those aspects of treacherous villain , silent faint smile: otherwise how justice . That is ,he himself blush hot .Fortunately, I wish Qianshou did not see it ,there is still a silent one last word ,how long only goods ,hand blow : say is the rationale ,to beat the fox ,will be more cunning than fox to ,is that what you mean? Is this meaning .
Silent smile .I see .I wish Qianshou said: even if the four little tigers ,didn help with the Xu five ,officials will thoughts framed ,give them all to get the cage . This is not what I teach you .
The silent path . Under the self play . I wish Qianshou reacted quickly ,with two people laugh .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zhu Qianshou back to man ,Hai Rui and GUI Youguang two water committee again ,UGG Australia Outlet,Shen Mozhao they deep application Yili : just chip wronged, two hard .
Two people to salute ,GUI You-guang : ,we just add up ,if you want to solve the problem ,only to give up the old river can not be used again for the Wusong River ,find a new access to the sea ,but the possibility of .
.. ... The Huangpu river . GUI You-guang was finished, silence escape one .Then ,two people froze ,because they think ,the short and wide rivers, is originated from the Kunshan County Dianshan lake .
But the Huangpu River flows south to . GUI Youguang suddenly frowns .Map. Shen Mochen channel .After get the reaches of Taihu hydrological maps used ,flutter in a smooth big Bluestone ,three people put their heads together ,and the Huangpu River from the lake rises ,do South ,but sixty years later ,then turned to the East ;and in seventy ,it turns north ,and finally into the sea !The whole river but more than 200 miles ,is an obvious concave font !When the river shifted north ,with the Wusong River downstream nearer !When you see here, under the light suddenly thought to : fifty years ago, the prefect of Suzhou Li Yun is heir male ,in Wusong River downstream ,opened in Beixinjing to Caojiadu River ,connecting widen Caojiedu to the creek section ,into the Huangpu river ! While the Beixinjing as they now stand ,twenty miles downstream ! Said surprised : know this story ? Maybe God ! Silent smile ha road .
Of course he can not say that thought of Xun Zhou Suzhou River ,appears at that time, Wusong became tributaries of Huangpu River !This is really mountains multiply and streams double back no doubt, there is a way out.
!Three exciting a boat ,then to the Wusong River downstream to the .Gui Youguang is the expert in the vast waterways ,perplexing ,is not difficult to find a river .The Clippers quickly down the river ,to the North Jing River area .
It was also found in the old Li Yunsi left by in ,does allow leakage water of Taihu of Wusong River ,from Huangpu to the sea !The original width of thirty feet and to determine the complex ,preparation before !So ,it does not need original old river ,but the Wusong River into tributaries of Huangpu River ,originally can not solve the problem, also be smoothly done or easily solved .
Silence is not by plaint ,two person is good -- Segmentation -- well ,finished ,also have three in the morning .I just want to say a word ,on the thirty day, I was three and burst chrysanthemum ,it is never happened ,but occurred in the year of the ox really want a cup of the end ?I hope it is comedy ,the year of the ox last seeking monthly !!!!!Thank you.
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