They have to guess the artifact such as

September 07 [Fri], 2012, 17:18
Field !Is the field ! The emperor VIP room door ,Qin double face shock .His understanding of the field is very deep ,North Face Soft Shell Womens Jackets Clearance,because his older brother Qin Zhan is a breakthrough in the Immortal King level has a field ,North Face Men's Denali,in the emperor door ,his brother Qin war is undoubtedly the first genius ,even in four the door ,his brother Qin warfare is the young generation first master .
Qin Zhan for his brother nature is love, in their understanding domains, they spend countless sleepless night energy ,and release their own fields ,as is to let his brother sentiment field .
So ,for the field of Qin double very understanding ,in six a release area moment ,he felt .And the same as the four imperial door a day ,Liu Yao ,MTV ,as well as Mojiao Jiang Xinlin and Tongtian door wolf pride ,is also all know six to field .
Oh, that To fight ! From six punched kill Zhao Pengzhong had answered a God to come ,the wind of saw six and homicide ,heart suddenly sharp ,if the original door representing died in the auction hall ,they fear that the rational say not clear .
At present ,the wind of ready to stop ,even though he knew in their own strength to stop six ,but he also won .Just at that moment ,the auction platform, two light flashes ,revealing two figure .
Saw two little lord ! Look at this man ,of great wind suddenly ,heart suddenly relaxed . The matter to us ! Wang Hao nodded faintly ,and visual to six ,eyes flash of horror .
Is the immortal emperor ! For cases of Wang Hao gasps ,when he was a little scared ,he go out six ,think of each other is just eleven .Scattered magic only, never thought it was the Immortal Emperor master ,thanks to each other not to blame himself ,or his death all don how to die ,think of Wang Hao I cringe .
There is also a shocked Li Qiang ,he with Wang Hao that six is the immortal king master was skeptical ,but see six areas ,he knew that Wang Hao did not estimate the strength of the opposition ,which is only the fairy king ,it is a living Immortal Emperor master ah .
In the field, these descendants are clearly very natural martial art .In this field ,but the Immortal Emperor strong ability ,of course ,some of the Immortal King also has ,but these people are undoubtedly practitioners genius ,the day also find a few ,otherwise the original blade & Soul see no front inadvertently understanding ,would not be so shocked .
In the Immortal Emperor before sentiment ,such genius regardless of worship into what where ,have high status .Because since ancient times .Usually in the Immortal Emperor before feeling fields who ,in the end is the first master ,and was strongest in the immortal statue .
Six the use of fields ,is to let people misunderstood he is immortal emperor master ,after the Immortal Emperor level prior to comprehend areas of such genius ,the day also search not to come out ,people is also very difficult to associate to the six is that genius .
Of course ,in a door called genius ,is rather believe that six is the Immortal Emperor ,also won believe six just nine days Yuen sin ,after all, if in nine days the black immortal realm will comprehend the ,this is called the talent how to face to say he is a genius, so too hit man .
Want to go ?The seat can not promise ! Watch still imprisoned in their fields of several original door representative ,six sneers ,although kill these original small door . Nothing ,but as long as the original door ,six is not to let go .
What do you want . the original door won ! ... ... Several original gate represents just look at with angry eyes ,the eyes are a desperate color ,obviously they had thought of his fate .
Who the hell are you ?The original door I haven offended you ,why you will destroy my original door gate . The original door King vice commander said ,only his voice is very loud ,the auction hall of people have heard .
Want to spread the message ?Hum !Six hearts sneer ,the people are meant to be so loud ,I is today consider themselves must live ,but want to borrow the original door master revenge ,so only through the mouth ,it introduced the original door ,after all six impossible to everyone here .
Oh !He even if the madman ! Destroy the original door mystery man ! Strong person. Idol ! ... ... In all I was constantly ,noisy ,apparently they did not think six is actually the destruction of original door mystery the .
Incredibly ,no wonder the original door Zhao Peng without hand ,they immediately know the reason .I see. The emperor VIP room door ,Qin Shuangruo thoughtfully at the hands of wind of artifact unknown eyes, eyes flashed a smile and love .
Similarly, Wu Huang door Liu Yao also read artifact ring eye ,low cursed mean and having no sense of shame .They have to guess the artifact such as the six strong ,is not likely to abandon an artifact ,unless the artifact in question .
Artifact can have what problem ?I artifact is the original door is deprived of the artifact ,Qin two several heart Anma six mean and having no sense of shame ,it being framed ,once they take,Karen Millen Coats UK, I is and the original door knot enemy ,even if both sides know is being framed ,the enemy afraid to the end .
Ah ... ... Suddenly a voice call will be miserable ,and attention .In the original King vice commander and the later, and is six hand unloading arm ,intense pain make it couldn screaming out .
Voice lament sad ,almost all his hopes to ache faint ,visible to the Vice Commander Wang is still very strong . Hum !This careful thinking to the seat in front of your tricks ! Looking at the cold sweat drops of King vice commander ,six cold grunted ,then he glanced over the venue in the crowd ,karen millen outlet,in six the cold eyes, everyone can head .
You give this a look, and after today ,will give the seat to the sector ,said my Jun six to see the original door not pleasing to the eye ,after seeing an original gate will kill one ,Karen Millen Multi Coloured Dress Outlet,see two kill a pair will be slaughtered by the original door !You who do not pass the seat was found ,fate is like these garbage .
Then ,the original door on behalf of the king ,in addition to the vice commander ,all blood explosion .If you want to pass ,I will let you pass enough, really think I was afraid
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