look may help the seat opening

September 15 [Sat], 2012, 16:08
( & ;#o39 ; ,not the game is strong ,fencing and faith is strong . The silver maiden goddess in the moon ,when only twelve ,three years old ,but somehow ,it is surprisingly could discern the heart ,did not know before in several era ,she what the gods ,what ,why ,do the same .
No matter what ,anyway, look may help the seat opening ... ... Silver head down .Girls White barefoot ,gently on the sweet-scented osmanthus trees .Search the latest update to make the .
Z osmanthus light fragrance ,spread out in the round ,diffuse .The duel peak next ,people around with a neat ,6 yuan sword legend finally solved UGG Evera Shoes,199th war ,someone finally forced him to use the second sword ,is no longer with knockouts .
But soon came ,what the hell is happy ,it a shame .In front of the one hundred and ninety-eight war ,had been a knockdown .But until the 199th game to break the sword records .It no pleasure .
Then ,who can defeat 6 yuan ?At the beginning, we see standing in the duel peak on 6 yuan ,thought it was a stupid person, it now appears ,which is not stupid people ,is an undefeated warlord .
And at this time 6 yuan ,also is in the duel peak, he has won one hundred and ninety-nine world vitality again UGG Cayha Outlet,including their most that began a world power ,that is to say ,they now have a full two hundred of the world energy ,but now ,6 yuan was present ,the world is .
Good stuff .This thing ,not just help yourself to break through to the world environment .He is a mixture of hole exit nine days of heavy impact mixing hole exit ten days ,also has the role of .
Mixed hole exit nine titled chaotic derivative ,want to break through to this level ,need is derived from a smart things ,such as 6 yuan gourd .Mixing hole exit ten titled success, this one day ,don what function on the boundary of breakthrough ,but require considerable resources ,resource and resource overlay .
World energy what it actually is ,this thing ,is this world C C when developing vitality ,the vitality of strong ,not far from the general strength can be compared, and pure North Face Womens Brooklyn Parka Outlet,inclusive of high ,high degree of integration ,and any acquired individual cultivation to fusion energy .
While the central China center point here ,there is a volcano of central China has been the world ,one of the world point ,in the release of the world .The world spirit ,although not with propylene propylene opening-day than ,but also quite strong ,guide useful .
In simple terms ,the world energy is a kind of tonic of pills ,grade tonic UGG Ascot,and anyone can use ,no drug sequelae ,why so many people love the world strength ,at the same time ,also because such ,so, the world energy can also be used to ascend to the mixing hole exit tenth days .
Of course ,provided there is sufficient world .However ,no doubt ,to win some battles ,world energy is almost .After all ,by a mixing hole exit nine days to break through to the mixing hole throughout the ten days ,the world need strength ,not too much .
By mixing hole exit ten days to break through to the world environment ,this is the realm of breakthrough ,far from the general small realm breakthrough comparable ,which need the world strength ,much to .
In between that ,200th opponents have appeared in front of us ,this is to spend between door to an opponent ,the flowers door quite interesting, ordinary people have different weapons ,and flower door weapon is his pen ,and paper in hand with pen and paper ,painting, and then attack by painting out of them ,this is the flower ,and flower room door people always like painting poetry ,is a rather unique martial art .
6 yuan for this faction unique and interesting ,but before they have never encountered such opponents ,so is this sting ) and flowers door who played a few strokes ,the flower room door to have fun ,in season 10 action after the decisive ,not 6 yuan opponent ,also from gentle defeat ,was a world power .
The second yum ,200th strength .6 winning streak ,and don .256th win .361st win .422nd win .500th win .765th win .Winning streak ,continued, now is no longer a question of who can make $6 out of the second sword ,because 6 yuan long out of the second swords ,but who is worth 6 yuan ,6 yuan this winning streak record breaking .
In the beginning ,all but 6 yuan this sting newcomers ,as world energy brush tool ,built for their results ,these people but was 6 yuan brush world vitality .Sometimes ,it is so wonderful .
Oh ,and streak . The new 6 yuan ,what it is . This could have such a new . Don this is the ten highest ,university martial art ,also it is difficult to develop and cultivate conclude new .
This recent migration really busy ,before the sword ,after the new 6 yuan . No matter so much ,but now cease to $6 winning streak in D ~ ~ yes ,6 yuan altogether received eight thousand three hundred and twenty-one copies of the book to challenge ,if he wins eight thousand three hundred and twenty-one times, then ,6 yuan is famous in Central China ,central China from will spread his fame ,he is our reputation but to be stepped down ,he became famous as a stepping stone .
A person concerned said . You worry about what ,how could he won eight thousand three hundred and twenty-one times ,you don now, winning seven hundred and sixty-five times, but ,but that has not been to civilization ,civilized people but with text ,text for our highest school people, simple straight is the winner ,civilization has been than supreme .
Strong point ,is the text ,it encountered a text ,you 6 yuan that can be won . The speaker said the very calm .And the man ,is also a big point its head .Yeah ,if you hit a civilized man ,really conquer .
Civilization for supreme Cathedral ,it is truly superior .This kind of superior ,have a variety of causes ,including text ,is absolutely terrible .Your moves Sale UGG Boots Outlet,in the face of true words ,not too much .
While the 6 element ,when confronted with the text ?A volley and turn as Pian ,800th wins the hand ,6 yuan at hand world vitality ,his hand now product praise the world from the impact strength ,mixing hole exit ten days of successful health not bad too far .
Sword as the ghost of nine rpm, such as fog, such as electric ,900th wins the hand ,his hand world strength ,nine hundred and one ,from the impact of mixed hole exit ten days the vitality of successful distance closer .
1000th wars have arrived ,the 1000th opponents is which one ?As a result of received a total of eight thousand three hundred and twenty-one copies of letter of challenge ,so ?He also never see the opponent who is ,anyway, challenge letter to all the people answered ,whoever the opponents are connected ,good to finish their ten thousand straight .
The opponent has not yet, how is this to return a responsibility .Don give up no opponent ,if the waiver will active buckle in a quantity of vitality to the world ,to win easily ,and at the same time, there was a huge figure from the peak comes, this is how a large size ,6 yuan by the startled, what is this figure .
The height of about two feet or so !Zhang two !6 yuan a terrified .Yes ,in the world ,the prototype ,thousands of feet of tens of thousands of feet are quite normal .However ,a general in the normal human society activity ,will be out of normal human form ,is approximately half the height of a husband ,his height is very rare ,and now this man is two feet directly about height ,that is uncommon and clinking, this person go seems slow ,however ,soon reached the peak on the duel .
Detonation !The man stopped ,gave the vibration ,appear throughout the mountains shook the general .Who then is this ?Generalized momentum so strong !The two feet high giant Han ,raise hand in the void ,suspended moments in his hands ,there appeared an axe, this is a pan with Saxe ,although suffused with gray light ,but there is an exciting Quattro ,seems to be in front of smell, the sting ) giant Chinese Hand Axe ,but there are two feet long .
High !Large !This is 6 yuan of feeling now . You are 6 yuan ?I have heard your name ,my name is disc seven ,estimated that you never heard my name ,however ,I am from the ax civilization .
The giant Chinese disc seven long drink .The giant Chinese disc seven !Name plate !Axe of civilization .Finally ,6 yuan in the first match ,this is a has infinite power rivals .
Axe of civilization ,passing in the era before a number .Before that ,an era ,and the first Euro RSCG is pangu .And he also left their own civilization ,civilization is the ax .
And finally he fall in between heaven and earth ,the ax civilization have passed down ,has gone so far, and the axe of civilization has always been a powerful force to attack the world known for .
And now ,the giant Chinese disc seven is out ,the giant Chinese surnames disc ,reportedly in the axe of civilization ,only peers among the elite group of people eligible for name plate ,the other one is simply not qualified name plate .
are ancient civilization ruled this area among prominent figures ,but unfortunately ,you met me ,you end up only to fail miserably in my axe ,defeat in my tray beliefs . Disc seven say ,he usually speaks the sound like the roar ,with unwavering faith : you never get a 1000th winning streak .
( the third to ,it is said that tomorrow is a very strange holiday tomorrow ,said a group called go go die person eye light ,a group of people will be proud of her home ,well ,I wish you all in the Valentine is happy today ,uh ,more over, seeking monthly subscription ,ask ,seek rewards.
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