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242nd chapter not bully me this big joke Chen Yang didn the best mom would agree ,the count on his own mother will oppose this contract ,but did not expect the results beyond all expectations .
! cOM Chen Ling that is nodded ,recognition of this contract .Chen Yang looked at for tilting Yue ,his mouth and then said: I promise you . Signature for tilting Yee said .Chen Yang picked up the pen ,the contract signed their names ,for tilting Yi also signed their names, then stood up , I will not bother you .
.. ... I go first . For tilt Yue here to this contract ,some kind of arrogant attitude let Chen Yang heart some in a bad mood ,he always felt this weakened ,how will allow for tilting Yi this seemingly absurd requirement for tilting Yue out of rooms ,with Mu Yi Du adorable one behind the mouth ,said : boss ,just received the news ,world party from this Wednesday for the engagement party ,Fang Shiduo and the boss of your engagement .
I have not received the message . Mu said tilting yue .Du Meng didn with Mu Yi side leans out of the hotel .She is inclined to the Mu Yi Yi Mu assistant ,tilting arrangement .
Du Meng know for tilting Yue will have their own plans ,she did was take news for tilting yue . Grandpa ,you say Party A has just informed you ... ... I know ,I will attend ,Grandpa ,you can rest assured ,UGG Sparkles I Do Wedding,I know how to do .
Sit inside the car wall inclination Yue just and her grandfather through telephone, mobile phone touch down ,said: is deliberately B ī me,whether I engagement ,he was the winner .
.. ... Du adorable ,give me a tuxedo ,I will be gone ... ... By the way tell Chen Yang . He also participated in ? Du Meng asked . Is ... ... I had thought would be the result ,Party A the world how to let me go ,let him go downtown ,he is not willing to count with me, then I also framed him again ,although I was reluctant to do so .
For tilt Yue throws this remark, not words .Du Meng hearts for tilting Yue do have an idea ,she will no longer ask ,heart still curious, what for tilting Yue do ,as far as the contract ,Du adorable heart is very clear ,but she always think it is just a means .
Both sham marriage ,it also lists some of both terms ,this is not an agreement ,more like talk about contract .Hotel rooms inside, when Mu tilt Yue it away ,Chen Yang had been complaining ,in his view ,the contract does not have much value ,just don him best old suicidal thoughts ,why my mother will agree ? Mom ,how do you agree ? Chen Yang asked .
It simple .Because you are my son ,I know you too ,you have a live object at least some chance of getting married, or else ... ... . Chen Yang listens, speechless ,isn it ?Yue Linshan body was not so good ,since Peng Yuan died, Yue Linshan was the lack of an old friend ,he is not satisfied with the old .
Yue Linshan felt his body as one day, who retired early and have a good rest .Only his positions so that he could not say back down really stepped down ,remember and Chiang Kai-shek for things,Buy Mens North Face 3 in 1, Yue Linshan secretly sigh ,he now had no original ,the heroic spirit .
Chen Ling Yue Shan Lin acupuncture is completed, she with great care to picking up things ,told Yue Linshan to note .Not all patients can rule ,like the elderly have many diseases ,can only maintain ,organs of the body to decline ,the disease is not a single disease .
Chen Ling can do is an extension of Yue Linshan life ,acupuncture is supplemented by can enhance physical function ,prolong life .For this old disease ,acupuncture is better than western medicine for several times .
Chen Ling has been Yue Shan Lin acupuncture for a week ,Yue Lin Shan gas è ;obviously a lot better . Well ,I Shuoyue old gentleman, you are now more and more I envy ... ... . Ye Lingfei and Chen Yang came in from outside ,Chen Yang and Yue Shan Lin between not familiar, but Ye Lingfei and Yue Lin Shan very good relations .
Envy what ,I admire you these young people, said Yue Linshan . I young ?Well, I ... ... Yue Man ,to introduce you to a person ,did not tell you what ,Chen Yang ,my friend ... .
.. That my brother will ,anyway ,you care about ,his skills as a doctor very clever Ye Lingfei in front of Yue Linshan have nothing to worry about ,what you say what . Chen Yang ? Yue Lin Shan eyes in Chen Yang was looking for a long time ,said : it is surprising that he is so young ? do you know him? Ye Lingfei asked .
Know ... ... Zhuo Lao and I talked about him . Yue Lin Shan eye on Chen Yang looked at ,keep nodding . Zhuo old ? Ye Lingfei was one, and he thought ,smiled and said: it is he .
.. ... His grandson is not in the East China Sea city mayor . s him, the last time we met, conversation, he mentioned that his grandson disease ,is thanks to Chen Yang ,I would like to meet him ,but just did not think lobular you acquainted with him .
.. ... Chen ,you seem to be Chen Yang sister . Chen Linglai Yue Shan Lin cure ,never mention her and Chen Yang relationship ,in front of Yue Linshan ,did not mention ,but did not think Yue Linshan should know .
He ... ... He is my master . Chen Ling said . This is ,I heard the original Ministry of health minister Zhang mentioned Chen Shihui Zhang has all of Chen Shihui can not be in domestic medicine and regret, but the pain in his heart ,always say Chen Shihui is a hundred years rare talent .
Ye Lingfei smiled : Yue old mouth ,I didn know nothing ,you is it right? Right in front of me stupid ? It was not ,lobular ,you just don ask me ,why should I say ... ... Chen Yang ,I am looking forward to your return, had thought in political f ǔ office,Ministry of health .
.. ... . Yue Linshan before he had finished speaking, Ye Lingfei already interrupted: I Shuoyue old man ,you don what political f ǔ matter,I took him just wanted to introduce you, if you can have what disease despite looking for him ,his medicine that was very clever, in addition ,also support you more care about ,you know me, I now stay time and domestic almost ,where has time to take care of my life .
This is of course of Yue Shan Lin mouth said , I have always attached importance to talents . Chen Yang officials had little interest in politics ,he always feels f ǔinside Daizheuncomfortable ,however ,he did not mind being some what consultants titles like, those are some titles ,although no real power ,but can be used to scare people .
He was with Ye Lingfei to Yue Linshan side, and Yue Linshan in this chat, and found the old man down as he expected to close .In Yue Linshan after a chat ,Chen Yang and Chen Ling ,Ye Lingfei three people left Yue Linshan here ,watch will noon ,Chen Ling proposed three people go to eat, do not need to go back to our hotel .
Ye Lingfei smiled and said : I have a lot of things ,I just take Chen Yang and meet Yue Shan Lin ,Qing Ting is also waiting for me in the past, or the two of you eat. Chen Yang is indifferent, you can go anywhere in Beijing ,Chen Yanglai this just to see his mother ,also nothing .
Xiao Tang fruit early in the morning to go out to play with Fang Yi ,even the city of Beijing ,has too many places to play ,Chen Yang need not worry about small Tang fruit . Western Chen Yang suggested .
These two people are living in a foreign country for a long time ,eating food rather than food habits .Beijing ,the eastern city ,after the reform and open policy ,bursting with new splendor .
Think of in Beijing city to find a good restaurant that was picked up a rice paddy field inside as easily ,need not consider to go, carry the eye to see the West restaurant .Aperitif ,steak .
.. ... .These do not require Chen Yang ,Chen Ling point, she is to understand the Chen Yang diet . My sister ,I still don ,why you mother and I agree with fake marriage ... ... I always feel that my mother would not promise .
Chen Ling reached out to Chen Yang ,in the brain in a ,his mouth and then said : little ,you stupid ,don her willing to do so ?She is your B ī noway ,we in Beijing are found in many of the NV child, but I feel that NV children you none ,you are a mental illness guy ,I have to find a can take control of your NV, you know now .
.. ... . Don Chen Yang head ,said: the general feel weird. what ,he thought ,as I see it ,you and the NV rival ,who is weak, perhaps you will really be a couple . Chen Yang pendulum a hand ,he said : no, no ,I won have feelings for her .
A move operation doctors how to become a good doctor ,donre a diagnostics doctor on the line ,you know you used to be the best surgeon ... ... , let the ... ... Well, I will not say ,anyway ,the thing that set down Chen Ling speaks to export ě nnot Chen Yang questioned ,even sometimes ,Chen Ling speaks better than Chen Yangna best mom is much friendlier .
Chen Yang did indeed feel helpless ,Chen Ling and Fang Yi this two is very important to Chen Yang NV said so, Chen Yang can only accept .However ,for it to tilt Yue Chen Yang is not a big deal, he returned to this main purpose is not for dumping Yue , big sister ,I intend to go to the East China Sea city ,if you asked me to come to Beijing, I may have to go to the East China Sea city .
The East China Sea city ?Oh ,your hometown . Chen Ling said . My uncle is in the town hall of Chen Chinese medicine ,I was back to sea city was ,also had not seen ,I may let my uncle in the city to go to sea city directly involved ,see my .
.. ... My grandfather ,the Chinese now to reform, if they are stubborn ,I will follow my father even if the Chinese unable to get up after a fall ,also will not refuse under any circumstances .
Oh Chen Ling and Oh . My sister ,what are you talk to me ,what do you think of the Chen Yang asked .Good ... ... . Chen Ling said . My sister ,you on earth have what idea ,but tell me Chen Yang asked .
Chen Ling pretty watched Chen Yang ,suddenly a tone ,said: this is not nonsense ,I put the United States that everything is over ,all the way from the United States came back ,you think I just want Chan Chinese change a formula .
.. ... What do you think I am not worth a red cent ,little ,I tell you ,I just came in to help her ... ... Did you hear ... ... . Hear. Hear. Little sister ,don ,right up to my ears ,there are too many people here ,not by my ear .
.. ... . Chen Ling release took Chen Yang ear hand ,and sat back to her seat, and then becomes Shu NV up .Chen Yang being Chen Ling pulled the red ears ,mouth complained : my sister ,cheap karen millen dresses,you pay attention to your image ,you would not worry about your little guy to scare off .
A little less ,you teach me ... ... To the point ,and in three days ,I am here in Beijing it handled ,Yue premier disease I can only control ,Sale UGG Boots,acupuncture is not panacea and nothing can cure ,I finished the side of things, go to sea city ,you said your uncle in the city hospital ,okay ,I play game .
This is the modern society, where is also a popular play up ,you are in the United States to be broken . Chen Yang said .What. The face of Chen Ling è ;Shen,clearance sale north face, little one ,you hide a few years things I do not say to you ,you don have a look of the Chen family are satisfied with my master do anything, can you grin and bear it I can .
.. ... . My sister ,I know is wrong ,eat first ... ... . Chen Yang holding a knife and fork to eat Chen Ling ,Chen Ling also clear ,want to let Chen Yang and her to Chen pain under cruel hand ,or that there was Chen Yang ,after all, Chen Yang and Chen a blood relationship .
This is why Chen Ling must go to sea city ,she wants revenge for the master .Chen Yang just ate a piece of steak ,Du adorable called , Mr. Chen ,the boss asked me to inform you ,this Wednesday evening at five ,she would pick you up ,if you don the right suit ,now I can prepare for you .
Let her tell me ... ... I usually don B following small myself ,I have always been and B direct dialogue . Chen Yang words to Du Meng some of the accident ,Chen Yang also very temperamental, Du adorable slightly a pause ,he heard Chen Yang said: the contract ,she now nominally is my wife ,if she is not worried about their reputation for home ,then by her .
You wait ... ... . Soon ,after leaning Yi came on the line , Chen Yang ,you win. no win, I only look forward to that night, how are you going to play ,according to my understanding of you, you are a NV rights activist ,when a man to bully you ,you can double back ,I am now looking forward to you that night ī ngcolor performance ,I am unable to hold oneself back .
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