record when the phone rang

September 19 [Wed], 2012, 14:55
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( vertices hands playing the novel ) three with a washbasin braised hare ,a barrel of wine, but just an hour saw the bottom .The tour saw this and called the wine ,Wang Guohua put down the chopsticks and said: almost, I should go .
This wine is comfortable ,thanks two brother . Gao Jinjiang wanted Wang Guohua to stay, think and feel so right .Between two people friendship don address each other as brothers ,but also not to that, need to instill .
Gao Jinjiang stood up and said: the afternoon. Will say thanks, later just called . High river near the Zaoyou ready ,the driver is waiting downstairs .Watch the car away ,high river near the smile faded North Face 3 in 1, turning to the ancient guard complained : the Gator ,you see things come in addition to .
The patrol sighed : not see it, the boy ,the oil salt does not enter ah .Also intend to wait for him to drink almost arranged to point program . High river near the tongue of a sneer : as early as look out ,should not in advance .
Don play ?Your friendship means enough ,don ,so bad . Or some medicine ? The guard said fingers twist with number money moves ,high river near gone taunts : don treat them horrified ,don with great care .
? Get off when Wang Guohua did not forget to driver a Chinese ,then stumbling into the door .Take a shower after lying in bed ,holding the hands of a historical records look up ,this time without the network too painful .
Wang Guohua is not indoorsman ,busy day after leisure time ,stay home travel is one of the most relaxing leisure way .The previous Wang Guohua doesn like reading history books north face buy, love is Jin Yong cologne .
The rebirth of the cup is Jin Yong Cologne Wen Ruian something to see the familiar ,network countless YY novel is a raise appetite .Wang Guohua was in no books do not work or to get rid of the leisure time ,finally chose to read history books .
History in less boring is historical records ,Wang Guohua basically used as novel, not to say to read records of the historian could learn a bit about what ,it depends on personal understanding .
Wang Guohua selected historical records to read for another reason ,that is TV Forum teacher after seeing Wang Liqin in records of the historian ,Wang Guohua discovered that the records of the historian is also very interesting .
At the moment Yan Jiayu done deep ,lying in bed and gave him an evil look on TV and the girls .Hot days make people easily agitated ,like Yan Jiayu at the moment . Damn kids ,even a day not to contact her .
Yan Jiayu in bed with two rollers ,pajamas in the hand twisted angle of various shapes are not hate .Pick up the phone and put it down, picked up ,and put it down, Yan Jiayu eventually failed to escape the complex entanglement ,called Wang Guohua mobile phone number .
Hey ,what ! Yan Jiayu tried to make her voice sounds pathetic little ,but Yan Jiayu is not how the ventriloquist ,Wang Guohua didn her poor ,very casually replied : do, night is pulled to drink wine ,back down ,just read a book .
Well ,while he sleeps . Lying in bed, read a book ?Yan Jiayu hearts of the teen is amplified ,lying in bed, read a book not contact people .I have a stomachache . Is ?I send you to the hospital ! Wang Guohua never wanted to answer ,Yan Chia-Yu heard heart tangled her moment has to disappear in smoke ,it is a very easy to satisfy .
No, no big problem ,you go to bed earlier . Well ,you also . Said Wang want to hang up ,suddenly remind of past life read a very acid essay buy north face jackets,about who should hang up .Then ,according to the on-hook finger shrink back, call back to the ear .
Sure enough, the phone was busy .Yan Jiayu waited a while did not hear a busy signal ,casually asked: why didn call ? Wang Guohua smiled and said : I hung up the phone ,you look busy tone may feel very empty ,so I decided to wait until you hang up .
It Yan Jiayu warm ,he kissed the microphone ,then hang up the phone .Yan Jiayu suddenly felt very happy ,in bed with two rollers to lie down .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... A very ordinary day ,sleep last night good Wang Guohua arrived early at the Nanshan Hotel ,took Ceng Zeguang out .Just to the office to sit down ,perfectural Party committee to inform let Ceng Zeguang go two water city meeting .
Wang Guohua pulls out a gap and calls Yan Jiayu ,telling her meeting .Wang Guohua the telephone makes Yan Jiayu happy one morning !The car into the two water city prefectural compound ,Sozawa Mitsuoka got off to see Yan Youguang and a portrait of a man in his thirties a down from upstairs .
Yan Youguang is also a good look, look to see Ceng Zeguang . Ze light comrades ,come on ,let me introduce you . Yan Youguang pulled the man came ,So Sawako snatches the next hand : justice minister ! Yan Youguang laughed and pointed at the edge of the appearance was the man said : this is Comrade Hong Cunming ,provincial Party Committee General Office under the administration of cadres, in you County Office of vice secretary of party .
The party was a dozen leaders down on attachment, save bright comrade is the old political work ,should be able to fit in the job of Comrade Ze light . Standing on the edge of Wang Guohua is not entitled to benefits can be quiet ,looked at the vice secretary of the party group .
Hong Cunming looks very ordinary ,face is big ,but the small eyes Karen Millen One Shoulder Dress Outlet,seemed a bit scattered senses .The three leaders during the talk ,Wang clearly feel Hong Cunming even in the face of Yan Youguang ,but also not too deferential .
Look always with a touch of pride ,feeling seems to look good .Chatted for a strict Youguang took Hong Cunming away ,So Sawako stood and watched the people go up two ,Wang is not aware of .
Boss. Wang Guohua is careful to remind a bit distracted Ceng Zeguang , oh ! Ceng Zeguang tone a little weird ,interest is not very high appearance : you wait, I am a man . Said Ceng Zeguang quickly go upstairs ,Wang Guohua did not enter the waiting downstairs ,but find a shade stand and wait .
The records of the historian to just touch out slowly ,open look .Read a few lines ,Wang Guohua could not go on .I always think of just Ceng Zeguang ,while Ceng Zeguang tried to keep calm ,Wang Guohua still felt Ceng Zeguang reveals a disturbing .
It is because the down sent vice secretary ?Wang Guohua had a vague idea of what should be associated with this .Hong Cunming gave Wang Guohua the impression is not very good ,intuition tells Wang Guohua ,this person is not a nice person .
If Hong Cunming has interest, it is a difficult .Wang Guohua began to feel that Ceng Zeguang face is actually a kind of fast and secret worry .These days have Zeguang gives Wang Guohua the impression of a control freak ,but had Zeguang restraint is very strong, principled and bottom line .
They do not violate the bottom line does not think So Sawako will out of things ,So Sawako can tolerate .For example, farmers market events ,illustrates the Ceng Zeguang style .Prior to the scheduled a bottom line, but the line to discuss .
If Wang Guohua about Hong Cunming assumptions hold ,as you can see, in future inside the county committee atmosphere is .A difficult man often character is extremely strong, two character strong one team ,one can imagine the results .
Ceng Zeguang is upstairs for nearly an hour down ,see Wang Guohua on the side of the corridor of the tree waiting ,eyes exude warmth . China ,to find a place to live ,the afternoon before the meeting .
Open what ? Wang Guohua smiled and asked ,So Sawako didn much meaning ,subtle : Wen secretary from the province comes back from the meeting ,provincial Party Committee Secretary Xu conveyed the speaking spirit .
GCD officer will ,Wang Guohua officially took office secretary just two days to appreciate .Wen Shan is met the sea this word ,not be derived .Two water city is the best hotel, the last two water city Wang lived, this time very directly over open room to live .
China ,you go to the Party Committee Guest House business office ,the accommodation fee paid back . Ceng Zeguang has just come into the room on account of such a sentence ,the Wang Guohua that come, the original perfectural Party committee conference all arranged to live ,just below the heads ,who is willing to live in the place .
Do not live there ,the money was not paid less .Prefectural hostel maybe is what people contract, you pay money for nothing ,do not make money not to live, must be remembered .It reminded Wang Guohua of the leadership gifts ,who sent a gift of leadership does not remember, who did not send certainly didn .
Afternoon after the meeting ,So Sawako gave Wang Guohua and driver Yao off ,driving alone .Wang Guohua is a person in the room tidy up the meeting record when the phone rang ,it came out flying answer after excited voice said: brother ,ha ha ha ! Wang Guohua stared blankly once ,then laughed and joked : how ?So excited UGG Seline Boots,had expired * * ? Bah !I never eat that stuff !I am going to South County ,you wait ,you the to .
Swim fly said to hang ,Wang Guohua hurry to catch phrase: I in two water city ,meeting with leaders . Oh ,come to think of it ,you are now a secretary of county Party committee secretary .
I said ,do well hard ?Not liking one sound ,brother to find you way mix region or province . Wang Guohua sinister smile: you down ,wait for your father when Secretary of provincial Party committee to say the words .
The phone you dust stuck ,stuck in the throat .Want to shout to shout of one sentence: I was the Secretary of provincial Party committee of our home ! I can swim fly results back, hum two track : I have a way ,you are waiting, I with at most ten minutes into the two water city ,to call you .
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