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September 01 [Sat], 2012, 18:43
Zhao Haidian said : I want some little slave ,you help me contact ,have a look to have the appropriate ,price negotiable bristly nodded his head and said: the Marquis adults want a young slave ,I can contact you for adults.
Zhao Hai nodded ,thinking : now ,Golden Island there need a lot of slave ,I want the four hundred slaves ,but in Carson City where the castle ,golden island where there is no ,you have a look is it right? Can press family bought some slaves ,so the young slave ,years old experienced slaves and slave have ,but also convenient for me to manage bristly can not help on Zhao Hai sit up and take notice ,don buy a slave is also very simple things ,but most people buy a slave ,is to buy some of the young ,strong slaves ,but very few people will buy some old slave for slave ,after years of hard work ,so the age a big point ,their body would not be too good ,this slave hands may not buy two years died ,so no one is willing to buy but for many years to do business but know with slaves ,The old slave sometimes use ,the old slave although they don know ,but some of them the seeds of a lifetime ,they for the ground.
Very understanding ,plant what is ill UGG Kensington Boots, when land is best, and even some slaves could predict the weather ,the the absolute is a very important ability but now many nobles did not know this, the feudal nobles ,probably never to own land for farming went ,things don ,there are some old slave aristocrats ,their home land income than those with old the slave house ,in the two layer around but the gap is very noble noted ,they note ,only the slave is it right? Strong, so there are many slaves don too long was dead to live a slave, in fact is a treasure in the forest ,their eyes set old slaves should be younger than those in the slave is more expensive, unfortunately ,many nobles fails to see this point ,the old slave to the elderly do not work when, a lot of people Die miserably and Zhao Hai want to buy some small slave ,bristly also understand what is meant, the young slave ,plasticity is strong ,if let them learn artisan that these little slave price than he bought at the appreciation of ten even a few times ,there are many slave traders ,all do they buy some small ,slaves ,and then specifically looking for some artisan slaves to teach them ,these little slaves grew up, became ,in order to artisan slaves sold out ,will make a laugh Zhao Hai to take the family as the unit to buy slaves ,is convenient management ,many have seen too much slave to children because they were sold last crazy ,were killed ,the slave is a person ,many are aware of this, so he told Zhao Hai practices more endorsed Zhao Hai watched the bristly appearance, puzzled : how many ?What .
Many return to God ,he shook his head and said: no, no problem ,do not know Marquis adults to many slaves ? Zhao Hai thinks : one hundred thousand, a little more it doesn ,but not less with more happy ,he immediately said: please rest assured that the Marquis of adults ,one hundred thousand slaves ,just give me a month time can be prepared ,and delivered to your golden island to go ? Zhao Haiyao shook his head : are you ready ,come to my castle to tell me ,then I tell you there ,well, today I bought a slave to my castle ,math ,number money where should a ,to go next remember forget about : .
Duke of adults, there is a total of two hundred and thirteen thousand gold coins ,marquis adults as long as people can pay two hundred and ten thousand gold ,three thousand gold coin change erased Zhao Hai smiled ,hand over ,more than two pieces of crystal card ,the two crystal cards are anonymous ,one is two hundred thousand ,one is ten thousand ,as long as the holding the two cards ,the banks can receive money ,generally is the use such crystal card is the bankers specially made ,what denomination has ,above the banks of each marker ,that is not an ordinary mark ,but the banks unique magic ,as long as the input of energy ,can identify the authenticity of such as forest ,perennial with money ,one can see this card is true is false ,in that ,like Zhao Hai character name ,also was not May use the fake crystal gold is bristly .
Two crystal card ,Zhao seaway : Marquis adults please rest assured ,do you want to have a look the artisan slaves ? Zhao Haiyao shook his head : no, I believe you can ,this world will dare to cheat me really not much with a fearful heart ,Zhao Hai, that can not make fun of ,he was right, the world will dare to cheat his people not much really ,dare he cheated people are dead ,let alone he even the people behind him ,did not dare to offend Zhao Hai buildings immediately smiles: Marquis adults make fun of ,our little store ,you can stand out in anger, please rest assured ,the man you want ,I guarantee the safety of all the delivered to your Zhao Hai nodded his head and said: Okay ,I go back first ,those war slavery today I did not look, that if my time looking at it go to the outside onto the car ,Zhao Hai and they left the slave market ,Laura at sea :Zhao brother ,we first bought so many slaves ,is it right? Get here tell Grandpa Green .
Zhao Hai nodded his head and said: rest assured ,I will, not just this thing ,I also need to discuss an important matter grandpa Green Laura heard Zhao Hai say so ,do not solution see He said: What thing? Now the castle where has buy down, as long as I can be a formal transformation ,we stay ,we must hold a party ,a lot of things .
Zhao Hai smiled and said: this thing has come to be do not point, otherwise Green grandfather may be angry with me . Laura not to know what Zhao Hai meant ,but she look like Zhao Hai, it seems to be not to say, Laura without asking and they soon went back to the castle ,Zhao Hai was prepared to put the castle named Dragon Castle ,the Buda put the flag is the Dragon flag ,with the castle .
The name ,he is to let everyone know that the castle is their Buda family now castle where there are a lot of the undead in the busy, being on the castle for the final renovation ,but here in the city of Carson, Rosen, capital of the Empire ,the mainland ,buy things very convenient, so Zhao Hai also to dragon Fort undertook reform, he also prepare color who put a branch to dragon fort here this afternoon, he sent for the forest of more than 600 slave Sent to the Dragon Castle ,Zhao Hai to wait for these slaves ,from Fort Tieshan where a part of people to the team leader ,is the wood and stone ,and chrysanthemum in Tieshan castle where they are responsible for a number of specific work slave when it comes to the management of slaves, wood and stone if it is not her two son chrysanthemum ,chrysanthemum they have long been Zhao Haixuan out ,undertook a few management work ,then do the school, they are learning in school ,so now let them to manage those slaves Sale UGG Highkoo,has no problem mostly, chrysanthemum she followed Zhao Hai for a long time, they know that Zhao Hai living habits ,know Zhao Hai loves when does what ,this time bought back the four hundred slaves in the castle ,is here to serve ,if they don know what to do ,the Zhao Hai in their castle to stay here will not be comfortable for artisan slaves better ,Zhao Hai would send them back to Tieshan fort there, now Fort Tieshan where most needs them ,and the pharmacist ,Zhao Hai clearly pointed him out to shun a mother ,a mother will With poison, and the pharmacist is devoted to the study of the poison, let him teach shun a mother put these people are arranged, Zhao Hai went back to the room ,and then Green were found in Green space ,they also know Zhao Haimai Castle slave thing ,they have no surprise ,these is early should do ,of course they fully support several people into space villa living room to sit down, Zhao Haicai on Green : Grandpa Green ,come to see you today ,there are two things ,one is me this time ordered one hundred thousand Terran slave ,the slave not craftsman slave ,their main any is a country ,wait until they have sent them ,black moors there to farm ,today I thing ,can not go there in black soil wasteland farm ,we should at Fort Tieshan and abroad to establish the village Green had nodded: right, I should think so to do ,although now there is two hundred thousand people ,but is still unable to meet the needs of black soil wasteland where ,I look at master or such bar ,you might as well use period of time, in the dark Soil wasteland where a variety of some forage ,until those slaves to the slave ,we can keep them in the pastures ,such that they live more accustomed to ,we also have a farm income ,otherwise black wasteland where so much of the area ,if the light then stood ,too bad Zhao Hai point the nodded: the idea is very good ,after a period of time I can go ,if there is a large ranch that is also good Green nodded ,and then said: the second things ? Zhao Hai took a deep breath ,look aside is seriously listen to him speaking to Green Laura them in the eyes ,this before: now we Buda family name also play out ,the castle also bought ,open land also have ,I think we should tell Laura they got married ,and now they are always to his fiancee with my identity ,can let a person talk Green gawks ,Kun is stupefied, Laura they are robust, they really have not thought of these ,these days they have to do is really great ,actually have this marriage thing to forget Zhao Hai ,now suddenly say that up ,several people I have not recovered for several minutes, Green finally recovered ,he laughed and said: the master ,you said to, should be some weddings ,but our this time too busy ,could take the forget ,I immediately go to the arrangement , Kun is also very happy ,Laura now has been so not clear from Zhao Hai ,said Laura went on reputation is a kind of hurt ,just before Zhao Hai insisted until Buda family in Land of fame when the wedding ,he is not good against time finally to Laura Puma Baylee Future Cat II Shoes,they are very happy, now Zhao Hai to go out with them, can only say his fiancee ,which makes them very unaccustomed, now, finally getting married today, Merlin was also invited to the sitting room, Merlin is certainly the most happy one, she smiled and said : Sir ,good, tomorrow we will go there to worship Lord them, tell them the good news Zhao Hai smiled and said : well ,well, we put down a date later, Grandpa Green ,QUIN is Grandpa ,you prepare invitation, I also went to Lando grandpa they prepare invitation Green happily said: well ,sir ,this date when do you prepare ? Zhao know what Green meant ,Green is like a bit late ,so they can prepare invitation, to people more ,will be more grand but Zhao was not the time to do so, he told Green : Grandpa Green ,I want to do ,because after a period of time I go to grassland ,and Ocean Race where the business can I think the wedding thing well, then you can do these things ,so this date not too far back .
Green thinks, had nodded: well ,now prairie where bud son also soon emerged, in the evening go, is not very good, good ,then as soon as possible ,right, I look at this date ,you still with Lando chiefs to discuss ,and then in the book ,anyway ,we should respect him ,Kun is old man, you see ? Kun nod smiles: OK, I do not oppose ,back to this thing with Karen said ,on the invitation ,which must have the Majid M family UGG Women's Slippers,I want to have a look to their family received the invitation ,will have what kind of response ,if they have to .
So, too don . Green snorted: they dare ,thought we Buda family was like before ?They now have a look at it I ,huh ,this time the wedding must be greatly ,do them ,let the continent all know Zhao Hai nodded his head and said: I like this ,can Laura they wronged, but because of this ,the wedding would do, this time we must greatly ,where I see is chosen in the castle here ,Grandpa Green you see ? Green thought, shook his head and said: Sir ,I see the election as the Golden Island ,there is our territory ,but if people really dare rushed there were words ,we can really pack them .
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