Sui Qingshan remembered the previous

September 07 [Fri], 2012, 13:05
old ,are you all right ? Sui ordinary quickly went to Jin old come ,did not immediately reach with help ,with great care and asked .& ;& ;people learn martial arts ,often occur in cases of fractures ,and broken bones ,is not easy to move Sale UGG Boots For Women, or not a good place ,fracture section is damaged, it may leave a disability .
Like Jin Lao such as martial arts martial arts master ,for life ,if it becomes disabled ,it is better to kill his good .That The old mouth although so say ,but the arms is pain almost lost consciousness ,just the fierce fist Zheng straight down ,is struck him with a large hammer in general ,only one point ,arms on the scrapped .
Wen Tingjin said nothing ,but sat motionless, Ra Fanchidoshin old the situation is very bad ,if you just eat a small loss ,in order to advance old identity prestige ,won it had jumped up to then UGG Kids Bailey Button Sale,and Zheng Zhi hit .
old ,the next thing I left to deal with it ,you should go back to my father . A little after Sui Pingfan ,is a former with great care to advance old up ,accidentally met the old arms ,only to find the old arms were sore in shivering !Not only won the old ,also let Jin Lao in a short period of time do not fight back .
.. ... Gosh ,Zheng Zhicai just over twenty ,it is not a person? But see ,know Jin Lao won want ,he is definitely not a letter .After Jin ,old face complex ,will depressed ,he had lost a child ,also know that Sui Pingfan is deliberately looking for an excuse ,to leave, to heal ,to give a sigh , this white run ,no help to you .
I just don ,sometimes ,when your father and your hero and his son good more than the Sui ,why the master of the house but let Sui hero father get ? See you, is not a few industry five years the right to operate ?Nothing serious !As to who to take over as the master of the house of a side edge ,consideration ,and since the master of the house had decided ,we don waste of mind to think .
Said Sui Pingfan quickly . Alas ! The old helpless shakes his head .In fact, he knew that Sui Pingfan this time, put their own to find here ,like in the Sui hero father horse became the master of the house a scenery infinite, deliberately to win a match ,a fall of Sui hero face ,or borrows father light ,Sui hero in the younger generation is a two show in .
Sui internal never lack of eye forces and the fence, but rely on the past, where he and his father do ?Undeniable ,although Sui Yingxiong be careless about one ,is a fiend in human shape ,but is also very good ,really makes Sui Yingxiong the limelight ,he did not win the future Sui Yingxiong as the master of the house and the possibility of the throne .
So the bet and not for the sake of a few industry limited years of right of administration, but deliberately suppressed Sui hero of the limelight, it is for a few industries, can not be invited to Jin Lao .
Similarly North Face Denali Fleece Hoodie Jackets Womens, Jin old also consulted Sui extraordinary father ,it .Just it ,even the Jin old please come over, still also is lost .Sui Pingfan smile and shake my head . Hero ,Castle Peak ,the wind ,Tianyun ,there is a small straight ,my father is busy ,I send the old out again and again and arrange for a car to come back again ,betting agreement .
Sui Pingfan helped advance old walked outside ,Jin Sui ordinary old natural know this is good ,but he becomes famous long master ,Sui core members have never heard of his name ,today but lost to a young ,nature is not the face to face in front of people .
He choked back pain ,try not to let others see him pain . Good . Sui Yingxiong replied ,go quickly to ,respectful said: the old ,free to go to my home for tea ,a few days before my dad just got some best before Longjing .
Old lightly nodded .Sui Qingshan is surrounded by several people ,attitudes, as that is to respect, and not because of the old lost a piece of change .Zheng Zhi is also naturally came up ,and Sui Feifei flat shoulder stand, whispered conversation .
Watch Sui Pingfan and Jin old disappear in the elevator, the people who is happy to laugh ,have praised Zheng Zhi skill and strength ,are going to be insane . The old straight ,okay? Sui Yingxiong eyesight to poison bit ,even if Jin old previously hide is again good ,also be he could see something .
Jin Sui home old but few master ,if the injured left to disability ,that is the entire Sui home loss .So the Sui heroes have the question .That Zheng Zhi smiled and replied : I shot a measured, just let the old can in a short period of time to work .
You are afraid to win one or two strokes word ,Jin old and outgunned ,not easily defeat ? Sui Qingshan got loose ,rolled his eyes after a few laps ,then make a pointed comment .Zheng Zhi did not deny ,and nodded his head .
Jin elders ,is a famous master for decades ,if not for a time to not have the strength to hit back ,where would honestly admit defeat ?Sui Feifei see light suddenly ,this know Zheng direct intention .
They then a careful thought, thought Zheng straight pole pairs ,although now let the old lost face, but not the enmity ,which is fighting a thing is getting bigger ,anger ,Zheng Zhizhen in entangled again and again knocked Jin Lao ,that two people is bound to feud .
Go on ,heroes ,we drink to ! Sui Qingshan remembered the previous appointment .The speech, implied to Sui Tianfeng and Sui Tianyun hit a wink .Sui Tianfeng and Sui Tianyun ,is quickly opening chime .
This three people although usually with Sui hero relationship is fairly good, but today is so close to the Sui hero ,not just because Sui Pingfan Leng Buding will Jin Lao come ,beat them be taken by surprise ,the real main reason ,because Sui hero father to take home the main position .
If the owner has not yet chosen when ,two people can not be a hero follow sb. to sui .They went outside ,and sent Jin old left reentrant Sui Sui ordinary ordinary touch the face ,take out their own personal seal ,in a document about the last page of seal ,in addition to Sui Pingfan ,and Sui Qingshan a few people .
Cover the previous chapter ,bet and bet ,even become official .Many people go to Regal Plaza Hotel to drink ,Zheng straight but only less drinking two cups ,no matter how others advise ,do not drink ,these days Li Xiang will give birth to a child ,where he would drunk ?Sui Yingxiong and Sui Feifei is aware of the situation North Face Coats and Parka Outlet,two of them saw Zheng Zhiduo however ,went to generation of wine North Face Panther Print Ski Mens Sale,in the banquet wine ,drink is a lively lively ,if not ,there is no fun ,now have Sui hero and Sui Feifei on behalf of the wine ,and was not affected by the atmosphere .
Until the evening, before dispersing a banquet .Zheng Zhi, Sui hero ,and Sui Feifei are drinking, then played back to the villa .Sui Feifei this time has been and Shannon Lee lived together ,Sui hero here ,is called Zheng mother ,recently he is very busy ,not in the capital ,happen to be free today ,nature should pay to iron man .
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