her grandmother and grandfather

August 29 [Wed], 2012, 13:03
The 162nd chapter closed so soon ?( of flowers ) Bao Xiaoxue an angry ,just like beautiful everywhere for Ouyang ,I did very sorry Ouyang beautiful things . How do you know Ouyang is beautiful like me? I asked Bao Xiaoxue .
Bao Xiaoxue said : it is still useful ?If you already have a girlfriend ,and Ouyang beautiful so good to you . She is good to me I know ,but I think she just take me as a brother . This time, still put yourself out ,lest they should fall lustful bad reputation .
,do not say to you ,thanks to Ouyang in is not deep ,it is not too late . Bao Xiaoxue said to go . Why do you go to? Bao Xiaoxue is not to Ouyang Meili ?I don think Ouyang beautiful out of her depression ,the deeper we do ,the girl I like ,I will take good care of Delaine UGG,and I didn to play with their .
I to next time, immediately to the other nurses ,you cannot even rice not to eat . Girl ,why I so big temper ah ,my immortal now even I do not know ,I still have a lot of fire do not know how to send .
Why are you picking on me ,my girlfriend like this now ,I was hard enough ,you must let me more pain is ?Well, you go, you are now going to tell Ouyang the beautiful ,my sky is the big bad wolf UGG Ashur Boots,is a hundred-percent the lady-killer ,eat a bowl also PA pan .
I have cried .Bao Xiaoxue was frightened ,perhaps I now feel that way ,she said those words to me is a little too it, looked at me and said : Why are you yelling ah ,I also worry for Ouyang beautiful ,and I know you feel bad ,but I feel better ? Why ?You do not feel better ,not be to see I have a girlfriend is jealous ?It seems you are also interesting, just intentional sarcasm ,Ming is helping Ouyang beautiful ,covertly is for his outlet .
Sorry ,you go ,I got a little upset . I just said ,holding the celestial being hand touch my face ,infinite love watching celestial being .Dear readers, do not think that I will Bao Xiaoxue impresses me bad ,actually otherwise ,girls are like the special situation of man ,see my girlfriend so well ,Bao Xiaoxue will be jealous ,more is to be jealous ,she will feel to get the man ,a handsome and exclusive the man on the girl lethality is one can imagine .
Sure enough, Bao Xiaoxue did not speak again ,she stared at me for a while, slowly out of the room .As she would go to Ouyang Meili ,I am not so much .Imperceptibly already at noon ,at the time ,did not know the immortal children what to eat at noon ,was thinking ,door open again ,in a fat nurse ,the nurse has a bucket rough, skin is fine, but at this point a no girl, but I am not a bit cold .
What is your to the patient ? Fat nurse asked . She is not patient . I stared at the fat nurse ,hate to take her to eat .My immortal son just scared ,how is the patient ?Fat nurse watch me a black look ,a little scared ,she put her hand a lunch box and handed it to me : you feed her something to eat .
I opened the box, which is a soup ,I tasted ,very sweet ,not too hot ,it seems to care can still be here . Celestial being ,we eat . I gently put the immortal hands on the bed .
Grab a spoon scoop a spoonful of soup .The immortal or did not move .I put the spoon into the celestial being the mouth, gently into her mouth ,the immortal son just swallowed my mechanical feed soup ,corners of the mouth are spilled some ,I quickly for wiping her .
Immortal ,you wake up ah ,what happened to you? How can you even I do not know ah ?You like this ,not killing me ?Until four in the afternoon, I did not eat anything ,I continued to celestial being to speak, memories of the happy times we can ,Xianer all seem to be forgotten ,just listen ,it seems that I said these are nothing to do with him .
The door rang ,I looked back ,in a pair of old ladies ,long was a benevolent and kind countenance ,old man with a pair of glasses ,have culture .Two old men he watched lying on a bed of celestial being ,the old lady to sniffles : immortal son, grandma came to see you .
Then, two old man went to bed, the old lady from the other side of the bed go to Xianer side Cove UGG,using his hands to live immortal face ,put her in a hug .It is the two celestial being grandmother and grandfather ,I quickly stood up .
Grandpa ,grandma ,you good . Hear me say ,Xianer grandpa asked: immortal son classmates ? Well ,I you down immortal . Can say I Sally boyfriend ,because we are still young, the two old men is not acceptable .
s your trouble . Celestial being my grandfather said : old woman ,our granddaughter down, you get her back was broken ,my granddaughter ,alas ,how can so Mingku ah . Grandpa ,grandma ,you must be sad ,you are so old that at two old ,I don what to say ,a white-haired black-haired man who sent ,this pain is not described in the .
Celestial being her tears flow out ,Xianer grandpa past patted his wife and son :t cry ,we are now the most important thing is ,let us the poor granddaughter . After the talk ,I knew ,Xianer grandmother and grandfather are not native ,Xianer grandma grandpa have gone ,other relatives are not local ,her grandmother and grandfather knew the news, immediately to the side to catch ,here, is the first to notice them news of the Public Security Bureau ,understanding the general situation ,they even his daughter and son-in-law were missed .
And celestial being grandma grandpa talking, Wu Jinsong came, he and two men had already met ,did not speak, then directly into the theme . Killing the murderer is caught Tang mayor .
Wu Jinsong said Langley UGG,the face does not look what look .Sorry? The murderer is caught so quickly ?The morning is also says the case won ,seen the only celestial being a man ?It seems that this case is a large ,public security bureau did not dare not to work .
Who is it? Who is behind this ? I asked ,dare to kill the mayor UGGs Boots Tassel Short,there must be someone behind ,not because of anything ?Two old people are not talking ,just looked at Wu Jinsong . Not so complicated, I have questioned ,kill Tang mayor a man is just a want to blackmail and impose exactions on recidivism ,as mayor from Tang ,the talent * * kill ,and not what people told him to do .
So simple ? Her voice was trembling Sally . The old home ,the thing is so simple ,leadership has made the case . Wu Jinsong has some gloomy expression . since it is not a vendetta ,here we have to withdraw our hands ,there are many cases ,to take care of things Tang Xianer can only rely on you .
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