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September 10 [Mon], 2012, 18:51
For two hundred catties ribs chopped into pieces the size is not consistent ,Lin finally finished today ,he threw a sore arm faces toward the inner went in ,pick up your trash back from old plastic lunch box ,took a full box of rice and a side kimchi gulps eats up ,while customers leftover pot ribs oil-water soup North Face Gore Tex Pro Jackets, he can scoop some rice .
A dinner with two hundred a month .This is Lin this job ,is also a smart boss refused to let this clumsy-handed staff left to the main reason .This price is only the equivalent of 1/3 washing dishes ,but high intensity of labor, it is the three times to wash the dishes !So ,no matter how Lin usually silent ,how to be beneath the human character ,how clumsy ,but if he has not made a big mistake ,even the kitchen of the most authoritative chef never call him out - - - - - - - - of course is not a price lower than he did before the bench .
Lin had three big box of rice ,four pickles ,silent stood up ,go to the pool water flushing sanitary lunch-box ,take his million strong deliberately from his side into the past ,dozens of dishes brawl Lala stacked into the pan of oil foam sink ,then turn up a pair of bovine, swearing : eyes ?Butt out !Lin light will of his ragged boxes away ,could not bear to look at him at .
In fact, Fang Lin in the little things ,simply be in a calm mood ,before he was almost the whole society to bear ,contempt ,apathy ,compared with ,this strong deliberately provocative simply drizzle are not !Cause of Fang Lin see reason is :through million strong greasy white chef coat collar ,was looming a pale green strange tattoos !The tattoo is a very ferocious roaring ghost head shape ,in the forest of eyes on them ,this pair of fierce Li Chuanshen eyes ,suddenly was sly toward him wink wink !At the same time two people are shocked !Million strong off the reel foul language suddenly is a pair of scissors students interrupt like, halt, and Lin young cold hard heart ,also suddenly had a cold chill from head to foot !However ,what both sides simultaneously turned back to separate away ,all busy all gone, as if nothing had happened .
Make a change in the store all this, is already more than ten at night ,Lin laborious through the crowded lobby ,as he reached the door ,have at present store consumers to give the boss provides profit out ,there is a total of six thousand seven hundred and fourteen block five wool six .
He looked at the first glance ,he has all the guests out consumption statistics ,followed by mental arithmetic with cost accounting ,in just two seconds and reached the following data .
This is Lin on the conditioned reflex to exercise their own behavior ,and so on down the street, he began study done license plate number .In fact ,he was forced to be good at thinking brain to work all the time ,otherwise it will be difficult to help thinking poison Dutch act parents that two pairs of eyes !The two pairs of hopeless, helpless, sad eyes !After his parents ,Lin did not cry ,his heart was stirred at thousands of knife like warm tingling ,flowing blood - - - - - - - - the wound has not healed ,and blood has been shed, he hate myself why not aware of parents for the idea, and he this can be done ,the snowball remorse to Lin crazy killed or direct indirect killing the parents of those six people ,but the increasingly strong revenge after is empty ,so he really unbearable .
Even in a crazy idea has been shouting : or destroy me ,or destroy the world ! The two row of the quiet extends to the front, formed into two parallel light ,car or fast or slow from the street opened ,walking on the sidewalk of Fang Lin suddenly bored grunted The North Face Backpack Sale,pain on the head .
This is the excessive use of the brain sequelae .He was reasoning ,very clear about their future fate is what forced isolation ,a mental breakdown ,or select a field with vigour and vitality of destruction .
The waves of severe neuropathic pain attack roll and come, Fang Lin feel like a leaf boat sunk in painful roaring sea ,as if at any time will be covered up boat .The only thing he can do is to hold on ,side of the trunk ,even the nail was turned over, pain faintly ,but he tired brain ,still crazy in rapid rotation ,mind is not independent emergence of various complicated memories ,but in the forest the imminent collapse of the brake it ,his mind.
He flashed a pair of eyes !A pair of Li Chuanshen eyes !The tattoo !Suddenly, the tide of pain receded ,Lin is almost in half a second time judge ,existing scientific knowledge ,it can thorn in human breast skin tattoos would automatically .
The collapse of the spirit was immediately he almost half forced semi-voluntary all transferred to this issue .Until go back to the place ,Lin could not to matter to an any logical scientific explanation ,he was very glad ,the problems about tattoos day did not unlock ,represents a day he no longer the endless pain .
Fang Lin place ,is a city university student dormitory ,in his hometown of planning after the murder, in an already prepared a place to hide for a month ,until the weight loss drug and after tooth extraction face with big change ,then calmly boarded the train, came to this place three current university high school ,he certainly is not to read, just want to hide ,and because of sudden expansion and the management of University ,has a massive peers ,cheap accommodation ,a lot of free time ,Fang Lin really have no idea what place safer ?And that he expected the registry only :attention ,is that students have no full pay tuition .
As for the other ,are formalism .While enrolled beginner reception teacher ,apparently only pay attention to the authenticity of the banknote ,continuous cast into the banknote issue three ,in accordance with the procedures and Lin handed fake ID card ,but even the glance of the time did not ,even his student ID name ,also written as Fang ling .
He could not stand up to correct this great wrong .... ... ... ... ... ... Come back ?Third? Bedroom with Mao Wei in public washroom ,foaming at the mouth plug with a toothbrush audibly greeted .
Lin mouth twitched ,nodded .Mao Wei apparently used his character ,a smile ,look up bubbling continued .Fang Lin are not many, but very good at doing things together ,man and his relationship is quite good ,although secretly have laughed and told him to stay behind the goose ,but usually close call him old .
As most of the university dorm room ,messy difference is inevitable ,because the school enrollment was part of the relationship between students ,their dormitory is not enough, so this small cell, for in eight boys ,but because Lin always love net sake, this bedroom than other the place, can also be clean and bright ,he pushed the door, sitting on the bed, watching people play cards, he got into bed ,only appeared in a dream at most ,is still the wicked vindictive ghost eyes !Second days after class ,Fang Lin quietly pick up books ,calm line out, he is now the target set for himself ,which is certain to low-key ,try to show the ordinary, like a drop of water can only into the sea, can succeed in hiding .
He arrived early to the odd flavor of the pavement Womens The North Face Bionic,and the noon peak has passed, the ground table stool had been cleaned ,the next four quiet nobody ,even the front two hostess idle leans on the inside beige sofa sleepily ,Fang Lin goes to the kitchen, open refrigerator look, find out purchase does not work for today to buy back, will stand in place after a while ,find out the grindstone to carefully polished chop bone knife ,followed by four under the initiative will be sprinkled with water ,clean clean .
What the boss caught a few words of praise ,praise ,but only just, material incentives are not fond dream .Presumably this several day business is very good because of this purchase ,hurried to the store drag for twice, the old electric tricycle is overburdened ,when driving have issued a dull hard creak ,make people doubt the next second it will completely fall apart .
While Fang Lin work will be added more than half ,after half a year to hone, he has learned in the pocket knife strapped in a layer of cloth ,was rubbing out lesion was broken ,the high strength work, friction was badly mutilated ,too horrible to look at .
But if he will not cease from ribs can start chopping ,external business consumption rate is more and more fast processing speed ,he was completely follow up .Later the boss get desperation witnessed several group of guest down go later ,finally running into the kitchen face to the overseer .
But Lin is willing to come to do the job, one was to use the hard chores to pass the time ,and good to make myself not to think too much ,but it is completely out of exercise their own lack of ability .
Try to live like normal people .So ,he completely ignored me very boss shouting to persist in one ,still slow wire structured chop ,chop out trying to make their ribs of some small, uniform size number .
What the boss saw his visit had played no part ,finally be up his hat ,to be pumped to the half of the butt of a pinched !Loudly scolds: I dare you to be here ?Start now ! Lin hung eyebrow eyes closed as before, still a chop ,until a bright eyes Men's North Face Triclimate,suddenly brandished a knife and a chopping, will hand the rib chop into several segments ,it is nodded with satisfaction .
If you can carefully with spring said to amount equal words ,will find this a dozen section ribs while the size shape varies, but each piece weight ,will appear strikingly similar to !This is Lin chop half ribs, every day for five hours to harvest .
He is an extremely clever people ,although gene defects ,in such small things sure be lacking, but is the so-called skill comes. Every day ,always have so a few times will appear this flash feeling ,with instinct ribs chopped have equal heavy with those NBA occupation in shooting players time ,happen occasionally shot is quite similar .
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