nature is returned to their respective culture

September 15 [Sat], 2012, 12:21
In the void ,the portal reconstruction . Back in thirty thousand weeks ,I call respect too imperial . See this portal poetic couplet ,Xuanyuan twelve ,as no star, as well as red leader Huafasheng civilization ,have endless envy ,week thirty thousand miles back ,too imperial I call first, the so-called weeks back in thirty thousand ,when too imperial ,at the time, is Sanyiwan weeks back ,I call respect too imperial .
Primus !The days of the venerable !The twelve others Kids North Face Down Outlet,for ,well-being, infinite envy ,his et al ,exist 1/10000 fleeting hope ,repair to the hills .S not easy ,that is they are close to the strong, but from the hills is infinite ,even reach the hope No .
The way to practice ,more to the later, more is difficult .But now North Face 3in1 Outlet,these people to restore the mind ,now is the core of the civilized factions disciples out .First is some small denominations disciple, the sect there are basically no small mixed with travertine ,occasionally there is a small church disciples got a small mixed with travertine ,as epoch-making in general, caused a excited ,as a small sect ,in Central China this place to live without easy replacement ,sect ,but the norm ,the sound of a familiar is Zhao Tianlei ,his luck excellent obtained a small mixed travertine ,is still too imperial forbidden ,are some of the benefits of mixed Leimen ,let people feel ,this time to the are this line not empty .
But apparently ,these are just appetizer dish .Real food ,meal ,is a three supreme university where a small mixed with travertine ,this among them, and let no star and Xuanyuan twelve ,the big to the poles of the three thousand summit in Lingshi .
Three :college ,one of the fastest out is really a man ,just a man a statistics ,has been a total of fifteen small mixed with travertine ,this can also be achieved really ,let a leader is delighted to have a small mixed with travertine ,fifty in total, scoring fifteen ,.
Immediately ,it is matchless door man ,hey ,not ah ,matchless door people how so small? When one door of heaven into too ,were five ,sixty ,how now only thirty left the ancient ,how half ?If no star immediately asked :s the matter ? Matchless the door immediately one of them said: Fu Yi brother, brother Li three drugs ,and many brothers ,were destroyed by Lu Yuan one .
Sorry. If no star now surprised very ,is more than any other star surprise ,people ,and which is not a great surprise, Fu Yi and others are Avenue exit ten players ,so the characters a strength unsurpassable ,Ren star immediately once again asked : how is it? No door that relate in detail ,from beginning to end ,the happening that again .
While waiting outside of the people ,as no magnitude ,is a moment of quiet .Lu Yuan, to a pair of 20 ,unexpectedly by Lu Yuan a person to solve ,this go to whom the letter, but now the facts here, but this is matchless door person cannot lie in this moment ,for no star several looked at each other, feeling too be hardly worthy of belief ,had carved door out of such characters .
If no star is still sluggish ,time ,Xuanyuan twelve has been smiling to him : three thousand grade in Lingshi ,. If no star is now crying without tears ,thought Fu Yizuo was a small collar pomelo ,overall situation at hand, the bet is set ,where the material is easy and so on more than 20 people together ,Fu was Lu Yuan one out ,the loss of a number of players for martial and do not say, it also lose Regulus Shiersanqian a top grade in Lingshi .
Regulus twelve now proudly laugh ,he and let no star played a few bets ,but before a few bets are lost ,now turn their win this once .At this time ,the proud heart .After a while ,actually is the alchemical civilized people out ,but out of order is not fixed, but random ,a one faction stand in different locations to transmit .
Pills civilized people out ,its leader Hua Fasheng at Eco-ego : Eco-ego ,this time to harvest ? He just casually ask, original achievement is fixed, large mixed stone twenty, going into the red hand of civilization ,this is absolutely no doubt .
Eco-ego face some bitter pills : our civilization ,has won twelve medals in the mixed with travertine . Sorry. Hua Fasheng startled : what problem ,too imperial day fifth ,this time out of the accident, did not produce the twenty clamping mixed stone ? Out of the question, he was the first to win the fifth layer is a problem ,in his opinion, the pill civilized people never fail ,this is the alchemical civilization faith .
Pills civilized people ,most of them have such confidence .Eco-ego sound bitter, if met Lu Yuan before, he did have such confidence ,but such confidence abruptly by Lu Yuan to play ,and now Huafasheng Shishu words to answer : the people unto the uncle ,this time we thirty people to cut into the hand of JIANMENGUAN land element .
Sorry. His gaze ,Huafasheng ,CTS : you did something wrong . Eco-ego smile: want to I say something wrong ,but unfortunately not wrong . Hua Fasheng said : I remember again ,this time because of his coming too ,if you lost the pill civilization majesty ,and also give you two words out of civilization and fans ,how to return a responsibility ?Text without the use of civilization ? Eco-ego face would suffer no longer bitter : two civilization are already used Men's North Face Denali Jackets,however ,unfortunately not with ,the Lu Yuan too rare ,civilization text seems to be of no use to him ,he tore the civilization character .
Typhoid fever by which is nothing .Hua Fasheng and Eco-ego to answer the next ,strangely quiet .Are you kidding ?Pills civilized people ,more than 30 together, are not Lu Yuan opponent .
Typhoid fever was too useless, but just too typhoid fever ,is even the civilization character had no effect ,this too was are you kidding ?Civilization character represents a civilization majesty ,even without a role ,this is how to imagine .
Suck cool air ,terrified eight characters, are not sufficient to describe the present situation .So when Mumoto Yuta saw it, found all in very rare look to yourself, not by making a strange land element .
In fact, Lu Yuan is outside the city grew ,so did not feel too civilized sense of justice ,they are the basic central China itself up, childhood ,civilization majesty input in the bone marrow ,like Lu Yuan such reckless ,but the strength of reckless really few .
The twelve already excited extremely hand on Lu Yuan shoulder : well done . At this time, Lu Yuanbian is very strong ,but ,although at that time, Lu Yuan really very strong ,but too heaven than a ratio, it is far too .
Regulus twelve excited ah ,not only won let no star, and immortality ,civilization has been very Huafasheng ,proud look ,the eyes look ,no eye looked at his et al eye, now even the Huafasheng ,are a bit ugly ,livid looking over .
Ha ha ha ha ,very happy !Next, nature is returned to their respective culture ,martial art .Among these, the most uncomfortable is pills civilization ,it is the disgrace of a civilization ,civilization more than 30 people together, also sent word to not only civilization ,had a core of JIANMENGUAN disciple ,lose face ah .
Matchless door although unpleasant ,but think even the pills civilization are planted ,as no stars have nothing to complain of ,without doors or Fu Yi et al .,if no star just some heartache that three thousand pieces of top grade in Lingshi, this is top grade in Lingshi .
Really a return to is pretty bland ,their performance is generally good ,not bad ,just decided it is necessary to pay attention to Lu Yuan North Face Scythe Outlet, it may be a like this sword magic moment of greed, possibly even beyond the characters .
Carved door on their way back ,the Xuanyuan twelve in high spirit ,seen haughty eyes were watching Hua Fasheng ashen face really happy .Of course north face outlet,in the back way in the process of land element ,fame ,also gradually to other local spread ,this time too all participants really is too much, the different sects ,these sects after going back ,the Lu Yuan began to spread to other places .
At that time, Lu Sheng Yuan passed law of ancient civilizations newcomer Fu Chong ,also is a new direct battle ,opponents too ,not widely circulated .But this time ,but absolutely better than pills civilization more than thirty core disciples ,and it is said that civilization articles are written out ,but the results of Lu Yuan abruptly broken .
As the reputation spread ,this gave a Kendo genius story came to and fro, Lu Yuan formally recognized by the dozen large orders ,and Lu Yuan also won a title, drunken sword !In Central China is generally more prominent figures had the title .
Lu Yuan but not here, Lu Yuan has returned to the moment the door ,this time back to this ,according to the master Taishi empty said, Regulus supreme seems to excuse themselves against alchemical civilization ,to severely punish yourself, the results on both sides of the table behind the beat ,reached the main column there only stop .
Yes, coming ten years bonus time . Taishi Kong said : every ten years, mix under the hole exit pupils, will take on this contribution to one of the largest ,and then enter the carved door treasure ,get a reward ,the greater contributions of people ,can enter this treasure trove of deeper for better baby .
My door down many years no one to enter therein ,to your contribution ,should also be able to enter this treasure . Taishi Kong said : there are not contrary to expectation . This feast .
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