this time on big catfish location is awesome

September 08 [Sat], 2012, 11:17
The 311st chapter super giant catfish -- ?Rumble -- Xu Qing in the lure to a large carp mouth when the boat motor with a bang ,propeller stirred vortex to give the fish a frightened jump ,flick will walk ,Chi said that disease ,Xu Qing put the wrist back pumping ,hooks and a hanging on a white belly on the deeply embedded ,barb fish Mens Puma Kimi Raikkonen,carp pain that down a channeling .
Da !Underwater fish to hold the fishing line, the rod head turned down a ,subsequently heated quiver ,Xu Qing be absorbed in pulling rod ,but don rush out to fish thrown off the water surface, as the saying goes, one jin of fish three kilograms force ,if rod lifting hurry to let the fish from the trouble, slowly and fish hook with prison and let .
Wow !There is a fish hook ,pull fast , Tang Guobin shriek rushed up ,reach out to catch fishing rod ,Xu Qing waved a way : don ,let it swim again drew a steady ,or you find a mesh pocket bank has come .
Tang Guobin hurriedly turned to net to hold your breath ,Hao Wei looked at Xu Qing and the fish in the water is a seesaw battle ,to tell the truth, Xu Qing really can not drag hook ,on location in the stomach ,accidentally lets it slip, only slowly take it easy ,let the fish exhausted before putting it with netting come up .
Gedaya classic number start speed or fast ,Xu Qing holding a fishing rod moment does not relax ,feel the strength of small fish struggling can drag it over a few feet ,repeated several times the fish had to the side of the boat .
Tang Guobin has been holding a long handle bag aside and wait ,to see the fish over immediately turn the net stretched down, crash !The sound of a water ring ,a fat big carp in his pocket to play moving body .
,up ! Tang Guobin arms a vibration ,Wangdou skirr is lifted onto the deck ,was on abdominal big carp on the deck while moving .Ha-ha. A great the Yellow River carp ,today we are in for a treat ! Tang Guobin joy, to hold the fish hook ,put down, and then use the finger to hook the fish gill picked up ,like the fish he caught .
Far out ,the fish would have four or five pounds ,so then fished three million dollars on hand . Hao Wei looked at the big carp loud shouts of applause ,the excitement shows between the lines .
Xu Qing says with a laugh : a it took ten minutes ,can no longer be caught a few really to say ! The rod to lift hook ,to recover a fresh twist of the worm ,a worm Huang Guang arm ,a little fall into the water .
One side of the Golden Book see ,this fish is purely is hung up ,the odds ratio of air put one gun down a bird not much ,he can not think of such good fortune will continue .Xu Qing calm holding rod ,in the eyes of sparkling water at over two fish mouth ,touch the bait ,gently pecked .
The insect can fish a few peck ,he broke in two ,small fish snapped off the bait ,leaving only a bright sky hook .But Xu Qing was not prepared to hook the water for bait ,tasted the hanging fish taste he was waiting, or in selected fish ,a fish .
To tell the truth more than five kilograms of above big fish also really small ,occasionally see clause one or two in three meters of water, coupled with the cruise ship waves in shallow water fish in banana ,propeller quickly run away, to hook a large is really not easy .
In watchful waiting ,this is the only way .Time went on ,raise in a bucket of big carp already half-dead UGG Clovis,Xu Qing always like a rock like sit motionless, or even in fishing rods are not move, originally in the water floating buoy has completely invisible .
Can not see the buoy does not represent a fish bite ,too long not moving as well will be down at the sink ,commonly known as the hook landing .To the agreement for an hour and a quarter hour, the bucket big carp after weighing five kg six two be fully prepared to deal ,from ten kg gap, except in a quarter of an hour to catch three fish Xu Qingcai has won so much hope ,the hope is slim .
Just to catch fish joy had faded, and now even Tang Guobin knew there wasn $one million is no big deal ,but Xu Qing is going to gamble ,this table doesn lose a ,because of some unlucky .
Jin Deshu almost certainly this Southeast Asia epic lost, he is not like the cast in five hundred thousand on captain as rubbing his hands with excitement ,heart somewhat lost ,he even some regret to this game ,if because of this blow to Mr.
Xu morale , ( 4 ) that can have the loss outweighs the gain .Time has passed five minutes ,now the deck everyone thinks Xu Qing should win this game basically already impossible, unless there is a miracle .
However, the world is not lack of miracles, when you thought it was unlikely often it comes, miracle and a twin brother called death had its English called surprise ,a blackened big catfish appeared in Xu Qing view .
This guy was amazing ,flat head like a dry things large dustpan ,the naked body of swimming up really fast ,mouth two long-whiskered swing around this time ,the big guy had to swim to the fish hook at the top karen millen store,one shall also touched on the line .
On the deck of the people see Xu Qing moved ,he will slowly raise the action arm ,like holding a very heavy weights in general, raised two inches in action suddenly stiff down Puma Fluxion II,because the water under the large catfish are swinging big head ,cheeks two prominent meat tight ,opening process a string of bubbles .
Sou !Hook day tomorrow got big catfish maxillary ,this guy is too painful to contrast with twist, great power makes the hook embedded flat frontal bone .Suddenly Xu Qing handle lift rod head back ,click a sound was bent arcuate ,from one hour five minutes left .
Large catfish in the water of left and right process ,has not got rid of mouth hooks ,it simply head low ,channeling down to the bottom of . ,you are not ! Xu Qing later gave a lift arms ,former body back forty-five degrees Puma Mummy Low Shoes,only to hear from the surface to give a loud laugh ,a dark shadow in the air in the writhing body .
Rod toughness hardness is top ,the line is also used by the maximum force type fishing line ,this time on big catfish location is awesome ,Xu Qingzhen arm back ,the catfish skirr came ,was on deck ,because fall strength is too large ,this catfish only a few twist turn white belly .
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