but she does not know nothing

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultFull text without advertising chapter 319th storm call - song ended north face kids down jackets, she had a long breath ,without the Jin Shengyuan forced the how, she was tired .
Oh , Jin Shengyuan chuckled to mineral water to her ,today did not see her fruit juice barrels . Chug du ... ... She pursed his lips ,like goldfish SIP drinking water ,and blisters appear from time to time .
However ,Jin Shengyuan has once again and Kim Young Woon in an interactive ,Taeyeon boring down bottle .Programs for one hour later, finally ushered in the middle of the rest of the time, in addition to a main camera ,the rest were temporarily closed .
Ah - she hands, lying in the back of the chair was a big yawn .Jin Shengyuan gently grunt . Eh? She got turned around ,looked to Jin Shengyuan strange .The distance between the two close, Jin Shengyuan can clearly see Taeyeon eyes tired ,even specially painted eye makeup ,also cannot completely cover her eye on several blood .
Vision of a slight fluctuation, Jin Shengyuan hand ,help Taeyeon down pull clothes ,covered slightly exposed belly, said : you are a woman idol ,should pay attention to their image . Oh ,ha ha .
.. ... Until Jin Shengyuan hand movements ,she didn understand what is going on ,feel shy to spit out the tongue ,sit up straight . Also, and Sika learn ,have time to have a rest ,under the eyes climbed a caterpillar .
Jin Shengyuan continued . Ah ? She immediately hand touched the pouch near ,worried and asked: so serious ? Yoona also missed the spoiled meat . Jin Shengyuan smiled ,and said .
Taeyeon drum mouth ,some worry to gently massage the eye nearby .Yoona is now playing the meat is very obvious ,when sunny first saw them, first to remember is Yoona -- eyes hanging underneath two new year cake bar is .
Your face and acne . After a while ,seems not to be Jin Shengyuan find faults ,she looked at Jin Shengyuan ,tapped his cheek side a blain said . The recent fire big . Jin Shengyuan mouth slightly curved ,said .
She looks red red . But ,I have acne never mind ,as long as you no good . Jin Shengyuan continued .She gently biting the tip of the tongue, and then carefully lifted Jin Shengyuan right hand ,asked : is it still painful ? As long as the attention to vigorously on never mind .
Jin Shengyuan slightly moved my right hand ,and said .Oh. She put her left hand in Jin Shengyuan hand ,spit out the tongue ,said : my hands are so small . At this time, Kim Young Woon from outside came up ,hands carrying several walnut cookies .
She is not seen and Jin Shengyuan intimate contact with general Kim Young Woon ,the walnut snack among several people ,said : this is my assistant just downstairs to buy . Thank you.
Always leaned on paper remember what host up laughed gently, said . Thank you for Kim Young Woon oppa . She took two snack said .Cui Xianjun almost followed Kim Young Woon came in ,Jin Shengyuan called out .
Lee Seung Gi on the phone . Cui Xianjun whispered to Jin Shengyuan .Jin Shengyuan slightly nodded ,holding a mobile phone to the corridor . Seung-ki ,hello . Jin Shengyuan and Lee Seung Gi in the X-man in the know ,is more familiar, Jin Shengyuan was injured on the first day, Lee Seung Gi telephoned come visiting .
San Yuan brother ,your injury how ? Lee Seung Gi cleared his throat ,then asked . Much better, thank seung-ki concern . Jin Shengyuan said with a smile . Well ,long time no see brother ,have a meal together can ? Lee Seung Gi seemed nervous and excited ,like some .
You have time tomorrow morning ? Jin Shengyuan asked .Yes. Without hesitation Lee Seung Gi said . In the morning to eat breakfast, said Jin Shengyuan , I . Good . Lee Seung Gi paused, and said: thank you brother ! You Jin Shengyuan smiled and said , so ,I ,still recorded program .
Brother ,goodbye .Take care the body . Lee Seung Gi said .She is boring with front walnut snacks, see Jin Shengyuan coming in, casually asked: who? Lee Seung Gi. Jin Shengyuan smiled ,and said .
Oh. She did not continue to ask, and hold a cake in the mouth of Jin Shengyuan .While smiling ,like air ,but she does not know nothing .If before boys and girls show clips of the incident ,she also did not see anything ,so and xiah scandal to make her see clearly behind the scenes .
The other purpose of course she can guess ,although therefore and Jin Shengyuan such a time ,but the feelings of two further .Since Jin Shengyuan Kim Young Woon in front of them none cloak ,she will also give generous response .
His debut for nearly a year ,she had become accustomed to artists way of life, not as early as when with great care . Ok !To record . The camera is turned on again, the second part of the program begin .
The audience friends ... ... As if ready for a long time, the lower half section of the beginning of the program ,the audience messages will brush out many evil ,and gradually spread UGG Brookfield Short,Jin Shengyuan and Kim Young Woon were involved in the .
Ah !Kim Tae Yeon ,since you have and we has oppa good, why go to seduce xiah ... ... This is not my fans . Jin Shengyuan looked Timberland Hydroclimb Hybrid Shoes,and said in a low voice, the man purpose is to provoke Jin Shengyuan and Taeyeon relationship ,even provoke discord between Jin Shengyuan and xiah .
Opposite Kim Young Woon slightly exposed awkward color .Remove Taeyeon slightly immature ,they have used a variety of things, can easily distinguish the person mostly is the SJ fans .
However ,even if most people can see this one challenge intention ,but still have some people hesitate to strike back ,this is fans .Kim Young Woon ,Jin Shengyuan were she some fans attack ,of course ,Kim Young Woon main goal .
Host quietly started one one gag ,delete ,apparently also had been accustomed to this kind of thing .A good tape again ,because these are the malicious mischief ,the end of the recording ,a few people are not very happy mood .
Mr. Jin Shengyuan , out of the studio ,Kim Young Woon called Jin Shengyuan .Jin Shengyuan walked past . Jin Shengyuan Lee Teuk predecessors ,that was specially called ,after that he was not clear about .
Kim Young Woon whispered to Jin Shengyuan explained . Well . Jin Shengyuan smiled ,and said: I know . Thank you Jin Shengyuan . Kim Young Woon said at once .He is not big deal ,but Lee Teuk has begun to focus in variety development, once Jin Shengyuan misunderstanding ,cause is likely to suffer .
Kim Young Woon oppa looking for you? She asked in a whisper ,a look of curiosity . Explain something ,is it doesn . Jin Shengyuan said with a smile .She seems somewhat understand nod .
Don always think of anti fans comment ,time as more think of me . Time to leave ,Jin Shengyuan patted Taeyeon head ,said to her . . She smiled ,and said .... ... The very next day early in the morning, Jin Shengyuan and Lee Seung Gi at a breakfast meeting, laughing and talking down for more than an hour .
When two people talk ,many media newspapers and network advertised a not too conspicuous message -- MBC TV station is ready to shoot TV play Beethoven virus ,originally almost have been identified by Chung Geun-hee Jiang Jianyu starring a corner suddenly changed to Lee Seung Gi .
The last year has just held his first solo concert of Lee Seung Gi ,popularity and compared to Chung Geun-hee, and is a singer ,actor and experience ,is for him to play the music at the age of 25 days ,very suitable .
But the problem is in the basic have been identified by Chung Geun-hee starred in the circumstances ,but suddenly changes into Lee Seung Gi ,it can to guess the reason is .Media reporter contacted the Broker Timberland Chukka Boots,but the other party has said I was told to cancel this role ,does not know why ,probably because the crew felt that Lee Seung Gi is more suitable .
Despite the discontent ,but Chung Geun-hee economic companies do not want to because a role against MBC television director ,and screenwriter .However ,the news was announced before long ,the network there are people from Jin Shengyuan and Lee Seung Gi in a breakfast shop sitting opposite North Face Womens Triclimate Jackets Sale,power-bonded.
Photos ,the time is right this morning .Netizen not tube has no evidence ,is it right? So ,direct the picture and the news together around the reprint ,Chung Geun-hee fans eels is crazy ,four communication events Chung Geun-hee by Jin Shengyuan a director .
South Korea many fans are crazy ,before media has reported Chung Geun-hee and Jin Shengyuan at the forty-fourth annual paeksang Arts Awards on a confrontation ,these things together ,almost everyone considered Jin Shengyuan this thing .
This is what Jin Shengyuan wants effect .Jin Shengyuan through the flood Jingen ,the Hong Meilan sisters and other PD, succeeded in persuading Beethoven virus the other pair of Hongshi sisters screenwriter and producer ,so they agreed to the role of Chung Geun-hee removed ,instead recommended Lee Seung Gi .
Although simple ,but to do is not easy ,so Jin Shengyuan owed many debt .Jin Shengyuan originally did not want to do so soon to Chung Geun-hee , Beethoven virus of the drama cast decision-makers have nothing to do with him ,forced out the cost does not say, will give a bad impression .
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