Cheng Sen is a young army lieutenant

September 12 [Wed], 2012, 18:44
> Xue Xianglve expresses, from next to the station for a tall ,peach ,called Xiang said: get up .WWw !QUAnBen ! Com ,adults . Xue Xiang troopers say ,then holding the last closed very strict wood box .
What is this ? Not only Zhang Jiamu curious ,even to inform Cao Yi is also the mouth open, a curious baby .Despite the recent budget is very tight, heard Zhang Jiamu civilian staff ,Current Affairs Bureau Accounting Division of the money the professor are all deficits ,eyes look past all red digital ,now the General Bureau has begun to use double-entry bookkeeping method ,this approach is more precise and convenient, and easy to learn .
Zhang Jiamu began to engage in teaching it also worry about the old man who could not understand ,but obviously, these life bubble in number account Hanako are just no theoretical support ,in fact ,Chinese just never theoretical support .
As for the wise man ,that is to catch a big ,need not worry too much Zhang Jiamu .Despite the deficit had arrived very dangerous tooth ,but Zhang Jiamu in to the police and other departments funding is very generous .
Now there are rumors ,Zhang adults in order to defend in normal operation has produced a lot of private property ,several of the guards into and corruption all owned by the public ,and the emperor and crown prince reward also is such ,this time to produce if not to expand ,will probably be out in private for the public .
It is my time ,prestige as the sand castle ,so that every little bit of piling up .Adult. This is your last conversation that hand crossbow . Xue Xianghen respectfully to Muhe in front of Zhang Jiamu ,smiled and said : now adults can have a try ! Oh ,oh oh ! Zhang Jiamu surprise ,the last is just some ,but only a few days have achievements ,he could not help but praise: the internal security work efficiency high ,Xue adults ,to give his reward .
Is is Xue Xiang : rule is such ,active will reward ,had it will punish the officials ,so ,meritorious service :all rewards ,merit significant ,will please the emperor also give some official appointment .
Well, you know what I mean is ,how to do .Your watch is broken . Zhang Jiamu .After a few interference below division officials specifically how to do ,is to play the best lower officials subjective initiative .
At worst ,may be the captaincy general adult also is at once .Couldn come .After all is said and done is system issue . If you like before, who each 1000 hundred households go their own way ,Sale Women UGG Boots,also is the experience of division and the town of Fu division have something to do ,on top of the enterprises and co-founded the command was not so busy ,now closed right after, each department head, if a Jia-Mu matter personally ,Is not enough to have superhuman powers .
Placed in a wooden box which is a very delicate hand crossbow ,crossbow less than one metre long ,who have a very sophisticated arrow box ,Zhang Jiamu looked at the inside pressure ,six bolts ,obviously .
This is a handle that can fire hand crossbow .At that time people advocating a toga sleeve ,although the military might and scholar dressed like .While army cavalry has been used in beam sleeve or narrow sleeve arrows robe ,also is Manchu arrow clothing ,but in general ,wearing a toga of many people, this one hand crossbow can be easily hidden in large cuff without being discovered ,from this point of view ,design standards have been Zhang Jiamu So ,be fully qualified .
,you can have a try . Although there is someone waiting ,but Xue Xiang is a face of excitement .He seems to hold a company already for a long time .Have a look have sought after he knew no more out would have to wait for a long time ,then immediately put the baby to get out .
The crossbow body is not long ,but with superior horn and green ,very fine workmanship ,crossbow is also polished smooth ,let a person feels comfortable enough, Zhang Jiamu easily pulled the crossbow ,omitted a sighting ,hand pulled the trigger .
A decorated with feathers flying out of the bolt ,they heard a ,in the living room of a washing copper basin has been little arrows flying ,in the air around ,and then falls to the ground .
Et al the copper basin it back ,Zhang Jiamu had a look around ,praise: although the two sides wear but .But the breakdown of network side ,just about fifteen feet away ,the hand crossbow has this power ,it is not bad .
Yes . Xue Xiang looked happy ,speed quickly replied: within ten steps ,will be through the heart while ,the twenty or thirty step of the words ,also can teach people seriously injured .
To be on the safe side ,that is research on the arrow poison ,so make sure take out ,can lead to death . Well ,you study it . Zhang Jiamu complex to the crossbow to put down, want to say something ,but in the end just shook his head .
Say nothing .Eastern and western people on crossbow differently ,in Western Knight eyes ,crossbow is a woman make .Inferior talent with a weapon .In gunpowder and muskets available before, the noble knight of great threat is this kind of stuff ,Mayfaire UGG Boots,so the crossbow in the west go long detours ,is not the strong enemies .
Learning is different : Zhang Jiamu saw a well Qin Han Dynasty ten crossbow and .Flail carved exquisite bronze crossbow symbolizes Chinese in long-range weapons on the great achievement ,to the Southern Song Dynasty ,the achievements reached its peak ,north of South Song Dynasty lost land thoroughly without cavalry ,in order to fight against gold and Mongolian nomadic cavalry .
The Southern Song Dynasty of Han nationality regime can give priority to the development of long-range arms .In the first study of Zhang Jiamu in the record ,a hundred team Song Jun configuration of about seventy archers and crossbowmen ,the remaining twenty or thirty talent is long gunners or knife shield hand ,they are used to protect the crossbowmen and archers .
The development of the two person to pull the Arbalest ,ox carts to pull the bed crossbow ,although they later defeated in the Semu people fro cannon ,but in any case ,the crossbow in the Southern Song Dynasty to the development of the peak .
To the Ming dynasty .Due to the possession of the the Great Wall line ,and a firearm ,crossbow for pulling the inconvenience ,firing rate is too slow .Slow is eliminated ,to the late Ming had disappeared completely ,Karen Millen Solid Color Dresses UK,even now ,like the crossbow afraid not many people .
Zhang Jiamu put forward the idea just because the personality of fire dysprosium in current stage is not practical ,will tell ,have such results to return as a chief supervisor ,he is very happy ,as a warrior ,face coated poison can close range shot dead a top master weapon ,the mood nature is very complex ,very complex .
But hand crossbow is just a very small items, let he Lin Xing ,only to see in front of us has opened a door, a new way of doing things appeared in front of him ,this is he brings, is unique ,playing on the surname imprinted .
In this era it was ahead of the .He wants to is not only the hand crossbow ,should also appear more and more make him surprise . To speed up the pace . in order to encourage his morale ,Zhang Jiamu made a pair of nice appearance,Kids Bailey Button UGG, encouraged Xue Xiangdao : way is go right ,what are the disadvantages will improve as soon as possible ,I hope to perform tasks to ride and police can as soon as possible to suit their weapons .
,adults can rest assured . Compared with several warrior type command or thousand households ,or Liu Yong Government talents ,or tin as civilian staff talent ,Xue Xiang soon found his position .
Diligent ,pragmatic ,and there is no lack of imagination .In the head several Division ,responsible for manufacturing and research new weapons or many be rather baffling gadgets ,if needed ,Xue Xiang would take the head of the people to work ,as something else ,but not in his heart .
With this she led the police ,it seems not quite right . In the nasal Xiang to position themselves when, Zhang Jiamu also unknown frowned ,it seems ,defend this piece also need to be adjusted .
From the heart area hurried out ,reaching the edge strip when it is once again to see their guard ,by this time, Cao Yicai is a bit of a sense of humiliation .As for the ordinary guard members, they are all wearing a blue eyes ,rapid fire came out .
Monseigneur ,as straight Bai Wei ,Cao wing angrily openings ,Zhang Jiamu listening to know his meaning ,think .He smiled and said : this thing is I not considerate .But you really wronged .
This phrase, another natural also need not say ,Karen Millen 2012 Dresses Clearance,Cao wing just back to one side ,the rest of the straight guard also hide in the shadows .In the adult business ,they need not have any sense of presence .
At the end of will be seen . Cheng Sen captaincy general gold ,compared to Zhang Jiamu low grade two ,now Zhang Jiamu has to left captaincy general special into Rong Lu dr. .Office ,rank .
Rank is Wu best, can rise again .At the same time also and Prince Shao Bao in whatever position, Wu Chen ,as long as no creation is in his honour .Moreover ,Cheng Sen is a young army lieutenant ,who is of course Zhang Jiamu be right and proper subordinates ,now following of Lilly homage to him, also behoove .
Cheng ,please . In the young army sent Zhang Jiamu ,Chen is hundred-percent cronies ,in addition to Chen Yi ,and some of the thousands of lower total general officer is Zhang Jiamu .
Just in the design when using methods is very clever ,can not be too noticeable .As for Cheng Sen, this already year nearly 50 occupation old officer had no significant faction ,so he and Chen Yi partner to lieutenant is an ingenious arrangement .
This time ,Chen Yihe Cheng Sen is a pleasant cooperation .The young soldiers scraping practice strict ,military security, were a bit strong .Don today suddenly here is what reason .
But it does not need to ask .A young army what happened . Xie . Cheng Sen Yi and ,like : ,young army a little something urgent, but also adults need to cut off to . Oh ,we walk and speak .
It suddenly ,but Zhang Jiamu without asking .Direct access road: come, sent to the front on the village .That year they came tin .We came back to the city ! Adult broken bright he told Cheng Sen to look ,feel respect : end will admire to .
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