into the those horned tribal

September 01 [Sat], 2012, 17:25
Gasol is now a madman ,a completely calm down ,thinking only of desperately mad ,so the most horrible ,because they and another word directly linked ,this word is the metamorphosis of Gasol is a sociopath ,he occasionally need to kill to vent their anger ,so he attacked horned tribe ,and this is the road to murder ,as long as he looks not pleasing to the eye ,he will kill him against the horned tribe ,another goal is to prepare gifts ,Ivan king ,he is now nothing ,if the empty set out to see Federer king, he felt ,so he wants to to Ivan King gifts, and these horned tribe is he to Ivan King gift of course ,great horned tribe is not the only gift ,Gasol is trying to get this on the way they meet all they can attack the tribes are slaves ,and then put these tribal people as a gift the king gave cichy ,unfortunately ,great horned tribes became the first victim now even those Gasol guards are afraid of him ,because now Gasol looks too gloomy ,completely Don a point before that to be in high and vigorous spirits as though it was dark ,the horned tribe although very tired ,but they did not dare to stop ,not even a little slow ,because as long as they slowly, the guard will greet to whip them, if they fainted, the waiting for them ,only those Hercules cattle axe to say before the buffalo family on Hercules cattle is very convincing ,Hercules cattle on the Tauren these small tribes do not oppress ,if they encounter difficulties ,Hercules cattle will do me a favor but now they feel the Hercules cattle ,fundamental it is not the orcs ,but the devil ,they are horrible, but unable to resist, they can only accept this fate at that moment ,a sound came, the sound is very rhythmic ,very neat heard that sound ,Gasol was one, and then made a face, big channel: prepare for battle he is very clear ,can send such hooves army ,it must be trained with regularity of elite military ,at this time ,a trained Elite troops ,suddenly appeared in their surroundings ,can also be a veteran in battle what the guard veteran ,immediately realized what had happened ,they immediately set to Gasol ,looking at the sound direction from a very strange, they did not see a little light, are the other side not point the torch ?Is missing ,hooves, closer, closer although dark sky affects the vision ,but they still tell Gasol from the feet ,to the cavalry many ,at least one thousand people, which makes them look very ugly they very clear ,to hear each other when the sound ,in trying to run if it is too late, and now they want to know what the other person slowly ,the distance a huge shadow ,to Gasol here they are pressed ,then a cavalry appeared in Gasol in front of them saw the cavalry, Gasol eye is red, because this is a teams race cavalry ,a team of a neat row matrix bull family cavalry at this point ,Gasol suddenly by a guard uttered a cry ,Gasol hesitated, then turned to hard stare at the guard ,he thought that the fear ,which he did not stand but I to his eyes ,the pale face guard ,his eyes were staring at one direction ,like to see the live ghost to Gasol The direction to look at, there stood a bull tribe people ,the human body armor are broken ,except that in no other Gasol cold sing one track: what ,give me .
but the guard is very ugly ,he turned his head to Gasol : ,the people I know, is a follow us to kill seven people ,he has been the undead kill ,how can you still appear here ? When Gasol heard the guard said ,his face is also a variable ,because he immediately thought of a possible ,their last with Wells on the World War I ,is to be a necromancer to beat ,who should be dead bull race ,but has also appeared in here ,what does this show ?This shows that the necromancer and chased by a thought here ,Gasol began to sink a track : Wells ,are you coming? Come to see me.
His voice just fell ,an undead beast will climb over, which makes Gasol confirmed his thoughts ,he looked at the form strange undead beast ,not know why such a thing and the undead is a big mouth ,and then as a shadow appears in the the undead ,the man walked slowly to the outside, standing in front of the undead ,fixed set of watching Gasol Gasol also quietly watching the man ,the man dressed in a black magic robe ,hand holding a magician ,a look that is typical of a Terran mage ,look at this man age is not big ,about twenty years old ,long ,at least in the eyes of the orcs have no features to human nature is Zhao Hai ,Zhao Hai just wants to have a look right now Gasol is what kind of results ,see ,Gasol now gave him the feeling only two words can describe ,gloomy ,but his eyes he blinked crazy fire, this makes Gasol seem so ferocious but Zhao Hai did not care about ,he smiled, bowed to Gasol : Seen in big brother Gasol ,Zhao Hai ,is Wells brother broken oath brothers one, he decides at Zhao seaway : you say you are the oath of Wells brothers ? As a the orcs ,Gasol knew the orc blood oath to mean anything ,he just did not expect ,now prairie there was used in blood oath ,and the object or one group Zhao Hai smiled and said: it is ,a big brother Gasol came, I could not come out Hello ,is really sorry, please forgive eldest brother Gasol Gasol sneer at Zhao seaway : Terran is hypocrisy ,obviously is to kill me ,but also put a pair of reunion face ,looking at me .
Zhao Hai smiled and said: brother Gasol serious ,you should know the blood oath. Worse, I can sorry Hercules cattle family matter ,is not know big brother Gasol ,and you touch the Terrans are what? Is it right? The family to help you hold the line ? When Gasol heard Zhao Hai say ,was a cold Sale UGG Kona,then says : little nonsense ,Wells ?Call him out to see me Zhao Hai smiled and said: brother Wells went to a nation territory ,heard that Hercules cattle people are there, where he is going to settle people ,so there is no ,just let my brother go to Ivan King meet two sister Gasol one, then he looked at Zhao seaway : it appears that Wells really trust you ,should leave such an important thing to do ,so, you are met with me ?What the hell do you want? Zhao Hai smiled and said: do not want to do, brother Wells have been looking for you ,but they are prevented from coming ,I found you ,natural for brother Wells to keep you .
Gasol hesitated, then made a face, cold sing: that must have a look you have that capability . with his hands suddenly on a swing ,a flash of light, a hatchet straight Zhao Haifei to Gasol about this attack is very sudden ,very subtle ,completely without any aura ,his this axe is also very characteristic ,and not the Terran that used the axe, but a tiny size the small axe ,it appears that this is a special button in the hands of concealed weapons Zhao Hai also did not think that Gasol should use hidden weapon ,but Zhao Haike is not a fool ,he had prepared ,so Gasol did ,behind Zhao Hai profiled on ahead of wear, a blocked Gasol weapon ,Zhao Hai then disappeared in the in situ ,and the bull family cavalry into Gasol and they come to Gasol, but they did not notice, but turned to run, but they Turn around ,they found that their posterior has been disconnected ,breaking their way ,it is the Jackal the Jackal family clan cavalry cavalry with bull family cavalry is a bit different ,jackal family cavalry mounts are the jackal ,the jackal is a carnivorous animal ,while a carnivore having a characteristic ,their feet long and not the hoof ,but the paw, claws and pads ,so they run up, the sound is very small ,in front of Zhao Hai they attracted Gasol ,the Jackal family cavalry ,nature will be able to run to the back, put the Gasol them to surround this is why Zhao Hairang undead zombie appeared to cause ,zombie who also retains the Jackal paw pads ,it can achieve the desired effect of a Zhao Hai see behind them the Jackal family Trooper Gasol was stupefied, then he looked unbelievable at the Jackal family cavalry ,he can be sure of ,the Jackal family cavalry is Zhao Haifang out of the undead ,but the last time he saw a jackal family cavalry is Skull Skull shape puma ferrari shoes,this time to be like this ?He also does not understand what is going on ,the Jackal family cavalry was up ,did not give them any chance of Gasol, but this time Zhao Hai also issued dead order ,they only kill, not to hurt the soil line cattle ,likewise, Gasol can get any harm that Hercules cattle National Guard ,Zhao killed is killed ,but if he had Gasol killed ,that Wells will be uncomfortable ,anyway ,Gasol is Wells older brother ,there grudges ,that ,Zhao Hai was unable to join Gasol for the two ends, obvious the lack of preparation, and so they want to fight back late, the Jackal family cavalry and bull family cavalry ,had his dozens of the dead ,only their mounts were kept ,and then all the Gasol stood in the midst ,quietly watched Gasol Gasol saw this ,was a bitter smile ,raised his hand axe ,to carry out his final charge but at that moment ,a vine suddenly Appears behind him, hit his head in a bag ,Gasol felt a pain ,then do not know, body shake ,from the ox planted down ,he fell to the ground UGG Boots Sale,immediately was more a vine entwined ,then the light disappeared in a flash Zhao Hai then waved his hand in the magic wand ,the soil line cattle are away ,weapons are away ,the Hercules cattle guard ,Zhao Hai also uses earth magic to bury it ,he knew that Wells didn to see Hercules cattle were turned into undead ,so Zhao Hai was not so to do ,he is also not bad that several of his men deal with this, Zhao Hai then turned aside those horned tribe ,the horned tribal people ,and did not run, they all stand beside, some big horn tribal children are scared to cry and Zhao Hai went up to the man ,look at those humane: I am a necromancer, my name is Zhao Hai ,from now on, I am your master ,you can call me master the horned tribal people a frightened look Zhao Hai ,and his swagger before others behind is shaped ,in their eyes invincible Gasol they ,in front of Zhao Hai ,even against the opportunities are there will be eliminated ,they can do with Zhao Haishou ,and in those around him a group of cavalry and jackal family cavalry ,all in an instant into the skull shaped ,placed in square stand behind him ,but that even those horned tribal people feel afraid ,many women cry ,a lot of people reveal a desperate ray Zhao Hai is intended to do so, he is to frighten the horned tribal people ,let them honestly listen to his arrangement of Zhao Hai looked at them and said: while I will send you to a place ,you will live there, to listen to people there said Jimmy Choo UGG,if anyone dares not do that ,I turn him into the those horned tribal people stared at Zhao Hai ,some of them .
But turn to ,but one thing is sure ,they saw this terrible Terran magician seems not to want to kill them Zhao Hai saw these people at a glance ,sink Track: find a few leading out to talk to me a crowd disturbances ,then two horned buffalo family man is made out of their body ,although very tall waist ,but has some bent ,head great horn, if pressed them down ,two people stand in Zhao Hai presence ,one man said : sir ,my name is mother ,great horned tribal elders .
I Araya ,and great horned tribal elders Zhao Hai glanced at the two old men ,nodded his head and said: well ,your people are concentrated together ,I to take you to a place ,you will live there .
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