although she knew that Qin did not hurt

September 10 [Mon], 2012, 16:58
But ... ... Tang Feifei is still worried about some ,although she knew that Qin did not hurt ,but then left the hospital ,but also worry that some people stare at Qin .Cao Chun ,Tang Feifei was also has several North Face Triclimate Jackets,Qin and Tang although did not give her too much information North Face Women's Realization Sale, but if this thing without some deliberate arrangement ,Cao Chun and how she will know Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue are Qin Fang woman ,is also specially arranged on their way to the bank seize the time them ?Since some people of Qin adverse outside the hospital ,now sure someone secretly stalking ,Qin Fang to leave at this time there is not a wise move ,how could she not be worried about ? Now ,I know what you me ! Qin Fang took Tang Feifei by the hand ,and said ,then from inside the hospital monitoring system outlet karen millen,see Qin Fang facial bone skull like living like, a simple movements ,Qin Fang turned into another face .
.. ... ... ... Tang Feifei was frightened jump ,if not witnessed it ,she thought the pulled her hand man is another stranger .But the face although variable ,but Qin Fang smell does not change ,the Qin Fang very familiar to Tang Feifei nature is not an error of judgement .
This ... ... This ... ... This ... ... Even so ,Tang Feifei was still scared ,who saw themselves to be together morning and night man suddenly turned into another person will be so surprised .
Don ,i ... ... See Tang Feifei such a reaction ,Qin Fang is concerned ,blame yourself too thoroughly ,give her scared immediately changed back to the original appearance ,gentle comfort .
No, not at all. I didn mean that .But Tang Feifei was waved ,a Jin refused ,and a face that disturbed . ... ... You can teach me ? Ga ... ... Qin Fang suddenly dumbfounded, he had intended to be wrong ,not to be able to understand Tang Feifei to just sort of facial expressions ,but still some doubt Hu òasked do you want to learn this ? Well !I want to .
.. ... Tang Feifei is very careful nodded ,and look very urgent looking for Qin Qin Fang refused to like . This ... ... Let me have a look ! Tang Feifei watched the urgent eyes ,Qin Fang Zhen is not rejected but he can face all this is because he has a special relationship with the skills of deformation .
However, he was not very clear the Transfiguration is like cooking skills that impart to others ! special skills ,can be the self ,by changing bone skull ,muscles and other body organs so as to achieve the purpose of the myriads of changes ( can be imparted ,limited to one person and not upgradeable north face outlet store!) Qin Fang carefully will transfiguration related introduced reading, has been turned over to finally found his true look forward to something !Impart !Although only three characters but still let Qin Fang J ī excited,even behind the limit , upgrade he was ignored .
Tang Feifei is the Qin Fang love ,also he owes most women ,since Qin Fang is very guilty ,always hope that can make up, but Tang Feifei was very beautiful ,very tender ,almost on the side without any claim to the Qin ,Qin Fang couldn way to make up for .
This was the first time Tang Feifei Qin Fang expressed this desire ,if the system does not allow, Qin Fang Zhen hate may take MP5 rushed out to the man in the street is a bursts to vent depressed .
Fortunately, system does not let Qin down really can impart despite considerable limitations but Qin Fang has to meet the .How Sure. Although Tang Feifei heart is also very strange ,can impart that is not a word of it? I also need to see ?See what? But she did not ask ,tell her things Qin Fang would tell her ,don her she is asked is also useless .
See Qin Fang closed his eyes seemed to be thinking something, Tang Feifei appears very quiet until the Qin Fang opened his eyes ,eyes a little joy ,she was worried and asked . Fifi ,you close your eyes .
.. ... ... Qin Fang to hold Tang Feifei Kids North Face Down Outlet,wore a smile .Oh. Although Tang Feifei is very strange ,but closed his eyes ,feel the Qin Fang hand the warmth .Suddenly her mind to receive a message ,or that it is a very strange feeling ,let her at this moment as if in a god h ú nOBE state like .
Then as if somewhere there is a voice said to her : I teach you a special skill ,whether to accept ? This sounds very with no reality whatever ,but it gave Tang Feifei a very familiar feeling ,with Qin Fang smell very similar ,so she immediately feel trust ! Accept .
.. ... Then ,Tang Feifei chose to accept ,because she believes in Qin fang !And then a as if from mysterious power into Tang Feifei mind ,and slowly with her own memory together .Transfiguration teaches success ,Qin Fang is slightly relieved ,he did not bother Tang Feifei the receiving process ,just face s èthatlooking at the front of the beautiful girl ,my love .
The art of teaching with Qin Fang had to collect an apprentice arts distinguish somewhat again ,cooking skills is a popular skills ,with polymorph this special skill is not comparable ,so Qin Fang received another apprentice .
But the Transfiguration is defined strictly ,can teach a person ,Qin Fang now spent such a number ,you will never be able to teach .And Tang Feifei obtained deformation operation belongs to the castrated version, class is defined as a junior ,can not upgrade that despite the Qin Fang the transfiguration also basically is unable to upgrade, but still have a skilled degree exist, perhaps one homing to a breakthrough opportunity ,can be upgraded .
Cry ~ ~ about three minutes later, Tang Feifei was relieved ,but also opened his eyes ,the bright and clean eyes flashed a sly ,and then I saw her face bone skull immediately move up ga .
.. ... Qin Fang suddenly dumbfounded ,looking at the front of the same beautiful face ,he is helpless smile ,because Tang Feifei Chu Yunxuan had become . Qin fang ... ... My beauty ? But Tang Feifei doesn column ,was actually is a to Qin Fang Pao a flirtatious ,one face says shyly .
Beauty !Very beautiful that what ,turned back ,you so I can not fit the ! Qin Fang smile his face ,he suddenly found himself will polymorph this skill to teach Tang Feifei is a big mistake ,because he does not know which day suddenly Tang Feifei really give up .
.. Although he is very happy, but big brother ,father-in-law not happy ah !Ha-ha. This face ? Tang Feifei is very proud of ,she was to become another face ,who ?The famous day ,the female artist ,DeYiShuangXin grey teacher .
.. ... ... ... Seeing this, Qin Fang on the spot spraying ,although not too clear Tang Feifei Zha know grey teacher looks like ,but it is really shocking .The party does not know, in order to complete the hookup program ,Tang Feifei Xiao Muxue ,recently and smell wee studied together many comes from the island of love action movie ,although those who despise the day ,the man is short and do not lean ,but does not affect their research technology .
.. ... The film had a younger brother Qin Fang Wei great tribute to the lock ,lock of Wei this two day but worried ,afraid of Qin Fang found him into pieces !Perhaps because of grey teacher is too famous ,may also be the appearance rate is relatively high ,but may also be Wei lock personally prefer her ,so Tang Feifei was very careful not to remember the grey teacher phase m.
..... , knock it off ,quickly changed back ... ... Qin Fang face forced smile ,Tang Feifei seems to want to study deformation of real roots here !Only ... ... Perhaps one can always face the wife is also very good at least what can be who ! Then all of a sudden ,Qin Fang suddenly feel this approach seems to be too creative ,could not help but come out of such a very insignificant .
Hey if you can in the heart who ,I became who look Tang Feifei appears to be through Qin Fang mind, was affixed to the Qin Fang ears quietly y ò Uhuòroadjust Qin Fang is tempted heart quivered .
He just thought Tang Feifei wanted to study deformation technique is to put him with the success ,and now it seemed not so simple ,Qin Fang many woman one one appearance also let Tang Feifei have a great sense of crisis ,although her real status is secure ,but a man if not to stay ,that figure has a name no meaning .
She has learned this trick ,but also to allow the Qin Fang always maintain a fresh feeling, so that her status can be stable when necessary ,of course ,she is not the way out several .
.. Rival in love. ,it seems the road is far not as flat . I figured this out ,Qin Fang exclaimed, also should do it afterwards . Face good acid ,good ache ... ... , ,but Tang Feifei soon discovered the castrated version of transfiguration of a regret ,that is when she changes back to its original appearance when facial ache unceasingly, the bone can shift also is not so simple thing .
.. ... All right ,this is the first time you ,later adapted to the good !We go, or you will miss the ... ... Qin Fang is a comfort ,then two people have left the hospital ,to see Qin master to impact by brother !@ .
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