Find me not forget to write a decimal

September 07 [Fri], 2012, 10:22
I am writing 400 words I told Wen surname ,and the famous writer Cao Wenxuan .My mother and dad and the opposite sex ,the same .I thin ,round head ,pointed chin ,a pair of small eyes ,smile will be narrowed ,angry with my little eye will glowered at each other, but also turned up the whites of their eyes .
I am a hundred-percent small bookworm .I most like to buy the book, my mother gave me pocket money ,people give me gift money ,pay Book East ,now the home of the five shelves are full of books ,with a full set of the Pipiru general mobilization ,with one hundred thousand why ,there are different versions of the four famous ,also has the new class bid must book I read a book in order to meet the requirements ,the mother each month,UGG Classic Short, regular ordered some magazine ,the book is not me .
So every time to the bookstore ,I always pestering her to buy some books .Get the book ,I will neither eat nor sleep ,always want to read this book .On one occasion, I am eat with appetite to read a book ,my mother asked me to dinner ,I could not bear to miss the fantastic plots ,he pretended not to hear ,mom thought in my room I was asleep ,he came into my room ,my mother took the book I was reading ,while nagging :books can be rice ,he forced me to eat, gas me straight eye-rolling ,almost and mother .
My disposition is a little impatient ,regardless of is the piano ,write the homework ,I was so impatient ,always want to finish ,piano teacher always says to me :slowly ,slowly ,and slowly !Not to say that the work slowly .
I also want to get rid of this trouble ,but the bad habit but like in my heart to take root ,never change .I was careless ,do the math of the 7 written in 1 ,the teacher said I was a little sloppy; go to school go halfway to think small yellow cap without ,and run home to get my composition 400 characters !Come back !Morning ,just cross out I was called by mom ,how forget to wear a red scarf ?My mother mad stare .
I looked down ,ah !There is no wear red scarf .I with Haohong scarf ,in the mom in the sound ran out of the house .Come to school ,entering a classroom door ,lead to my homework .I was promised over the side bag, but I searched the bag also did not find .
I rush to my head ,cursed himself :Damn it !Operation and forget .No way, but to accompany a smiley face on the leader said :sorry ,I forgot to bring my .Leader looked like a knife stabbed at me ,she stared at me for a while ,ask :see your homework, old band ,did you ever do ?I quickly raised his right hand and swear :do !Must have done !I swear I will remember all the homework .
I sincerely look ,managed to coax back head .At noon, I finished eating the food to the classroom, a student came to me ,saying : Jiahao ,last time I borrow your VCD ,you still have me ?What time ?I immediately think of the last time to borrow his VCD ,early on ,put in the home .
I want to go home and get ,did not think of to just stand up ,he thinks I want to escape, he held out his hands stopped me and said: how ,borrowing things not to want to walk ?I tried to explain to him, but he will not listen, forcing me to back his VCD .
I really have no idea ,cheap puma ferrari shoes,tomorrow will bring him .He then promised ,also told me: you don say nothing .Until he left ,I breathed a sigh of relief, I blame myself: why my memory is so bad ?Come home from school ,my mother saw me the first sentence is :is it right? Your homework did not bring ?I nodded ,did not say a single word .
Mother pointed at my head and say :hey !You the man !You do things recklessly bad habits when they could get rid of !Hey ,I this person !I am writing 400 words I is one of the sixth grade students ,13 years old this year .
I am the person ,a nose and two eyes ,and everyone else .Only outstanding, appearance is not breathtaking .The act also very careless .I love painting, when I was a child,ferrari puma shoes, I often see Dad pen ,in the picture on paper .
This aroused my curiosity ,I also want to draw !I shouted to the .My father look at me so interested ,teach me to draw every day ,then take me to the art class .After school,Puma Lazy Insect, I also participated in the school drawing class ,learn a lot about drawing knowledge .
Through my hard work ,I participated in the competition ,my paintings are still Zhou Enlai Memorial Museum !I enjoy reading detective stories. More and more interesting .Because sometimes read a book ,even without eating ,mom and dad often says :you read a book as a magic .
My favorite snow and blue ,but listen to what others say ,outlet karen millen,snow and blue represent blue ,it makes me very confused .I was careless king .Usually in mathematics exam, grades ,find out why .
Find me not forget to write a decimal point, is the wrong number, this terrible .Remember the primary school have a test, in an application question number ,decimal point in the wrong one ,the results are all deducted 5 points .
Because of this ,I also do not know to be parents scold a few times .Students also said ,maybe you what is a good way to get rid of the fatal weakness .Chinese is my strengths ,I like to collect the good good word sentence ,I in a small notebook to record many .
So some good good word sentence in my writing when there are a lot of useful, sometimes it is also possible to use a good sentence more, less deduction of points !My character more cheerful ,sometimes humorous ,always laughing ,I love to laugh ,not miss any chance to laugh .
If really may one laugh makes people ten years younger ,I would wait for tens of millions of years ,even a few years before be born .I will always make the students laugh .Love love cry laugh .
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