Yang Zixuan felt a little abnormal return

September 03 [Mon], 2012, 12:59
The 273rd chapter ,Yang Zixuan felt a little abnormal return ,he is to investigate Tang made the real death ,how Zheng Ping as hostile ,as if he himself was murdered Tang Li . You are the Tang Li sister Zheng Ping ?I am the province appoint standing committee, the provincial supervision department deputy director Yang Zixuan ,this is my card ,I come to see you today is mainly to understand Tang Li in some cases .
Yang Zixuan revealed his identity ,see Zheng Ping react . I don what you are the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission for Discipline Inspection puma shoes mens,you don ask, I don .
In a fit of pique Zheng Ping sitting in the chair ,the phone beside suspension .Other end of the line ,Tang Daming and plum director come head in the phone ,listening to the other end of the dialogue ,a smile, this Zheng Ping is very careful .
Mom ,what are you doing ah ,this is the province appoint leader ,before you are not always said to the province to check what ,how come now in leadership, but you do ? Tang Long didn notice next call was hanging, see very abnormal mother ,Tang Long even doubt their own mother is it right? Is B ī crazy UGG Adirondack Tall,J ī ng Godhas some problem .
Yo ,you know what they say? Your father died inside the city is not had however ?The city Jiao Bureau and Public Security Bureau was informed of your father is killed in a car accident ,things have been inconclusive ,also investigate what ah ? Zheng Ping hugged NV head and said .
Tang Long like a little understanding of their mother, one from the inside out Zheng Pinghuai ,a step by step back ,eyes full of disbelief : who are you? You are not my mother ,my mother is not such ,she will not say these words .
.. ... Zheng Ping hearts colic Karen Millen Coat Cheap, but can tell the truth ,next to the phone is still listening to it ,as long as she a word wrong ,may the be extremely cruel and merciless Tang Daming and plum director will be commanded some people took her son Nong .
So ,now she only spoke against his will ,only such Women UGG Sale,her son could have a way out .Yang Zixuan also felt that Zheng Ping speaks very anomalous ,frowned : Mr NV ,what do you mean? It gives us the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection delivery letter of accusation but you ah ,now you said it already had final conclusion, what is the meaning of this ,do you want to say that you send us the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of all materials are false ? Since you agree with you on the boat party last processing results and conclusion, you gave us a province appoint presenting the letter of accusation do? Victims of our province discipline appoint also organized an investigation group to enter the security Zhou City investigation ,it is in the 1ang fee of our country human resources ,is to be punished .
.. ... Yang Zixuan was stern .Tang long heard Yang Zixuan says more and more serious ,immediate and maintenance for mother : director Yang ,my mother is estimated to be too sad ,today a ramble in one ,I help her go inside to rest, the specific situation ,I tell you .
Zheng Ping heart more anxious ,not knowing that Tang Daming and plum director hear yourself .When, can produce any good ideas, and then directly sent her son to kill .Zheng Ping is known as the plum director this executioner but everything is done .
Yo ,what are you saying ,I now clear, not at all . Zheng Ping flung open NV with a reprimand, instead turning to Yang Zixuan black face director Yang ,you get back ,we have been recognized on the boat party to my old Tang accident set the tone, never changed ,you don to look for me ,if I really give national resource caused by 1ang fee ,you could always to punish me, even to me ,all this and my son NV has nothing to do, don involve them .
Some of Yang Zixuan can ,Liu can only charge and looked around to avoid accident cheap karen millen,but Yang Zixuan noticed that Zheng Ping seems to have refused to leave the chair ,and Yang Zixuan noted the telephone did not hang up .
.. ... We believe that municipal Party committee conclusion, do not believe you province discipline appoint the investigation ,if I remember correctly ,your province discipline appoint in recent security Zhou City investigation group also made the scandal ,a staff officer Shanggou node ,misguided investigation .
Zheng Ping sat down ,a cold smile I don the investigation group is worth trusted place I give you the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission sent the letter of accusation ,is a huge mistake ,now I my .
Tang Daming took a little mouth smile ,this Zheng Ping is really interesting, a few days ago also desperate said to safe boat party ,now the province discipline appoint director down to understand the situation ,but for the safe boat party out of it, the world is so crazy .
Yang Zixuan does not care about Zheng Ping ,I went to the side of Zheng Ping, suddenly picked up a desktop telephone ,at the microphone for laughs: old friend ,how to hide the head 1 ùtailshy ah ,have the ability to stand up and fight us ah ,this is what can bully the widow and her child ? Yang Zixuan deliberately open very large, has been on the phone to Tang Daming and plum director is Yang Zixuan startled ,Tang Daming is scared out of sound .
Yang Zixuan immediately recognized Tang Daming said with a smile : the original Tang Secretary ah ,how ` ah ,I have telephone investigation up ?The widow and her child is bullied ? You are a six million population of the city party secretary ah ,do these three excessive means ,but the effect is not good .
Tang Daming Yang Zixuan was the first sound frightened the ground ,then to hear Yang Zixuan in the other end of the line without stop satire ,frowned ,but they dare not responding, just face s èabove 1out of a hard part s è .
Yang Zixuan doesn Tang Daming will answer the phone a few words ,ironically ,just hung up the phone ,Zheng Ping and Tang Long is s èpaleface staring at Yang Zixuan .Yang Zixuan smiled ,did not speak ,directly open the m é n,down to .
Secretary ,today we come but nothing to ask ah ,let us go ? Liu Keke some doubt Huo with Yang Zixuan behind him .Yang Zixuan smiled : what does Zheng Ping is estimated by Tang Daming is holding ,continue to ask ask not what .
what are we supposed to do now ? Liu Keke start the car .Yang Zixuan calm response: temporarily go back home ,will Zijin City ,safe boat city here Tang Daming temporarily do not wind
1ang ,estimates Tang Daming has now because Zheng Shusen was separated off and be scorched by the flames ,we just took the opportunity to pick up the bunch of media reporters to maltreat
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