to the day of evil in the back mountain

September 07 [Fri], 2012, 15:37
To protect hill large array within a day of evil were disciples saw his suzerain was six called hematemesis ,are angry ,staring eyes, looked at six ,Coquette UGG,then a shout abuse .In this way, a war in the day of evil religion slobber mountain outside up .
Those watching for repair a terrified ,heart says this is the upcoming war ?How a little taste !Have to say ,god evil deadly disciple although repair bad, but sometimes a spell or curse ,at least many days evil religious disciples together, the religious ties to the six path to scold covered .
Give me out of them, one does not stay ! By the day of evil were disciples of hell ,six natural bate ,several people said to me .The already palm friction ring, I immediately rush in ,but it was six dollar .
You wait ,day case to the Evil Overlord ,another immortal first peak over to you . Six gave to war and a glance at the side ,said: go ,kill God evil sect suzerain, don me face .
But there are many Fairy Statue ! The Wen Yan old head of a black ,a day of evil in his nature is not afraid of suzerain ,North Face Gore Tex Jacket,but those inside the immortal statue hard up ,even if he is eight days of Fairy Statue of peak strength could not support ! Cut the crap ,you just kill God evil Zong suzerain, other this seat free way ! Six cold sing .
The helpless, but into the large array ,the old monk hurriedly control ten vast array open a gap ,North Face Womens Soft Shell Sale,let him enter the day of evil religion .As for the day of evil sect to protect hill large array ,for immortal statue peak it as ornaments like thunder ,simply stop him for a moment of time .
,you two look at large array ,we advanced to the head ,and solve almost let you come in ! Six to the side of an old monk said ,took the into the large array . Hey ,what solve almost brother ,brother become so poor ?Even the war is not qualified ?Hey ,you give me stop .
.. ... The old monk was not bad shouted ,but six was already in .One side of the little monk fun at heart ,even without the qualification of Swami war ,I would not have done . Smile a fart ,give me into the vast array of ten to .
The old monk saw little monk laugh ,suddenly a black face ,a young monk down into the vast array of ten . Ah ~ ~ Swami ah, I am immortal God, without qualification ... ... The young monk fear to dodge, only in the old monk this immortal statue of late master before, there is no way to avoid .
Bang ! The young monk himself into the vast array of ten . I listened to ,next day evil Zong disciples into the ten vast array, you give me secretly stab ,kill them . The monk from the ground up ,suddenly heard the voice of the old monk .
Stab !Hey ,I like this ! The young monk hears talk hey hey laugh, in ten the vast array of array for landing day evil religious disciples come to his immortal emperor ,peak practice ,in ten the vast array of attack on great disciples, if not immortal Zun master ,almost on a dead .
God evil Zong hill door ,A Nenekomitsu shocked .Thunder God? It is you ,how can you trust this guy ?No. He is not caught you Joan ? God evil Zong suzerain some watch incredulously in front of the thunder god, as he is also ready to reward the curse six miserable days evil religious disciples ,did not think of is the fist to break ,shocked ,found to have God in which Xiao elders ,which makes him very shock surprise .
Do you six and Shen Xiao Zong United ?Impossible. Absolutely impossible! God evil Zong suzerain can ,if Jun six and Shen Xiao Zong united, then this evil in you every day .Shen Xiao Zong for powerful ,evil in the day is clear ,the reason why he joined imperial hegemony door ,just to rely on PA imperial door strength ,the eradication of Shen Xiao Zong ,thereby poison bully Feiyan mountains .
Cut the crap ,I today as long as your life ,we are enemies ! The trust in six he was the most depressing day of evil ,is now in the sovereign filed ,natural hate him, no other god evil Zong suzerain finish, rushed up and war .
Two people are immortal peak of strong, in order not to affect the following day evil religious disciples ,day of evil in the sovereign reluctantly leads to the god evil in the gate, to the old monk arranged ten vast array and the war .
To kill them ! The day of evil religion and sovereign two people go ,six came to the god evil Zong hill ,a public days evil religious disciples saw six ,recognized the harm they were cornered the arch-criminal of evil ,immediately rushed over, seems to be living apart six .
Hum ! The grunted coldly ,Adirondack II UGG Boots,station to the six front, with tens of thousands of rapid play boxing ,a golden fist around the immortal immortal emperor rushed Zun master to shock and fly away, some levels below the Immortal Emperor level day evil Zong disciples suddenly died in the fist .
Both the strength of the gap is too great ,god evil Zong so many disciples together, is not the opponent . Not good !He is the first peak of the immortal ,call the ancestors ! A Council of elders to see that so mighty, suddenly sounded the legendary kill them days Evil Fairy Statue of the holy old peak ,panic at the behind said an elder .
The elders Wenyan ,was also surprised ,he managed to leave ,to the day of evil in the back mountain . Our ancestors ?It is the last day of evil in the master ! Six natural channel to the elders of discourse ,North Face Womens Gore Tex Jackets Sale,the mind .
Look look to the day of evil in the back mountain ,deep in the mountains, seems to hide a statue of a beast, reeking of murderous breath . Who dare make my day of evil religion ..
. ... A as if from outside sonorous voice, people ,that is a surprise to shaking heaven and earth breath six earthquake three steps back ,terrorist fluctuation of energy go forward with great strength and vigour ,reverse roll ,almost made god evil Zong hill outside the vast array of ten .
Sick , a thick black pillar rises slowly, gradually exposed to the vast array of ten sky . Rumble ~ ~ in the old monk under control, a lightning strike to the black light beam .
Good kill array ,but to me was much worse . A large palm directly blocked the mase from lightning ,a black man slowly out of the black light beam ,between three step came to six Baizhang ,watch six with the .
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