But the Sorcerer magic is very valuable

September 04 [Tue], 2012, 17:10
offers you by Lv Yan has been following the death of Du Xiao, he just felt a element B ō ,hastened to a staggered Sale Karen Millen Lace,as if by thick snow by tripping ,flutter in the Du Xiao pack, was seized by the true bone ,will fire corals surrounding the original absorption air ,this kind of it in a matter of minutes looks and a piece of ordinary stone no great difference _& ;Du Xiao doesn Lv Yan meant ,also thought he was a wet floor ,turned and picked him up for saw Lu Yan ,a brow pick Du Xiao ,how do you n ò nga skull ? Oh ,for this is my uncle ,who last month ,his father didn ,specifically for the stone Zhonglin exploration and ready ,you know, skull does not have to eat, so cheap ,but their strength is not small ,and don ,night can also help alert .
.. ... Du Xiao off the reel scolded skull slaves for benefits ,but listen to the sick ,he looked to open the bag fell out of some food ,rope ,mud and stone ,gently scolds a small beggar ,then turned around and went back to the fire .
Soon there came from the fire laughter ,accompanied these mercenaries sh ì guardsact recklessly and care for nobody . Du is declining . don Lu à n said, it the king but type offspring ah ,ah ha ha .
.. ... He is king of offspring ?I type king father . you ... ... Ha ha laughing ,Du Xiao put away your things ,bite the bullet, when Lv Yan walked down the mountain in a raging Blizzard Lv Yan had never seen so much snow ,like a wizard disk in the head to stop the release of Blizzard ,goose m áoHu āsnowfalls on his head can obviously feel the heavy weight ,had a few hundred meters ,Lv Yan is about to be covered with snow to the crushed Du Xiao turned around ,see Lv Yan distress appearance ,eyes a bit disappointed and worried ,but he soon ran into the side of Lv Yan Sale Boots UGG,help him to shake off the snow .
hold on Hu ,to the front of the village may have food team ,then more relaxed Du Xiao military strength ,but his cold x ì ngis very good ,in this snow ,it is only in a thin dress will be able to walk, but he also needs to maintain continuous jumping activities ,in order to avoid frozen body of Lv Yan nodded ,follow Du Xiao to go ahead ,this office is a white world ,continental ice ,can really be worthy of the name ,just don ,the veteran type gold king ,why keep ice continent the environment Bad type disc is placed ,even ice guard and ice block Wei two two type disk are placed him under the two type King took about two hours, Lu Yan frozen bone shrank to rise ,almost can ,Du Xiao ch ú n alsoblue with cold ,but luckily there from Shi Zhonglin and fire coral ,Du Xiao put it in his arms ,and then from the rear and pushing Lv Yan away ,two individual heating, so Qiang Qiang insisted the reluctance to go Lv Yan see the horizon eventually had traces of buildings ,like a white s è cubes,he and Du Xiaofei try to semi climbing entering the village ,Lv Yan saw the stone engraved with the three words fifty-two village fifty-two village ,this name is very strange and Du Xiao holding Lv Yan skeleton ,open the entrance to the village a log cabin ,there are few a few people ,in addition to put a block in the cask ,Du Xiao push ,will Lv Yan into a barrel ,which is a bucket of warm water ,and then Du Xiao turned into a cask ,burst out laughing ha ha ,Lu Yan Bailey Button Triplet UGG,we managed to survive to hear Du Xiao Shout his name UGG Classic Tall Fancy,Lu Yan scared ,but then think of here is absolutely impossible for someone to recognize him, he slowly began to laugh ,yeah ,it felt good to be a survivor of a disaster ,he can not just fled from the ice in the invasion, but fled type King moth mother Alban hunted down, really it is hard to imagine ,hours before he was a star across the edge of the world ,but now on the mainland in ice bath skirt wearing a greasy middle-aged f ù NVcame up ,looked at Du Xiao face a smile ,you want to stay ?Here we can have the most beautiful girl Du Xiaobai his no, prepare a bowl of bone surface ,I will eat ,right, there has been no recent food team ? Middle aged f ù NVobviously disappointed ,she frowns at Lu Yan Skull Cross beneath the warm water to pour out, I want the double money Du Xiaohe to know , I will give you, just recently there was no food team pass by ? Middle aged f ù NVstartled, he looked at Du Xiao hand ,extrusion ugly face after three hours, a team from the south, they go in the afternoon of one hundred and sixty village Du Xiaobai hand ,made a pair of impatience know ,you go and cooking don spit slobber ah ,or watch your tongue I know, I was honest ,how to do that sort of thing middle-aged f ù NVface s èa surprised,quickly turned to run Du Xiaotan over half a body lying to Lv Yan ,a small channel no way, to deal with the old NV, have fierce .
Lv Yan smiled and nodded can be understood but ,dawn, why the village are so strange, fifty-two villages ,one hundred and sixty villages, all is to use digital identification ? Du Xiao smiled will bubble bath out ,I tell you, Lv Yan is also very patient man ,he did not speak ,but slowly slide into the warm water ,feel the warmth into your body ,and also in my heart silently thinking that our current situation cream blue twin Song people ,life sculpture and Y ù ringare Risn into space in the bag, Ruisienbu know by empty cavity transmission where the remaining origin ,disc one can imagine ,it must be destroyed ,after the star cross world had lost a great disc on the Ander Lena body has a mirror tower ,her position easier L ù ,would be more dangerous ,Lu Yan most worried about is her another stone plate in a final battle almost completely destroyed ,he wanted to make void move might be difficult ,while other moment soul who strength are relatively strong, as long as the careful low-key Karen Millen Jackets Sale,should not have life danger and card Jill ,Cadel transferred to the domain of M én,he still alive ,would x ì ngis very small ,but if Cadel died, Lv Yan had to pay attention to their own side ,card is normally for in the distance he has soul gap complex Live ,card Jill after the resurrection or not engraved the soul ,he on the previous memory can retain the number ,Lv Yan this is not judge things and her mother Orr ,this will do, it will star cross the center of the world to fly it ,allegedly e parent flight is very fast ,even more peace firm the fastest the Void Ray demon envoy Augustin ?Why would he pretends to be his name ,is in the monster design ,is should be landing devil type disc ,be the devil angel ?Lv Yan suddenly thought of their first task is to find the demon envoy Fars ,it is to rely on themselves to Fars demon type disc ,be the devil angel .
.. ... Think carefully ,this may be x ì ngvery big but Fars why said he was educated in the rainbow King NV instructions ,is a deceitful trap ?Is true ?Or ... ... Lv Yan suddenly a surge of hope ,is that rainbow NV king did so intentionally, is to call Lu à nlamp monster plans as well? Just want to enter m í ,a hand suddenly into the water ,and took hold of Lv Yan head ,he picked out from the water ,and then he heard Du Xiao Well, Lu Yan ,let go around Lv Yan pulled himself out of the water ,he noticed Du Xiao has changed into dry clothes ,while the previous water wet clothes from several farmers stand beside the fire roasted ,it appears that the village shop is designed m é nfor pedestrians, heating and drying clothes ,although the simple but complete facilities tossed them the clothes on the line, the village is not too cold ,we went out to a few minutes .
Du Xiaobang Lv Yan give his cloak off ,throw those villagers baking ,his back still back fire coral Lv Yan noticed ,Du Xiao bath ,skin appears white many ,cheek is full and beautiful many ,actually is a beautiful boy .
Coming out of the woodwork to m é n,outside is a scale in two or three about a hundred small village ,the ground is the stone house ,also mostly stone and wood h ú n built,Lv Yan strange is a village which had no snow ,he looked up ,surprised to find .
Side ten meters outside or in a raging blizzard ,but all of the snow in close proximity to the village 10 meters above the time would be an invisible force blown around ,do not fall in mean ,the village inside the protection ?But the Sorcerer magic is very valuable ,and against the storm will last a very long time, wizards how to protect such a not worth mentioning the village and the L à ngcharge their magic and time ?And then think of the village and improve passenger service facilities ,Lv Yan is not difficult to guess the village must be long and not affected by the snowstorm hit, so may not be a full to support do wizard on guard the village ,but the village itself has a certain strange shield Lu Yan to look around, see in the village side ,a large number of idle land ,many farmers working in the fields ,and their heads and the periphery is white snow ,this scene is really rare ,as this village is a land of idyllic beauty ,is not influenced by the environment .
Du Xiao Tao Lu Yan ,you may have seen ,this is us ice type disc unique scene warm field warm land ?Lu Yanyao shook her head, and that he Feiruisien polymath ,his time to practice ,the ice sheets type disk on the local customs and practices ,don Du Xiao laughed and said haha ,I know you do not know, but now I tell you ,you have to remember ,in my time parents in front ,can seem to be so foolish .
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