Tucao ability no way weaker

September 04 [Tue], 2012, 18:39

those who can have your different group include to how to listen to you now like we have entered abilities Montreal Walking, Superman as much as dogs age I am a huge supercilious, and said: But I did not say the world would be no free abilities organized? just have abilities this ability and strong enough to be candid Dayong protoss really rare, like our organization, really strong protoss only clearance karen millen, including me, a mere twenty or thirty people, these two thirty people are basically ability groups spread throughout the country's leadership class characters, usually only a very troublesome problem will be dispatched, and the rest of the vast majority of ability but lack of capacity strong or unstable protoss, or subjected to a rigorous training can not afford a variety of professional quality far more than the ordinary people of ordinary people, they are the main force of the organization as a whole, although the strength of these people in general, but has been far superhuman can solve most of the tasks in the general case, this part of the staff that are relatively weak forces have been actual combat protoss plus dozens senior cadres in China within a half iso Effective People, and the rest is free idlers outside the organization, and most of them only have a little bit different from normal, although an ability, but not enough to let them qualified for our work and join the organization stronger than the average person, not how many went to such idlers naturally not we use, but that is a special group, they will form a team, the vast majority of cases, like a small club circle, because a common identity and topics together, such a small organization in the world, is also a minority Sale UGG Cove, there are over one hundred registered with at least ... Well, of course, are loose statistical means it super powers can be classified as the protoss the kind you really want to, strictly speaking, probably it was only three or two small teams can be referred to as organizational ... I can tell you those idle protoss why can only be called ordinary people a little stronger, examples of his ability we play called 'die' immortal, ah, this title .... laugh coffee table below to go ... we can see that the ability to have extremely eggs pain name will be how hilarious ...... Suet own simmering laugh, but smoothly words: kind of renewable power, but ... part of regeneration is only one front teeth. ... that the protoss' have a forever regeneration incisors, he had four consecutive accidentally severing that tooth, but every time successfully regenerated Of course, this could have been classified as a gene variation, but the key is that such regeneration can be set him free control, this is a watershed genetic variation and different capabilities of the ...... really hurt the ability of the egg ... does not exclude the powerful protoss small part because of some special reasons, do not want to join our organization, as more rare ...... the event and its victims is that a small team, on exposed serious look, I know, this event is not a joke but has reached the Class B personality problems and select independent protoss attack into a vegetative state, a variety of indications are that these attacks are completely organized and planned manner during the Suet with rare serious tone, said, ah ...... Miss Lin Tai the most Biequ fatal point, in response to my record Although Long time no see, but I did not feel particularly miss on uppercut. Additional mandatory Sec kick is access Thang Long hit the ! root your big wood very schadenfreude, right?! group bastards do not know any way to a short period of time I hinder my ability! ...... Hey Hey! Should not be like it! ? The situation should be completely developed it? Lam Suet over and help with, is not it? As for help objects should cocky spirited and not by the door for help ventral black poison tongue plus violence beat to the floating fishes? Or, Lam Suet this guy really has evolved to my natural enemies of the appalling exist? Or say these days wait moldy life has degraded to the point of tightly restrained by a violent female? the grow up results Tucao ability no way weaker than the latter So in this case, as the role of the special foreign aid into chaos and does not affect the positive effect of the court cards hidden card it ...... finished Sale Karen Millen 2011 Coats, my brain is not just Suet kicked ... then my sister spoke: characters ... such a sentence, even extremely arrogant Miss Lin Tai honestly quiet down ... but I think if my sister can before Lam Suet to launch a brutal physical attack saying this makes it even more scope and relatively powerful protoss, but at the same time they may secretly smuggled in from all over the world even ability groups are unable to ascertain the supplies ... all at the same time, they also mastered some way so as a prophet, Lam Suet can not be accurate surveillance ... we have to do this cunning organization is to help em out, and then destroy, no problem, right? : undisciplined gangs are not even a formal foreign title something to do, that trouble you will not be so easily promised Lam Suet request good! ! ! Rare Lam Suet humbly come for help when you so to help my brother to give up hard-won opportunity to turn around this is simply too cruel UGG Boots Sale! At least, and so I am re-energized to spend half an hour to get from this trouble on polymer extort something out okay?

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