stalk with two of the patients to the hospital

September 03 [Mon], 2012, 16:12
* stalk with two of the patients to the hospital to do a simple dressing ,Yang Zixuan fortunately ,just got a punch on the nose ,checked ,no major injuries, ice look like .{ the fastest text chapters read } but Lu Ying was not so lucky ,sprain foot, must recuperate at least 10 days can be good, Huangpu city is basic go ,wearing of Platycodon grandiflorum can only change the plan ,please put Lu Yingsong back to the capital .
Sitting next to Lu Ying disease Chu á ng,acceptance of Platycodon grandiflorum interrogations, ask that how she got the hooligans ,she refused to open ,just be the hooligans around ,how terror ,there .
.. ... When speaking ,Miss Lu ,forget at Yang Zixuan ,called Yang Zixuan asshole .Ask her why so hate of Platycodon grandiflorum Yang Zixuan ,Lu Ying and Yang Zixuan beat her ass feel shy to say ,just a stronger voice call ,call tired ,slowly fall asleep .
Yang Zixuan tried to ignore the Ji ā ogas miss big ,partial head, let her call ... ... She has been compared with Ji ā ogas ,long inside a greenhouse ,you will not tell her the same level as sb.
Bellflower see Lu Ying fell asleep, only to sit to the side of Yang Zixuan . I don care with her Yang Zixuan was speaking ,phone rang ,is today responsible for the arrest rogue that gold in Beijing City police officer ,said that most of the rogue is held ,led by the hit Yang Zixuan in the thin man Ye Zongcheng is a repeat offender, is also caught Yang Zixuan some of the accident ,the Ye Zongcheng look a shrewd man, how could so easily be these police ,police seized ? Love is what? Yang Zixuan calmly asks you give me the truth thinks Lu Ying is Yang Zixuan and the like ,hesitated ,Yang Zixuan insisted that he should tell the truth ,he said we caught this group of young people, for the record ,most say that girl is Zi Xian started the fight .
.. ... Listen to the officer description ,Yang Zixuan slowly in mind when Lu Ying deliberately provoke reduction site scene ... ... This is Lu Ying then swim around D à ng,his hair ,like a chatroom ,enjoying a rare since ,from ,inadvertently came to the public security is very messy street ,see next to someone in the playing cards gambling ,just curious to join in the fun ,she dared also a thief ,he also up on several disc ,the bet is fatal ,gambling addiction ,played a few games have won .
Ye Zongcheng next saw him ,and she is also a disc ,Ye Zongcheng is the local street little famous epic ,several plate down ,put Lu Ying pocket money win ,even the car back to the hotel has no money .
Lu Ying has been anxious ,says that Ye Zongcheng is cheating at cards ,at the site of big hair ,temper ,because she never lost ,in the play ,she will lose less and accomplish more ,is actually a lot of people flatter her, gave her let her win, the game can not rotten .
Lose the game does not matter ,her hair in this place miss you ,have a problem, people these rogue but do not eat it, accept ,which she has such a withdrawal depends ,in Ye Zongcheng call, not long, gathered a large number of rogue ,Lu Ying was afraid ,only the the telephone .
.. ... Subsequent events ,Yang Zixuan would know ... ... White ,or Lu Ying the girl ,do not know the immensity of heaven and earth hair miss you people to annoy ,Yang Zixuan clear sequence of events ,said I can see this Ye Zongcheng ? This certainly no problem the inspector nodded ,he is afraid of offending Yang Zixuan ,if Yang Zixuan put it with things slip to the provincial government to which they are going to get more than one bargained for ,as long as ,in does not violate the principle of condition, he will agree .
the Ye Zongcheng have a record or problem ? Yang Zixuan also added a sentence . The dwell on it at greater length ,Mayor Yang if you really want to know ,we can come to the station ,I give you a case in .
.. ... Yang Zixuan nodded ,hung up the phone ,the officer repeated, Platycodon grandiflorum was frowned ,she thought Lu Ying was bullied ,did not think of is Lu Ying himself deliberately to stir up trouble ,get into ,no wonder asked her what happened, she did not speak ,just a kick curses Yang Zixuan and Ye Zongcheng .
.. ... I need to go to the police station ... ... Yang Zixuan stood up ,walked out of the hospital ,Platycodon grandiflorum surprised any questions? Is it right? Go to statement .
.. ... No ,just want to understand some things ,you will not have to worry about it, like the Ji ā o weakarrogant land young lady on the line ... ... , ... ... ... Yang Zixuan starts the car ,to near the Public Security Bureau ,now Ye Zongcheng et al ,are in the Public Security Bureau interrogation ,no detention in prison .
Mayor Yang ,please come here ! Came out to meet Yang Zixuan is today the responsible officer Yoo ,deliberately Feng long these two words sound bite is low, not to let others hear .
About the Ye Zongcheng situation . walked and Q ,Liu officer took him to a room ,have a few files on Yang Zixuan before introduction the Ye Zongcheng although a bad thing to do a lot, but are minor, rarely hurt ,is near the street tyrant king ,fist Kung Fu .
.. ... the bottom line ? Yang Zixuan looked up and asked ,he noticed the police inside the unfinished Mandarin Liu . In fact, he was a child, his father was gold in Beijing famous underworld gang leader ,in the 80 strike ,was wiped out ,almost eats in the Hu .
Ye Zongcheng later home use a lot of relations ,said to his family for several things are sold ,to clear the relationship between ,let his father got life imprisonment .His mother managed to pull him up Women's Accessories UGG,and later heard that the seriously ill ,because no money ,the hospital received no ,he was carrying his mother ,national 4 to seek medical attention ,finally died, he took the mother body back ,in accordance with the mother ,was buried in the vicinity of a small hill .
Was frightened near the street people ,was about seventeen years old ,carrying a corpse heard from Rover province walk back, too timid ... ... ... ... ... But come back, don to a bet with ,this area gambling industry is little known ,but few people ask him to gambling ,a lot of people and he bet ,is to gamble will lose Liu officer didn know why Yang Zixuan is so concerned about this .
Can I talk to him ?, ,Yang Zixuan is not what to do with Ye Zongcheng ,he turned to see Mr. Liu . ! Although Liu Jingguan was suspected of Lou Yang Zixuan why specially come to see Ye Zongcheng again, but refrained from asking .
I want to have a look this man x ì ng how,if social harm x ì ngis not, I do not intend to pursue. Yang Zixuan smiled ,for this reason ,Liu police bureaucrat is acceptable ,he knew Ye Zongcheng .
How to set the X ì ng,depends on the attitude of Yang Zixuan, if Yang Zixuan in Ye Zongcheng the last organization black evil gang such serious charges ,Mr. Liu can also collect relevant evidence ,let initiating public prosecution .
.. ... Of course, if you are not willing to pursue Yang Zixuan ,Liu officer can now give Ye Zongcheng to put ,as a general social security cases to deal with ,the key lies in the attitude of Yang Zixuan Ye Zongcheng was locked in a small room Womens Puma Repli Cat III Shoes,suddenly the door open ,light penetration ,his consciousness raised his head ,Mr.
Liu reminds a sentence this is a party ,you talk to him ,the rest of your life will be like ,it is your attitude ,understand ? Then ,Mr. Liu shut the door ,before also did not forget to charge Yang Zixuan ,have what accident ,immediately shouted ,he is out in the hallway ,the police not to them to monitor .
.. ... In fact, Mr. Liu also don hope Ye Zongcheng squat chant ,he knew them this one family ,is a poor man, age has caused them to a tragedy ,of course, if Yang Zixuan Ye Zongcheng to start, he would not keep leaf tsung-cheng ,people always live in reality ,not a little sympathy ruined his career .
Ye Zongcheng does not know Yang Zixuan ,but he knew Liu police Mandarin inside meaning his fate by the present and his young man decides !Think of here puma running shoes,he couldn a dark eyes !He is not the man of ambition ,but he did not stir up trouble, can not give him that in the prison to increase the burden ,it is his only family in the world !Also on his money to honor those guards .
Your destiny is in my hand ,do you have anything to say ? Yang Zixuan quietly said, have assumed a posture of lord it over others . I won ask you UGG Langley Sale,I got my pride, but if you leave me ,I will say thank you .
.. ... Ye Zongcheng s èis also verycalm face .Yang Zixuan smiled your father is life imprisonment ? Ye Zongcheng flashed a surprised ,then is !But how ? You seem to be very dissatisfied with your father sentence ?He didn .
Hu ,have a good organization ,leading black evil force which is punishable by death ... ... Fart !My father never killed a man ! Ye Zongcheng started from the stool and stand up ,face the angry stares at Yang Zixuan ,his hands clenched .
The good Sale UGG Earmuffs,the bad what is the standard? It seems that you still don ,why your father will go to jail. Yang Zixuan smiled ,for Ye Zongcheng anger is not a surprise .Sorry. Ye Zongcheng consciously asked .
The good ,the bad standard ,there is no standard !Standard formulation ,is that incumbents !You are a bad man ,the authorities can also make you a good man ! Yang Zixuan smiled, you say is good or bad ,but the tract ,de meaning above is good or bad, but I respect your father this person .
.. ... Talk about your business ,you talk to me ,this is not the order and I discussed the standard of good or bad ? Ye Zongcheng sat down again ,slight squint eyes . I can make you father commuted ,or directly to bail him out ,!.
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