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Originally did not know where the eunuchs to pull the carriage ,but really got on ,Xu Xun had a number of heart .The compartment walls of metal parts is it gold inlay puma ferrari shoes,siding seems take whole wood ,occasionally articulation place ,is hardly see out .
Windows on both sides of hanging spot bamboo curtain ,bamboo curtain covered with gauze ,the median of a small almost put a fixed die Dan carving peony saved box ,one on the two shelf ,is a pitcher and four glasses of wine ,one side is soft towel rinses the glenoid ,on the wall where it is able to hold at least two people sat down with a seat ,it covered with shady rattan seats ,and front space but no one sitting room ,only two soft mat pendulum, see only one kneeling or sitting cross-legged on the work which is where to find whatever carriage ,perhaps Shouning Hou Zhang Heling the vehicle !Otherwise it is unusual the princes ,may not have this luxury .
Zhu Houzhao lounged in the wide reclining seats, see Xu Xunyi .Look around while stood there into nor retreat is not ,he is rudely pat next to the room and said: look what, come and sit with me ! If the others ,since weigh out of Zhu Houzhao identity ,how will say so too respectful with profound respect and humility and so on and so on ,however ,did not find other places to sit and Xu Xun will not be wronged themselves this way down past ,present laughed arch submissively path: continued is small the duke said ,I respectfully not obeyed the ! When Xu Xun comes over so comfortable sitting down beside him ,Zhu thick when care was happy ,with padded smiling looking at him for a while, it was suddenly tilted his head and said: well you good .
.. ... Yes ,you said before you what to ask ... ... On Xu ,hoon !Hey ,strange, how do I seem to have heard of you ,who said that ride ... ... Zhu Houzhao said that shall be troubled with fist gently beating on the small forehead ,can contemplate the good while doing nothing to .
At this moment Xu Xun is also not know music is probably had been married and then cough warns: I just hit Nanjing ,small the Duke can be heard my name ? Nanjing. Yes, Nanjing is having a great reputation ,ah ,you are the big son ! Zhu Houzhao suddenly forget this is in carriage suddenly stood up ,the results of this station does not matter ,young ,but not small his head slammed into a top plate with is ouch sound sit down :at this time, the door suddenly stopped soon to be pushed ,a face full of tension in my head .
Little Duke your ghost ... ... The last thing the word also did not say exports, driving the old eunuch was a mechanical stop, look at it mysteriously standing act with confusion to knead head Zhu Houzhao Xu Xun .
Zhu Houzhao raised his head ,impatiently waved him made a rush of human posture ,he then tried to swallow a spittle ,Xu Xun again to make a warning look, it himself back to first with great care to put down the bamboo curtain, and then shut the door .
As the carriage once again set out ,hitting the head Zhu Houzhao was restored .Show one he gasped ,can immediately without the minor accident ,eyes stare staring at Xu Xun old then, it looks strangely asked : Xu Hun, I ask you ,I hear you old daddy is the Nanjing famous people ,rich and powerful ,and how do you say is door everybody was born ,you later that daddy is a pauper ,why did you want to know him ? Xu Xun thought the video trying to get through the Hongzhi emperor there is joint ,can think at first his own name and not fully remember Zhu Houzhao ,would know he has two fathers .
At this moment ,even as he is smart ,but some do not know where to answer ,mind the moment countless thoughts .Until the discovery of Zhu Houzhao look eyes condensed ,not like before that arbitrary or himself ,he could feel the answer but extremely important to Zhu Houzhao ,he finally made up his mind to .
Little Duke to hear the truth or lie ? This rhetorical question suddenly let Zhu Houzhao stopped, and only asked suspiciously : truth ,lies and how ? Say false words, of course that blood is thicker than water ,and love .
Even though father keeps me this for many years ,is better than not father blood . Xu Xun be poker-faced to here ,see Zhu Houzhao nodded .He went on ,he only said, to tell the truth ,it is people are long meat ,that my father left me this son for years ignored ,even I encounter difficult ,seeing what should be there ,but he still no trace .
But my dad is first to water saved my life ,followed by another for my sake was framed ,and then again in the assassinated when trying to save me out of tight encirclement ... ... Wait, you wait ! Zhu Houzhao suddenly interrupted by Xu Xun ,was asked in astonishment : not to say is you to save him block arrows ,how they became he struggles to save you out of tight encirclement ? Little Duke ,it was my father in me when stupor foreign head said ,I woke up ,what is done cannot be undone ,is said to have been reported on the court ,I tell the truth ,who can believe me? Often thought of by the emperor in praise, my heart is an unsettled state of mind .
.. ... Xu Xun knows this is a gamble ,but when Zhu Houzhao see light suddenly ,was rushed him gladly nod ,a much appreciated appearance ,he doesn feel comfortable a mouthful of air ,and it went on to say: if there are no such affection, even if the witnesses evidence irrefutable evidence ,I really think Dad by blood ,the mind will inevitably exist .
But even so ,in front of me for my father after all these years of spending ,so I and Dad had consulted ,the future if there is interest ,will adopt a ,to my father ,let him not .The story in the later no problems ,but in the Ming Dynasty ,it is a shock the common customs .
Confucian ritual extremely strict, decades of ex-rearing but not blood ,therefore ,opera in order to birth parents .And abandon the adoptive parents ,even for revenge in the adoptive parents in distress ,even after years of boom clasp an enemy to one is father ,this is all some .
Listening to Xu Xun division ,Zhu Houzhao sat there after a long time, the next was for a long time didn ,frowned became a big pimple .Until stiff sitting Xu Xun natural earthquake dynamic shoulder ,just listen close to the little prince suddenly close to ask a word .
Let me ask you, if a big family ,head mistress had no sons ,so he borrowed Ta abdomen parturient ,a maid girl child in the knees ,the son grows up occasionally know from experience ,what should he do ? What meaning of this ?Murphy .
.. ... God. If say before meeting the Houzhao Zhu ,Xu Xun already has a and the sky drops pasty hit his head in the sense of vertigo ;so now Zhu Houzhao asked such a question ,he almost hate heaven thunder direct him to split the halo ,so he can avoid such a decision to pit the trouble .
He was not live complained that he didn talk about Book Expo ,only know the emperor Zhengde Southern Prince and the Showgirl ,only know that a few top name ,never heard of such a stubble ethical family drama .
However ,now regret it was too late to think again .Across a thin layer of carriage siding ,he determined that drove the old eunuch outside whether can hear ,hear and will submit to ,he can only take a deep breath ,and then reluctantly said: little Duke ,that thing ,that is to look at the situation .
Zhu Houzhao looked at her only silent, Xu Xun was so as effectively analysis: the first light to said is true .For every kind of fantastic family compound often have the tattle and prate ,cannot exclude someone deliberately fabricated facts ,let his son to his mother and then took the chance to challenge their doubts and feelings .
.. ... This somewhat told remind words in Zhu Houzhao but somewhat rough ,instantly frowned .While running the Xu Xun where not to see it UGG Neema Sale, but have to strike while the iron is hot.
The duke said :do not think that I was indeed listen continuously Karen Millen Strapless 2011 Clearance,this is a precedent .In four days the queen Datang biological son, second of them ,which is the first letter of Yong Wang ,became crown prince Li Xian ,because the letter eunuch some absurd rumors ,regard themselves as South Korea sons ,so the mother and son quarrels, the final result, I do not say you should also be Duke know of .
Zhu Houzhao body in the palace, the teachers all day long history ,he listened to listen to Gaviota UGG Boots,but not to regard it as right .Now listen to Xu Xun this paragraph break duty ,does not like to read but got a good memory.
He immediately think again, remember Li Dongyang about the new book of Tang . that one section ,immediately turned the fog and down ,with a little . Well ,you continue to say .
.. ... Secondly ,if it is true ... ... ... ... Hongzhi emperor after deep feelings that Xu Xun may never want to lift the fake may ,but Zhu Houzhao wanted ,he had the heart one horizontal stroke continued , the father to son ?The mother and son ?This is it right? True love ,anyone can see .
Just like before it Mens Classic Mini UGG Boots,people are long meat ,if his son remember when situation ,has a total of the judgment is . See Zhu Houzhao finally some touching, Xu Xun then took a deep breath ,put in Zhu Houzhao ,almost mosquitoes and general sound out of the last copper killer : moreover, the master if really want to confirm the tattle and prate ,it holds a malingering? The biological parents of all children ,most immediately ,the son is ill .
.. ... With this last sentence ,the body under the carriage cease abruptly ,and out came a reverent and respectful voice : little Duke ,Guozijian street has arrived . The next moment ,the door was open ,and then a layer of bamboo car curtain was one point one points up, he showed that drove an old eunuch and polite smile .
Find Zhu Houzhao there brooding motionless, the smiling face of the old eunuch sideways at a glance Xu Xun, suddenly with a nod of the head ,and extend a hand to eager to help Xu Xunxian get off .
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