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September 06 [Thu], 2012, 11:23
From Paris to hill city highway, traffic shuttled .Both sides of the road ,sparsely forested ,hilly farmland cottages ,high on the mountain slope, look far in a quiet rural scenery . Brother ,the front is where? We are direct drive to the Normandy ? In the back seat while browsing at both sides of highway snow scenery ,Sale UGG Kids Classic,he asked curiously .
No, one hour later, we will arrive at the castle .Hill city Caen ,is a gateway to Paris. ,but also leads to the European mainland hub . Cloudy music shook her head , the Second World War, the Allied landing in Normandy ,the first war occurred in this small town having a great reputation .
Both the allies or the German ,the castle is very important, who has won it ,who won the strategic initiative ,to lay the foundation of victory . So that the battle must play very miserable ? Sitting beside him red fox also help generate a curiosity ,asked .
Cloudy Le nodded ,sink a track : German concentration was in armored forces 2/3 troops ,including eight armoured division and two infantry division and the Allied war effort .After the Allied landing also throws a large number of troops to attack the city ,the famous American general Barton was also started to join the castle fight .
After landing in Haikou under Barton had said : I two weeks after the attack rate of division ,to November 11th, my birthday, will win the war. He dare say !Result. Xue Ji listen to Yin Lok said one heart was more curious ,then asked .
Cloudy Le shrugged and replied: in fact the allies in the middle of August to get the Castle Wars decisive victory .The German eight panzer division and the two infantry divisions almost complete failure .
It is said that Hitler called August 15th he life in the most unlucky day .And later became president of the United States Eisenhower spoke at his command the hill city battle said: there is no doubt ,Falez battlefield is the war field have been one of the largest slaughterhouse .
.. ... My breath away hundreds of meters of road, and the pace is stepped on the dead and decaying corpse ,this situation is truly sad . That this battle frigid degree . Snow can to eyes wide ,slender hands over cherry mouth ,good half talent surprised and said: a small battle had casualties so much people ,they really can go hand .
Red fox in the face not to regard it as right said : strange ,human is a curious creatures ,they not only on other living things is to be extremely cruel and merciless ,has a private ,not make them die group extinction .
In dealing with their own kind is ,at no mercy .Throughout human history ,you can see hundreds of examples .For example, ancient Yangzhou three carcasses ,modern Nanjing massacre ,the slaughter of the Jews ,slaughter in Poland, is simply beyond count .
And they can figure out all kinds of strange and eccentric penalty to torture similar ,even the dead .At this point ,I think we Yaozu is show the white feather . Cloudy music could face some hot, red fox said although there is a little extreme, but also is the human nature, irrefutable .
Where do you want to stay ?Where can we eat lunch ,feel the betrayals ,interested ? In order to avoid the only topic continues, cloudy music quickly with topic . Good ah ! Red fox and services is almost speak with said .
Three people walking in the city high streets and back lanes ,results in addition to an ancient castle still has bullet holes ,has been hard to sniff out those wars were .It is in the town diner ,which live in peace age people ,still talking about general Barton that year in hill city dash about in a battlefield left by a moving story .
Barton and he makes the enemy tremble with fear on hearing of hate ,or difficulty, still as a hill city people indulge in elaborating on . It is strange ,as if they do not fear the evil will attack people similar to .
Well ,snow ,you try, it tastes very good . Crimson fox side of said questioningly ,tasting the local famous novel , it is a kind of fresh milk ,cinnamon mixed with rice ,and after several hours of cooking a sweet pastry .
Nothing ,now in Europe and Asia than after all ,still be in smooth water ,and more recently the mazoku throughout Europe began messages are holy church suppressed ,even the Paris tomb area lost a number of bones that do not are not leaked ,so their life is calm ,just don how long I can keep it up .
Cloudy music quietly said , the two of you to taste the apple wine ,very appetizing .There are apple tart ,taste is also quite special . But now is the darkness before dusk !Do not know the truth they can not enjoy the quiet life long ! Crimson fox gently sigh ,the blood clans had so much movement, it is certainly not small talk with the Holy See play, trouble is at the back .
,Classic Tall Stripe UGG,anyhow than today East Asian countries ,Japan would not have said ,now fearful mess mess .South Korea ,North Korea and China ,and the Southeast Asia country, now which is not be always on tenterhooks to live ?In contrast ,they are now more comfortable .
Snow also can sighed . Yes,karen millen outlet store, Tin Lok ,had forgotten to ask you ,you take us to Europe for a long time ,is not afraid of blood sent to attack the Japanese ?The prescription but will soon be completed ,that if the blood clans claimed ,we can thoroughly namely be thoroughly discredited ,you are troubled .
Crimson Fox face with some asked anxiously .Originally she thought cloudy music just to glance over things hurriedly to Europe and the holy see a walk-off game, but now see this posture ,seem to want to stay longer .
Cloudy he laughs, lowering his voice to her: rest assured ,Andouble Um and Bao Le two people in Japan Institute of infectious diseases ,what a terrible .And I tell you, may be in these two days, the half-breed old monk is also to bring some disciples and followers are to Japan .
a three gangster ,guardian of the Japan Institute of infectious diseases ,I have nothing to worry about .And the evil spirit race agreement prior to maturity, I back to Asia ,you can rest assured .
It road ? Crimson fox eyes smile ,a faint smile on one . Well ,that bastard veteran is greedy ,lazy ,and love ! A face not resolute and decisive ,cloudy day music . Call .
.. ... Crimson fox breathed a sigh of relief, with authentic , that I can rest assured, no wonder you boldly ran out . To understand the truth of the crimson fox greatly in the heart ,with the old guy personally charge ,do nothing to worry about .
In those days in Normandy landing battle ,there is a small place called Hawke corners ,but in the Allied Normandy assault has play a decisive role position ,and today ,it is cloudy music for the blood clans choose burial ground .
Hawke corner is an obtuse triangle coast ,is named landing Beach West Omaha in Omaha is the U.S. first infantry division and twenty-ninth infantry division landing the main battlefield .
But now there is a beautiful bay ,carpet type lawn and thick and sturdy trees, is a natural park .Most striking is the few war monument and memorial wall .Memorial Wall glazed tile useful as combat situation map ,and the European war situation map .
Hawke corner is a solemn burial ground, this is a very spectacular military cemetery ,the cemetery on Omaha beach here is that when landing the biggest sacrifice beach .In the green and white cross Jiuqianqibaiduo American soldiers were buried .
These American soldiers French land did not see ,is dead .Many tombstones placed in front of a two flowers ,it is just people here to live .Stop here for a long time the cloudy music five of them saw nearly 100 French students here to sacrifice ,led the two retired French generals .
They were dressed in old military uniform ,chest wearing many medals ,are their children about Hawke corner ,Hitler told the defeated fascist story .People speak talk in an impressive way ,the children eat with appetite ,and even have the city television reporter in the interview .
France attaches great importance to youth national defense education and traditional education ,know to let young people cherish today lives in peace . Cloudy day music is quite feeling ground says , to have a look to our country ,in addition to the special day ,UGG Amberlee Sale,everyone tried to pursue money ,even to sacrifice martyrs ,is more beautiful ,do to the world .
Tin Lok ,forget it ,it even if you are incapable of action . Crimson fox said softly ,domestic current situation she is also very clear ,already built martyrs cemetery to Square commercial area ,make ,was relocated to the suburbs ,or even simply bulldozed ;also some places also called martyrs cemetery must generate income ,the full of prostitutes dance to it ,the martyrs to shame .
Alas ... ... Cloudy Le long sighed , ,in Normandy ,and a cemetery ,it was a German cemetery .The battle of Normandy when, have a young SS troops ,was born around 1926 .They enlist ,under eighteen years of age .
A force of twenty thousand men ,then almost entirely in the region of Normandy was killed .However ,their cemetery just us 1/2 . How so small ?The grave enough ? Snow road .Was the American cemetery just buried more than 9000 ,appears to have a solid sheet ,no wonder she has this question .
There is no tombstone ,only embedded in the ground stones ,each stone was engraved with two individuals ,or three people ,and even the names of five .That is to say ,these people are overlapped together to bury .
Several people share a grave .There is no enough space for every person in the cemetery cross ,the center vertical several ,closely packed together ,is for everyone to share .It is such ,land still is not enough ,then ,there is a mound cemetery ,which buried more than 200 .
Full overlap .The cemetery on a lonely road .The entrance is narrow . Cloudy music voice said .Although Germany in World War II was the aggressor ,but to the dead treatment differ such great disparity is quite a bit to feel .
This is the best interpretation of losers are always in the wrong ,if the Second World War was the Allied defeat ,this treatment will fall dead soldiers head !Tin Lok ,these years you still heart somewhat soft ,law of the jungle but evil spirit race iron ,not !Should be all racial iron .
The firm or the time to be ruthless ! Behind him with the fox said softly . Do not say, red fox !Although I am now is a member of the demon race ,but I was .I may disregard the Japanese life ,indifferent to Europe and the United States of ruin ,but I can the decline of Chinese nation again ,you know ? Cloudy music one face is helpless ,this recently he and red fox have discussed many times, but the two sides who can talk to each other .
But in days ,you thought not ,so far ,can say that we have not and the demon tribe had a positive struggle, you feel with the gathered in Japan the yogi strength ,can stop the demon tribe revenge pace ?In my opinion ,it is not possible !A tiger with a pack of wolves may be able to block the tigers ,but with a flock of sheep tiger is not the tigers in the rival ,you know ! Crimson fox to have never had a sharp attitude tract .
Crimson fox heart is very clear ,this time from the evil boundary crossing to Yaozu ,although in the demon world may not be a good person ,but on the world is not strong enough to make strength ,a great overlord ,to just finish day fox two become cloudy music .
,down one maybe is not difficult, but never are they teamed up with the opponent .Now in Japan practitioner ,Andouble Um has only a few people can become cloudy music assistant ,the rest is at best bang the drum for sb.
pawns .It is no exaggeration to say strength compared to ,very great disparity ! Even with the domestic rise above the common herd practitioner ,if there is no creation of human intervention ,absolutely no odds .
Imperceptibly ,originally just going to go to Japan to earn sum of money a cloudy day music has in the human and demon race war deeper ,several times for foreign government in blackmail ,Greenfield UGG Boots,as China earned huge wealth ,but also all the attention drawn to his body .
It is not only the human ,and the evil spirit race and race to red fox was truly be threatened by growing crises .Once the cloudy music exposure ,he was between two fires !More importantly ,if there is a demon clan found cloudy music Shiheng spiritual successor ,then the messages back to the demon world to know how many ,will lead to kill those who .
Dark wolf ,a green plume ,are now is a demon lord it over a district in the circles of Lords ,under the able person numerous ,already with the constant spirit of him they would never give it to any revenge blood hate music opportunities .
Everything now, but is the demon tribe to human revenge, red fox not to believe ,demon tribe in clearing the Japanese will just return the monster realm .In recent decades by pollution from China ,is the inevitable result of their key target it is tacit everyone fact .
So the Chinese government can say now frantically savings of various materials ,and a variety of important information ,scientific research personnel ,scientific research equipment ,or even a plant from coastal areas to the Central Plains region ,farther to the Northwest region .
Large scale, in no way inferior to that in preparation for the invasion of the Soviet Union and the industrial migration . Red fox ,I didn be overbearing to think one has the power of evil spirit race pace in revenge ,I was only in as far as possible to delay their time ,to China to break !I hope that when this catastrophe past, China can recover as soon as possible .
Cloudy music a long sigh of relief ,the red fox said , I have said so many times, how can you not understand? I know ,how can I do not know ah .But have you ever thought about the consequences of doing so .
?You are not too late to back out ,then this entanglement down ,you have to get out ! Crimson fox stamped Xiao Man Foot Road, t say anything else, just really moving hands ,your identity is what they perceive to be an easy job to will ,when you are in deep trouble ,so many years we effort may be all washed up ! Crimson fox to dare to think, when it comes to the monster group and Japan across the sea ,to the day ,what will be a result of .
Cloudy Le silence for a long time ,he does not understand ,and now he too fail to show restraint ,has become the focus of the eyes of the public ,like this, red fox is depicted in predicament become a reality .
But how he could let it go ? In chief ,now the situation in Paris is turbulent ,at this time ,these Eastern people not in Le Louvre Museum at the Chinese cultural relics ,and what went to Normandy viewing be in a leisurely and carefree mood ? Brow micro lock di noxusa sweetly asked .
This is a female vampire ,a blond hair ,green eyes ,a beautiful face ,a tight black leather made her fruitful chest ,slender waist and Leong hips revealed character .While not beautiful beauty ,but is also a rare beauty .
Especially her chest that cleavage ,simply stunning .Sit in a wry shook his head and said: these Oriental weird ideas that how can I guess enough of it ,though I have checked out the news ,they now had indeed arrived in normandy .
Well ,I have a look ,Hawke horn beach ,a three people ,the boy and a woman was in Le Louvre museum did not come . He really didn and di noxusa sit together ,originally ugly he di noxusa beauty background, is not fit to be seen ,not ugly .
But their identity and to Europe to I have found ,this young man named cloudy music ,Chinese practitioners ,the owner of one of the plague treatment prescription ,he was single-handedly organized this time to Europe and the United States government price blackmail ;the boy called Zhao Qinghua ,Chinese practitioners ,should be his younger disciple in practice ,not a long time ,the general strength .
In face of the said solemnly . Is he !He did not stay in Japan ,how will go to Europe ? Dinos looked startled said, now cloudy music but a great reputation in the world ,almost everyone knows ,there is such a person ,hard to blackmail the countries in Europe and America a history price money .
Europe and the United States on his natural guts ,developing national but he had more respect .In and did not answer her question ,then said: the rest of the three women of unknown origin ,nationality ,address ,family circumstances were forged, I suspect him of demon servants ! Demon servants ! Dinos said some surprise ,although she did not understand to the East ,but still more or less to know something .
In the East, some powerful practitioners ,will beat some of practice into the monster group to own slaves ,but today I met one . But ,in chief ,I think you know ,one can use the fire demon devil race how may be reduced to human yogi servant ?And they sent a message to the necromancer ,cloudy music strength is not very good ,with three female relationship between master and servant identity is not like .
Like last night lotus teaches on their trial ,from beginning to end, three women did not sell, where there are no servant consciousness ! In a nod of the head ,eyebrows that a baby fist size purple tumor also sway ,shocking .
So I was unable to determine the relationship between them, can only be said to be suspected .This time they to Europe to supervision and inspection in Europe returned to Chinese cultural relics in .
The Le Louvre Museum of the incumbent united to their ranks ,is a shrewd person . The Le Louvre Museum of the incumbent united to his army for? The man very much ? Dinos looked puzzled and asked .
No, it man ,but he is in the identification of cultural relics and museum management is a rare talent ,cloudy music pulled his aim should be to improve China museum management system ,better protection of Chinese cultural relics ,and we do not have any relations .
Dinos thought power switch ,an idea came to my mind ,but she remains on the surface and calmly said: in chief ,since he take the initiative to leave Paris ,for us is a good thing too ,less the Holy See jackals intervention ,we do things to so much .
However ,I am aware of our plans to change ,the cloudy music I taken alive ,but he has great utilization value ! In noxusa laugh say: Di ,you know my idea is agree without prior without previous consultation ,the music must live a cloudy day .
You go to Normandy ,monitoring their actions ,if the time is right ,you can decide whether to start !I contact captain Kay Straw, he sent some men to ,can not let him escape back to Asia
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