Lane still on the run because

September 05 [Wed], 2012, 17:55

Once upon a time, walnuts suddenly found even longer sunshine, there will be such a dark tunnel, why before completely did not notice the school there will be so many opaque line? Alley, or alley Hengzhi jumbled tedious hard to determine the the walnuts very determined Empire Royal College, he is still more certain now is spring, and the sun during the day should also stay in the clouds, overlooking the earth can this all, seem to have nothing to do and like a the meridians general spread the alley cold, as if the winter is not yet past dark, to reject any sun dirty messy, these roads can not be called road and can only be regarded as the gap pair gathered dirty and despair, and never let any bright coming through the open door of the gap walnut leaning the next slightly sticky wall, only to sewer rats, walked forward a little bit of the side of a water pipe slightly crack, ejected a dark yellow water fired at the other side of the wall walnut mouth to swallow the saliva, close your eyes want to rush, but tried a few times, she finally could not rush finally set a good Board, that idiot abruptly destruction angry walls continue to silence ... want you to die quickly! soon soon soon soon Woo ...... tongue hurts ... the in an instant the little princess in her eyes could not see how he came out, only know the shackles on his hands and feet still firmly extreme pair of cold eyes into her, holding the the small bread left hand after pull , forward and stretched out his right hand, holding the hands of that paint black dagger but compared Previously, she just took a step back slightly, then stood still, end What does it mean after thinking a moment, he finally retracted holding dark off the right hand, to come up with that number from her single handed past walnuts see him put away the dagger, patted his chest finally catch his breath. her foot step, did not pick up a share of the number of single, but held out his hand, touched directly idiot head of small arms bread ask mo comfortable, small bread called happy cry Then, she reached out a small hand stretched out toward the walnut She turned her head and the front of the idiot face immediately like summer weather becomes very cold, she hum snatched the number of single-cry from the hands of an idiot in the rough glanced after, immediately raised his list in front idiot posture to see her putting on airs, but the idiot very alert to step back, pinching the dark off to make a ready escape like especially when further idiot's continue to step back and you ............ Do not push me otherwise, we fish to the death than he saw the opposite of the slow to slowly think, although she did not come up with an idiot so to alert their real reason, but he is now the site looks like, finally the little princess completely enraged you really are ... an idiot!!! I Zhenshi Ben, I was a fool! I actually would like to invite you to my birthday party this idiot? simply big mistake I know, you are absolutely not a prince definitely not Knight is a downright idiot just friends! you die, you just do not want to participate in my birthday party, right? well! can not participate would not participate in also rare you bastard, I hate you! right, I hate you, very very hate you! you do not want to, right? down you mean why should I?, you do not want to, I want you to! you listen to me! Bucks Empire first princess, the of walnuts · Du Leiya · Buddhism Hughes's identity now, I command you in the day of my birthday UGG Classic Tall, must attend! but not the identity of the guests, and identity based handyman! that day will become my slave, I order the banquet I maintain good! can holding restraint Princess ace after listening to these words, he slowly hand in my arms, took out two ! you must listen to me! , fingers pointing directly idiot nose tip these things, anyway, you have to be when my slaves! Otherwise ...... or .................. only say Idiots know that is not life idiot terrible, he was terrible that he was afraid of death, because once dead, what are not because of fear, so he has always been careful to act less than absolute grasp the moment, never shot terrible people to life is always the most difficult to deal with because you can not use the security of their life to threaten them Sale UGG Fringe Cardy, and also to life, such a person can abandon the original treasure many things, idiot deeply aware of yourself in the hands of these photos, the princess seems to have no repressive force to see idiot shocked, walnut heart finally enjoy a little taste of lived to the time you must come UGG Mens Classic Mini! Moreover, in the day when I would like to you no matter what I said, you have to listen to Sale Karen Millen 2012 Dresses, and does not allow any revolt! there there on that day! you are not allowed to re-like as suspicious, you have to believe in others! If you can not do all the words you say, I ...... I ...... turn around: Lane still on the run because she did not want to let the guy see this red almost even indescribable face to face walnuts leave idiot eyes gradually into the cold he stood in a dark alley, static static thinking pair of aquamarine eyes looked up at the do? But now it seems that even if you do not want to go to the party to die but that day, you have to be slaves hey ~ ~ ~! ha ha ha ha, so funny! make you this kid all day paranoid completely wrong day others suspicious, is simply more difficult than kill you thinking, starting all the brain cells, research Saina Ge met all machinations, thinking about a possible trap of his life he would be standing here continued to think about the whole two hours, until the sun sets and the last point light can not be crammed into this alley, finally shut her dark Double Vision, turned around and disappear from the alley ...

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