say she put me in here for so many days

September 05 [Wed], 2012, 18:01
Grand empress dowager Wang love clean ,coupled with aging ,weekdays burnout ,rarely out of common nature .Hongzhi emperor and Empress Dowager only piece of a people ,toward the old wives were almost all died ,Emperor Zhu Houzhao has yet to accept small princess ,on weekdays, no one by his name to bother her ,day was Shuxin comfortable .
However ,this day on weekdays to her but is honor of Zhang Taihou was epoch-making in greeting after left .Although this is quite surprising ,but Wang know Zhang empress x ì ng,always cheerfully listen to her to look the other way .
For pocket for a good circle, the Empress Dowager Zhang just out of business . From last year Karen Millen One Shoulder Dresses UK,died late start ,rites and ceremonial prison began as thick as after the election ,to now finally is almost .
Today I have come ,also want to please a finally block palm grand empress dowager Zhang eye ,chosen out of ten three . Wang as empress dowager ,but not in such things and Zhang Taihou power mean ,heard this one ,by the body is not good to refuse ,but couldn Zhang Taihou .
It ,think about Hongzhi emperor as a only child, is fearless to the Y ù asX ìng,had to pick a sound good on the side, eventually agreed .However ,others think it is as unalterable principles ,accommodation is instrument this surprised but not light ,until Zhang Taihou returned to Renshou in the palace ,she went quietly to have these days are always in Xiyuan sink m í insumo wrestling drama Zhu Houzhao messenger .
Only two minute, Zhu Houzhao crashed into the Renshou palace ,trotted into the East snappers ,he could not get desperation sweating ,shouted in a loud voice : mother ,the Empress Dowager to hear you please choose to Erchen queen consort ? Had picked up ten people already by lead aunt taught for several months now etiquette ,the last person to choose natural ,this is the due meaning .
The Empress Dowager Zhang met Zhu Houzhao stood there ,thought son this is because marriage is ashamed of ,immediately smiled and said , marry marriage ... You see Xu Xun after marriage is not harmony ?Now the queen and Empress Dowager is a piece for you pick a x ì ngand pretty girl .
I don ! Zhu Houzhao Zhou Qiniang around boss circle to get around ,although it has been unable to see ,but he don ,but did not think himself not to intervene ... Li Rong is choosing the empresses thing into today point .
At this moment ,he suddenly blew up ,shout a sound after angrily said : what ten people ,Erchen can not seen their pick of ten person ,how to say will be from the inside to Erchen pick what wives ? Zhang Taihou did not want Xu Xun to the biggest trouble ,are now also in the capital ,Zhu Houzhao was still so stubborn .
.. Time also could not help but angry : you haven what matters to you ,father is in the final wedding festivities night didn me, is not the same as the United States and the United States ?Even I and Empress Dowager singled out the final three person ,time also is not a queen you settle down ?Compared with the folk parental life the words of a match-maker an arranged marriage ,you have a big blessing ! I don this blessing ! Zhu Houzhao felt a fire detonation in mind blast ,also no longer and Zhang Taihou argue ,was turned away .
See a dowager was choked with anger ,volume is instrument chasing out quickly ... In the main hall of the door to stop it ,Zhu Houzhao Karen Millen Limited Editions,said : the emperor and Empress Dowager why such a confrontation, and some say that you already have a soft look in people not good ?She is your mother .
.. That might be in your heart album was her consort may not know . Let the woman he loves to give that do not know where the queen lives on earth .?At this moment ,Zhu Houzhao in a mess, and shook his head and said, are we to forget .
.. ... ... ... ... ... Li Rong is really hateful ,it can and I pass a gas !Do not say, you let me to think about ! See Zhu Houzhao walk fast ,volume is instrument there Lengleng stood for a while, it is turning to the empress dowager ,rack one in front of a pile of good work ,but is always can let Zhang empress .
But on the other side of Zhu Houzhao stormed out of the dry out a door back to Xiyuan ... Suddenly feel that people around boring very ,he altogether turned people away ,leaving only the Latham ,themselves along the lakes shore boredom ahead ,was fast approaching when too element of the house ,he hesitated for a straight break in .
In the house is under no one know that frequent Xiaozhu father-in-law emperor ... He is all ceremonial prison reds ,look in the queen mother sent to take sh ìemperorweeks Qiniang -- although against the rules, but the emperor is a didn come here this week ,while girls for pet slim chance ,rather than wait ,might as well and the near the former sh ì playgood relationship .
So now he came in ,a few small fire is not a foot up ,all greased seek safety in flight .Only the senior in Zhu Houzhao into the back room was silent ,keep on the outside .Zhou Qiniang is buried at hearing the news ,look up see Zhu Houzhao angrily rushed in ,she couldn was stupefied stupefied, he put aside the embroidery frame stepped forward and asked: so angry ?Is by the eunuch Li Lu or who bully ? .
.. ... Zhu Houzhao took a deep breath suddenly say without mincing words ,said , the emperor big married almost ,will determine the empresses candidate ! Eh? Week seven Niang questioningly furrowed brow, frowned and said , this is not everybody know about it ?The repeated screening so many ,now almost the setting .
This is the Empress Dowager and empress tube thing ,you follow behind a eunuch Li .What to do ? I am angry ... ... ... ... ... ... Of course I angry ,emperor of the royal prerogative ,this will marry who when the queen cannot let your mind ,it is too poor, as well as North Bo Xu Xun ! See Zhu Houzhao said ,remember this young eunuch Zhou Qiniang led to his God God talk on endlessly said that a dream the behind story, also know that Xu Xun and Shen Yue are not celebrated the reunion ,but the first piece to .
Though the envy of this two people simply as a general success on marriage ,but she knows that this story was nothing more than x ì ng,slightly one is laughing to pull Zhu Houzhao down ,and personally to the copper bowl injection water ,wring out a wet towel to he .
He took up angrily cleaned the face ,she reached out to take over . How can this emperor peace North Burpee ?The emperor is a king ,the rules and dowager empress dowager testimonies there is looked at ,down below there Wenwubaiguan and the world people watching ,it is more difficult to master .
Zhou Qiniang in the house after all have stayed for a long time, and in the Renshou house followed by volume is instrument ,this time also can not help but sigh , once upon a time in the outside world hears that the emperor is the emperor ,the most distinguished people ,can now think ,the emperor also too tight .
Zhu Houzhao felt that these words said to his heart went to the interior ,a time didn right ,but there was echoed the nod .However ,Zhou Qiniang said here, then shook his head and laughed : however ,the marriage is a good thing as soon as possible .
Listen to what they say ,the emperor Shen m í playall day just in Xiyuan ,government affairs it rarely bother Brookfield Short UGG Boots,and canonized by Queen Princess ,they persuaded the emperor to converge more diligent ,so that all people are lucky .
A remark Sale UGG Highkoo, Zhu Houzhao suddenly stopped ,just in high spirit expression suddenly moved ,then to old Baba said: really feel the emperor is that a man ? Zhou Qiniang is the copper basin scrub the soft towel ,also was not aware of Zhu Houzhao changes ,this would have never looked back and said: have seen the emperor ,just hearsay ,therefore I think so .
And if the emperor to book you for after the princess ? Hearing this ,Zhou Qiniang startled, hand overexert ,a copper basin water suddenly crashed all over ,all of a sudden wet her dress and shoes .
This time ,she realized that he overreacted peevishly ,immediately took a soft towel wipe hands on water ,the head also does not carry the said : nonsense ,you gave me a scare !I don care what queen princess .
.. ... After a pause, she Road, say she put me in here for so many days ,I have not seen the emperor once, that if you can talk later ,please don in trouble ! She looked up when he found Zhu Houzhao ,have disappeared ,it startled immediately be no trivial matter .
She quickly trotted after go out ,see the familiar figure disappears in the corner ,she even called twice Xiaozhu ,people didn to catch up with the original asked what he was notorious ,visible ,but also can not give up, he hurried back room ,but the hearts of wonder is .
The child usually though x ì ngirritable temper, but never like this, today is how to return a responsibility ?Others unknown, followed Zhu Houzhao out of the Latham was still somewhat understand .
After all Sale Karen Millen Coats,the house that conversation ,he had heard the word does not leak .He has advised a advised the to the very good little emperors ,every mouth would not know what to say is good ,can only secretly complain about their own inarticulate heart clumsy, but so silently follow in sb.
followed Zhu Houzhao . M í...... ... ... ... ... Not uncommon when Queen princess ... ... Originally in her eyes ,but the emperor is such a person ! Zhu Houzhao stopped footsteps ,in Tai Lake to the willow and thumped out ,then slumped head .
At this time, he suddenly heard someone calling his own voice ,look up see Liu Jinfeng wind fire ran . Oh ,your majesty, there is on a school field ,the Ben day going to a play ten !Hey ,be on the battlefield, do so ,wouldn we one hundred people can play one thousand of their run ? To hear Liu Jin say ,originally was shut Zhu Houzhao suddenly grunted ,suddenly clenched fist .
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