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September 03 [Mon], 2012, 19:03
Although it is cold in winter, but a few days ,the weather was fine red ,some elevated temperature .( vertices novel hands playing the novel ) forest Ruoshui is wearing a white coat puma sale,which is a red shirt shirt ,long black stockings ,a pair of delicate high-heeled shoes ,looks both generous and elegant .
.. ... But this time ,plump buttock following a red ,let Yang Zixuan look like some say no taste ... ... Ambiguous ?Temptation ?Awkward? Yang Zixuan shook his head ,said : I say big sister ,your relatives, you also did not receive a good point ! Lin Ruoshui also did not expect such a thing occurs leakage ,but also in a range of enemies and friends, man ,can up red ,too.
No more than very awkward !Glared at the side of gossip Yang Zixuan ,Lin Ruoshui temporarily also cannot find what words ,called the hateful man !What can I do for you .Yang Zixuan knew that the girl would happen that heart is very awkward, not to mention Lin Ruoshui this is on the image of the girls ,not to ridicule her Cheap Karen Millen One Shoulder, some can be gentle tone .
Lin Ruoshui stood up and feel shy ,because of leakage was stained with saddle ,with red whispered : can you send me back, I am not impossible and you go eat ! Yang Zixuan nodded sends Lin Ruoshui back to the county family buildings ,parked the car, forest Ruoshui is also a face looked Yang Zi Xuan said: you can go out, I want to stand up ! And is not seen ,is not great aunt ,what good-looking .
Yang Zixuan muttered a sound ,let the forest Ruoshui to crazy ,but still quite the little under the car ,back to the forest Ruoshui ,let her not so embarrassed .Come back. I give you my car washed .
.. ... Lin Ruoshui was low ,hear ,she is the great courage to say the word ... ... Nothing in the county Party committee deputy secretary of the great power of serious image . This is no, I look back with a wet cloth to wipe on the line .
.. ... You hurry up ,such as people ,see is not good Puma Pace Cat 691 Shoes,people who did not know also that between me and you what happened ! Yang Zixuan had a bad mouth smile and said .Back to the forest Ruoshui ,Yang Zixuan does not know she is awkward or become shame ,turned round ,has not seen a figure Lin Ruoshui .
.. ... ... ... County Party committee conference room on a television screen ,is playing the party and the country great heads south talk live .South of Jiangsu is the first of a county Party committee organized group ,is being organized to study the heads of southern talk spirit ,only this time either in South of Jiangsu or in yellow and Fang Ling ,didn too good .
South of Jiangsu is located in native factions ,is to support the stability for heavy do not encourage reform ,so he who ,in the inner-party ideological collision ,can say big rout .This morning, South of Jiangsu received the old leadership of the telephone ,the old leadership weak, listen to the sound ,is in very poor ,dying .
The old leadership over the phone that he recently had a low-key Liberty UGG Boots,don poke what basket ,now factions are fighting high pressure ,no time to wipe his ass .So now South of Jiangsu listening to TV head voice ,heart like spilt the cruet ,Barilla intersection ,then turn the head have a look at the next Zhang Pingping still young faces ,a sudden surge of feeling of desolation ,does he really even the twentysomethings are fight ?Fang Ling now also hands in the table below, wiggle ,palm up a sweat, can look on Yang Zixuan ,heart gushed with various thoughts :now the party and the national situation begins to fall Cayha UGG,the reformers can be said to be able to get the final victory ,don is how a scene in the city ,for the economic development zone will also be overturned the verdict .
.. ... Yang Zixuan was a quiet in the face ,held enlarged meeting of the county Party committee study heads south talks before, he got municipal Party committee of the text printed Room Chen Yuyu ,Chen Yuyu said in a telephone interview ,municipal Party committee also organized learning sessions ,and municipal Party committee conference also prepared ,how to implement the spirit of the heads of conversation are discussed .
Yang Zixuan is a boring ,the two message to him to have no use ah !The information age is coming ,so information is money ,Chen Yuyu received several of Yang Zixuan gift ,so does everything ,especially hard ,she was given Yang Zixuan a free news ,it is forest secretary is likely in the Municipal Standing Committee presented at the conference on the city name to establish economic development zone of the intention ,this is to carry out the heads of southern talk spirit and put forward .
Compared to the prior to the two information ,the free information for Yang Zixuan, is a stimulant ,but he soon became aware of problems .This ,Lin secretary says is to establish in the name of City Economic Development Zone ,but did not specify where to build ,there is no mention of the Red River Economic Development Zone scheme ,it left a lot of fancy space !Municipal Standing Committee meeting in the city name Guanghai Hotel on the third floor conference hall ,conference table ,filled the city name nine heavyweight !Lin Pei these days is also a mouth ,his Lin family ,the reform is always holding wait-and-see and neutral posture ,so in the ideological struggle falls behind the partition of feast, his family did not offend conservative faction ,also not be to suppress the reform faction .
Lin clan leaders ,his brother Lin Zhengqiang ,Lin Ruoshui ,also in the south coast of a large province in economy ,as the Secretary of provincial Party committee ,prominent southeast .
Big brother progress ,also has the potential to Lin Pei pressure ,so these days ,Lin Pei has also been considered themselves how to break out of an encirclement .Although now there are many voices Rover province and roadside news agency ,next year he changed ,probably as Rover province except standing vice-governor ,ranking first deputy governor .
But it hearsay ,when not true ,not at the last minute ,who could not be sure .From the Department to the vice province is a big step ,want to walk through the bank ,he had to have Nadechushou achievements ,plus family thrust ,or making rumors become reality .
So this time ,is he fished the achievements and rapid in the province to establish the prestige of the critical period .Now the local conservative faction Tang Road ,suffered a hitherto unknown ice and suppressing the province level ,not possible to release much energy to Tang Road to support ,so this period ,Lin Pei is ample critical moment .
After a year of dormant, plus Yang Zixuan created Xu Lian group ,Lin Pei can control the direction of standing committee ,not like a newbie when, by Tang Road one mayor combined several heavyweight standing, his bullying on the head .
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