Love so sweet...wait..what? 

2007年10月29日(月) 10時22分
Mood: Hungry
Music: Endless Story/Ito Yuna

We went to the park today for a "manditory" Key Club meeting which we did nothing at.Although, there WERE a lot of people, even from Bishop and all those other "rich" schools.Not to mention, all those asian boys xD.I'm excited, they're going to go to Six Flags for fall rally too! Hopefully we'll get to meet them and actually get to hang out with them (and maybe exchange digits..)

Aldrin,Nancy and Jimsel also had to shoot something for their spanish class.It was pretty funny, even though the music video was about friendship, it looked more like a love triangle between AldrinXNancyXJimsel (Lol). But I kept making remarks saying that Aldrin is the one wanting Jimsel and hating Nancy for being with him xD (cause in the video, it looked like Jimsel and Nancy were together and like..Jimsel was cheating on Aldrin for Nancy). I don't know if he got mad or what..but oh well.Sucks for him xD. He was even wearing those sunglasses. Demo, I think he thinks it makes him look cool?o_O. I wanted to see him fall in that dirty fountain. That would've been HILARIOUS! It was fun, cause me,Kame and Ai got to be cameos sort of randomly in the music video. Hm..I'd want to make a music video of JKCM2 like..with the love so sweet? or our other songs.That'd be fun!

We starved today too, but only for a short while. It wasn'y like at T.G.I.F where me and Ai had to wait for our food to come while everyone else had theirs already *coughkame'sbdaycough*.

I finally got to see Ai's niece today! Kawaii~! You could really see the resemblance between them two.There were a lot of animals at the park. Dogs..ducks..squirrels..and..those stupid pigeons and seagulls Dx.

I can't wait for fall rally! We're even planning on spray-painting our hair tips our colors.

Ai: Orange
Kame: Green
Tsuki: Purple (I put a a fox a dog..?)
Sayu: Blue

We'll be wearing those Kiwanis t-shirts too..I want mine already ><
Neh, like Ai-chan said, we should also have wristbands that are our colors too and wear them.

We have so many ideas for the roleplay..all in that little cow book. Gotta think of more..

I borrowed this Korean drama series from my Aunt called Sense of Summer?. I tried to look it up on the internet but nothing..I think they got the title wrong or something xD. I'm starting to get into dramas again I think, but only if it's on DVD. I don't like having to go on the computer and watch it then my brother comes and kicks me off in the middle of like..Ep 3 part 2 or something and I forget what part I'm on ><. As for drama, I'm watching HYD over again on channel 18 today xD.

Gotta read more of Shinkuro and Vampire Knight..etc (Vampire Knight is actually good. I guess I misjudged it Dx)

Kuso..I don't wanna go to school tomorrow..

- Tsuki

It's a dream come true..

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