IBM Rational next generation collaboration platform Jazz beginners [3]

May 28 [Mon], 2012, 14:32
Moderate governance Jazz platform support team to collect a variety of precision grade, share and automate best practices. With the passage of time, you do not need to pre-define a variety of content, you can easily optimize the treatment process. You can also change the flexibility of the process in the course of the project in order to successfully carry out the early trials and late stability. Support individuals and teams of the built-in process identification and automatic operation can be easily "do the right thing" and "right to do things".

Choose the Jazz technology based on open Web and OSGi standards build on Eclipse platform to take full advantage. Its open and scalable architecture has been specifically designed to provide you with sufficient flexibility to use your favorite vendor's products and solutions to assemble their own software delivery platform. Jazz designed to support multiple client. Jazz with an open middleware interface, so you can use a variety of middleware to install the Jazz-based products, such as open-source middleware (such as Tomcat, Derby and Jabber), IBM's commercial middleware (WebSphere, DB2, and Lotus) and even Oracle vendors such as third-party products.

Third, the Jazz design objectives

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Jazz is a team collaboration platform for the entire software life cycle is designed to support seamless integration across all of the software life cycle stage of the task. Jazz in the client and server side are designed to be scalable, and can be extended from the very small teams to large enterprise environments. Jazz integrate the concept of a tool-supported process guide, which tool to understand the team has decided to use the development process, and seamlessly to help team members to follow the process and not hinder them. Jazz is not only designed to integrate with existing point tools (point tool), but also aims to provide a platform to build a more integrated than ever before on the platform lifecycle management capabilities. When the integrated development tools in this manner throughout the life cycle, using a combination of point solution (point solution) to accomplish the unimaginable will become possible. Like integrated end-to-end tools can help teams build software more effectively, and make software development activities more enjoyable.

The Jazz platform design and build purpose is:

Support the seamless integration of the tasks in the entire software life cycle.
Lotus Certification certification
Promoting collaborative teamwork, and the entire software life cycle.

Provide a scalable platform.

Help teams build software more effectively.

Support globally dispersed development teams.

Provide a small team has been expanded to large-scale enterprise solutions.

Maintenance of audit trails and automated bookkeeping, in order to track the responsibilities of the research team.

Support suitable for the customer needs the UI integration (IDE, the Web browser, etc.).

Cultivate a broad ecosystem of tools providers, including independent software vendors (ISVs).

Make software development more enjoyable.
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