lightning-fast right hand grasping

August 12 [Mon], 2013, 17:56
Yelan lying listening to the wind and rain] four hundred and nineteenth chapter kill Chen nine sideways and over, just to escape his bombs, and was surprised to find he's already hit the iron fist to his shoulder, the potential big move heavy, very quick although this name Purple Guard rapid and decisive punches, tricks coherent, but in the eyes of Chen nine, his speed is still a lot slower. Chen nine figured that although the name could easily escape the iron fist of purple Guard, but then fight down, dragged on for a long time, besieged by everyone together, it would be hard to get out. Quick, get out, bearing in mind here is the key to winning his teeth, which were abruptly purple Guard suffered a mind Tekken. "Ah" sound Menheng, Chen nine gently backwards dodge a moment, endured the pain at the shoulder blades, lightning-fast right hand grasping the wrist to the purple Guard. A move that were purple Guard succeeded exceptionally pleased with positive y-catenin into the trick, to vent anger, suddenly felt the wrist seems to be a pincers Jinjinzuanzhu, he resorted to every endeavor, even not break open "you you a frail scholar, how would such a great power? "Purple Guard God s-aghast, a face becomes reddened due to overexertion" There are assassins, fast chase "a congregation purple Guard discovered Chen nine figure , have come gallop. "You know too much," Chen nine look of grim, pain in the shoulders so that he was filled with anger, he transported from the inner bearing,The North Face Outlet, hands afterburner. "Kaka giggle" "wailing woo" a series of loud noise, accompanied by the sound piercing cry, that were purple Guard's wrist was Chen nine pinch bits of fragmented. "Flutter" white flash, that were purple Guard xiōng Koupen bleeding, stared, wasted step. Chen nine like a slippery autumn loach, dodge and Tibet into the jungle. Purple Guard slowly until the congregation arrived, greeted only companion a while because of distorted faces of horror, unexpected absence of big eyes filled with anger and unwilling. Everyone looked at each, a chill flow through the foot from scratch, I do not know what to do both of which a thin purple Guard tall, dark face covered with wrinkles vicissitudes, he leaned view that fragmentation of the carpal bones were purple Guard ,North Face Denali Hoodie Sale, tut exclaimed: "This is a great effort assassin" crowd probe view, very shocked, "From now on, we can no longer separate the tube into a circle, slowly forward" dark man asked, frowning Road. People have nodded, thirteen purple Guard formed a solid circle, carrying bombs, carefully search go to the mountains. Chen nine look in the eyes, anxious heart, which many people unite their successful attack extremely difficult, if confrontation, one also some chance of winning, if a pair of two, I'm afraid there are no dead students top priority is to dogs n -ng dead, so they lose the job through the eyes and ears of shade cover, to hound him like crazy throwing the stones, each attack it and then transfer position, the next throw. His strength is great, but since the tactics accuracy is lamentable, dogs without a stone hit the key. To his relief, finally have a black and blue dogs, in his more than thirty blows under the rubble, the bleeding, dying weighs the past. Although those purple Guard angry little space, but could do battle jungle, silent find Chen nine tracks,North Face Tex Sale, only watched the dogs killed. That were dark and thin purple Guard sneer, who held the only one Shepherd, tǐng with bombs, guard beside him. "Sou" a solid rock overhead. "Clang" This guy Erli Heishou outstanding flick of the wrist, bombs tǐng thorns, flint crashed and dropped to the ground. That nigga good skill Chun Chen nine hearts much praise, because he found with his eyesight, there is not even see how this nigga moves, in which the strange, people can not fathom this guy is it in play pig eat Tiger? Only a wolfhound, with this man's guard, Chen nine of 'testing the waters', became a pediatric trick, no matter how they cheaters, even the name of man wearing impermeable protective. This can do? Chen nine seeing a pedestrian getting closer to that cliff, never mind not calm down, that kind of feeling anxious, as women generally anxious to defend itself. However, this is just wishful thinking on their own, charm hu-like demon sister Luna, is not only not his woman, but deliberately killing myself, I do not silly? To an enemy away desperately? His mind Huth lu-n thought, suddenly heard the dogs sent a burst of rapid yelling, apparently it has been thoroughly to find a trace of the Moon, with the cheerful sounds to its owner shows its remarkable ability. Opportunity came under purple Guard surprise, everyone sights, footing a large lu-n, must be able to take the opportunity to sneak a piece of swagger dogs, Chen nine waving daggers, ready to attack preparations. Meritorious deeds are all eager, hurried step forward when the dark man that waved their hands and said: "Brothers, do not panic, first hold its ground, the culprits jiān fraud, not aggressive," Everyone heard, and even called rational, looked around, a climbing up the hill face alert. Grass you nǎinǎi, this nigga extraordinary experience, how would willing to be an ordinary purple Guard do? Chen nine really want to put this nigger chop ru sauce, to relieve my hate. To this measure, only desperate one stroke everyone regardless of thorns, the deep shallow kick the foot of the cliff. That dogs found the target, wagging his tail, cheerful ran cliff, did not wait it out loud warning, a large stone volley flying, dogs screams fall cliff. Hearts of everyone aghast, but since it has been determined assassin trail, dogs are dead men dead, no even pity. They look around, but where to find the assassin's trail? "This dog does the failure of the nose, but not how the shadow assassin, really unlucky," a frustrated look purple Guard Road. People are puzzled when, looking at the cliff that nigger, Lueyisisuo said: "Shepherd the most sensitive nose, broken not go wrong, in my guess, this cunning assassin much wisdom, surely is hiding under the cliffs, Otherwise, why not find her trail? "Everyone heard, his eyes were cropped green" if hidden in the cliffs, there must be connected to the rope, we quickly look carefully, if they can find clues, when Li Qigong an pieces "That nigger and drill road. That nigga, it really is not a fool, but I'm too much difference with the martial arts, otherwise set to give you Yan s-look, Chen nine hidden in the shadows, a dagger clenched, waiting to attack. "Haha I found a rope," a purple Guard carried away, with a laugh. "Flutter" sound muffled, his body straight tǐngtǐng down on the grass, blood bubbling out from xiōng mouth. Queer
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