Best Place to Buy Swtor Credits and Guide on Dreadtooth in Swtor Patch 1.5

August 20 [Tue], 2013, 11:59
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Have you heard of Dreadtooth in Swtor Patch 1.5? Dreadtooth is the new world boss introduced with SWTOR patch 1.5 on Section X. Unlike previous world bosses, Dreadtooth has several difficulty modes depending on how many stacks of Dreadful Resurgence he has. Want to know general information about it? Iswtor will give you a sneak peak at this new boss. Hope you can enjoy swtor credits farming and grinding with the help of Dreadtooth.
1. Location
Dreadtooth appeared at Belasavis Section X area. Quickest way is to purchase the legacy perk for Black Hole daily area and then click on the shuttle to head to Section X. Ordinarily you can find him in an open area buy swtor credits eu on the NW side of the map.
2. Respawn
Dreadtooth respawns 30 minutes after death.
3. Difficulty
This is depend on the stacks of Dreadful Resurgence Dreadtooth has. 1-2 stacks are designed for 8m, 3-4 stacks designed for 16m. At this point it is unknown what setup is needed to kill Dreadtooth at 5 stacks as players have reported that he soft enrages immediately on pull.
4. Dreadful Resurgence
The stacks of Dreadful Resurgence can be increased by killing Dreadtooth (each kill seems to increase his stacks by one unless there are no players around, then he seems to drop back down to one). In addition, Dreadtooth will drop a Dreadful Essence when killed that can be used on Dreadtooth to increase his stacks by one per use (not sure if the item is consumed upon usage).
5. Health
Dreadtooth has 2.3 million HP at 1-2 stacks.
6. Proximity buff
Players close to Dreadtooth will receive a buff called Drouk Hunter (maybe lasts 8 minutes). If players leave Dreadtooth and get out of combat, they will receive an Out of Combat buff (3 minutes) that says You will lose Drouk Hunter if you return to medcenter, remain out of combat for too long, Swtor Credits or if you re-engage Dreadooth at full health.
7. Loot
At 1-2 stacks, Dreadtooth will drop a Black Hole piece (it is random), a Dreadful Essence, a Dread Guards Corrupted Mask and a Molecular Stabilizer.
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The Iswtor Team
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