Best Place to Buy Swtor Credits to Gain Reputation Easily in 1.7

August 20 [Tue], 2013, 16:13
I bought Swtor Power Leveling AP for my friend for a holiday gift and they are fabulous and adorable.

i love these Swtor Power Leveling AP! Overall they are great Swtor Power Leveling AP.
As you know, game update 1.7 is going to introduce the new Galactic Reputation system that will allow players earn rewards - such as swtor credits - through heroic contributions to organizations. Players will Buy Swtor Credits gain reputation points and they will unlock organization ranks from an Outsider to a Legend. Each Rank is going to unlock a new reward and these rewards will become available for the players at Reputatio Vendors throughout the galaxy. Now Iswtor will give you some information about update 1.7.
What is the Galactic Reputation system?
Reputation is a new way to measure a character's position in the eyes of a specific organization. The higher the reputation of a player is, the higher the prestige they have. There will be six ranks for each organization: Outsider, Newcomer, Friend, Hero, Champion and Legend. When a player gains reputation points, his rank will increase in the organization. When the player reaches the Legend rank, that will gain the player a permanent legendary position.
How to gain reputation in game update 1.7?
A new item - called Reputation Trophies - is making a debut alongside this system, and they are how Reputation is earned. Each trophy is tied to a specific organization, and can be earned by doing various tasks and missions for that organization. They Swtor Credits vary in quality, and include:
Premium (small)
Prototype (medium)
Artifact (large)
There is a weekly cap on reputation earned, but only for each faction. Also, you can continue to earn trophies for that faction, even at the cap, you just wouldn't be able to consume them. So, once you cap one faction, you can feel free to work on another, or keep acquiring trophies for that faction for future use.
Best place to buy swtor credits to enjoy 1.7
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My dad just bought me a Swtor Power Leveling AP and Buy Swtor Credits US i love the Swtor Power Leveling AP and plan to get more for christmas, and im going to persuade my mom to get me those other ones.

This is my first pay of Swtor Power Leveling AP and i love them! I've already ordered another Swtor Power Leveling AP's in a different style!! :)
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