"I want to tell you one thing

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() "Miss you," the young man could not help but God sè a change, opened wide his eyes looking iron Ying-jun, outstretched hand had a chance to go, the painting has been torn Ying-jun as eight iron and readily fling , scattered on the ground. Road Toray siluke.com ♠ ♣ ♥ off thinking Toray At this point, many people saw this scene, have slightly surprised look to the monarch iron tassel, could not help pointing softly, even mountains and rivers paintings produced paintings in general, but that does not mean people will be tearing up the street for a hand painted speaking, there is no doubt that this is one of their biggest acts of humiliation. "I bought this painting." Jun Ying faint sound of iron ground openings. The young man just yù to attack, not from the ground at the moment restrain down, face sè looked faintly embarrassed iron Ying-jun, he subconsciously think that this woman is to pick on her to buy this painting is down, Of course, she wants to do with no one can stop, however, absolutely no one will be a just bought a painting, not torn out of the shop directly. Then pick up a king iron tassel has another picture of a spread, "Morning plateau figure?" Jun iron Ying Yang Xiao looked, she certainly is unconditionally believe Xiao Yang judgment. "Poor" Xiao Yang is still no light to fall not short of a word, it seems that these paintings, he simply could not get the slightest interest. Voice resounded through the sky around a storm because the moment voice down Xiao Yang, Jun Ying iron hands of the picture once again impressively shredded "This painting I bought." Jun Ying iron voice sounded faint sound, but strident incomparably resounded in that in each of the dozen or so young people Tanqian ears, face sè almost simultaneously shabu deep embarrassment up subconsciously towards the direction of Ying Jun iron concentration. Then everyone seemed to be aware of surrounding things happen in general, Leighton time have great interest over the spotlight. Ying and Yang Xiao Jun iron two seem totally did not feel like looking around the strange, Xiao Yang, a 'bad' word, they tore Jun Ying iron a picture, but every one tore up painting, Jun Ying iron will bought it, so that a few young people who face sè embarrassing episodes for a time but can not "poor" when the monarch as iron Ying Xiao Yang, then tear off the Tenth painting, I finally have a young stand it, vibration Sound Light and drink stepped forward, Chen Sheng said, "Miss, if you are really to buy a painting, then we infinitely welcome, but if you want trouble, ma'am, please leave it." "We Missy of course, is to buy the painting. merely "Xiao Yang eyes swept several stalls piled on the picture," the quality of these paintings craft, but also a bit bad, right "tone is full of disdain. At the same time many young people face sè sank, the front of this guy, but also a bit too arrogant arrogant it 'rivers painting' though failing crisis, however, is not that people can ride freely on his neck top. Embarrassed face staring at Xiao Yang Ying and the king of iron duo quite a while,Canada Goose CG55 Kensington Parka, before that stand out for the young man took a deep breath, the face of this 'evil customers' own door selling paintings, but we can not say absolutely do too Xu voice said, "two, these paintings we do not make money, and ask you to leave immediately,North Face Hoodie Sale, do not hinder us sell paintings." "These defective painter and sold to customers?" Jun Ying iron slowly up time the 'rivers painting' in front of the stairs, light voice spoke up, "This can only be more detrimental 'rivers paintings' image, lack of good work and word of mouth, 'rivers painting' how could get up and run. "Jun Ying tone more pressing iron, just started a dozen young people also felt that she was deliberately finding fault, however, the more reflection under, they feel there is some truth in her words, are not all of a sudden were shocked on the spot, looked at each other with speechless. "What happened?" At this point, the glass door open, and the number of road shadow move came out, wearing a gold headed sè eye is a middle-aged man, delicate features, lips thinned, quite gentle image, a suit showing a bit courtly temperament, surrounded by the crowd move out, the first time his eyes fell on the king of iron Ying's body. Middle-aged man, Jun Matilda, today's 'rivers painting' manager when he saw the king, when iron tassel, are not subconsciously stunned, just this woman always feel somewhat familiar, but suddenly remember, light eyes squint iron while watching Jun Ying, "the lady came to buy a painting?" Jun Jun iron Matilda tassel sweep of the eye, light tunnel, "Jun managers really wits have short memories ah." Jun Matilda light pupil contraction, then , Xiao Yang stood suddenly some wrist, an information directly hit the monarch Matilda chest. Jun Matilda footsteps' stomp 'to take a step back, shoving the information received from the open face sè slightly changed, and looked up to see the king of iron tassel, blurted out, "Jun three Miss?" Voice down the moment, the presence of all' Sunward painting 'people can not help but instantly startled mind, eyes have been focused on more Jun Ying's body iron lady monarch monarch three iron tassel is about to take over' rivers painting ', carried jun family core members of the assessment, the notice already achieved under the 'rivers painting' inside, everyone knows just that more people are is shaking his head and sighed. 'Rivers painting' this on the half-dead, and now once took Miss Jun three, one two years in a wheelchair delicate lady, what can the wrist? Without funding jun family, I am afraid 'rivers painting' was immediately accelerate the pace of closure of this makes a lot more than you want to mix a few months wages monarch three people on this lady quite opinion, they do not want to see Miss Jun three real takeover 'rivers painting'. Unexpectedly, this day, still so fast approaching 'rivers painting' The members whispering and soon let the people around to capture some of the messages, but could not resist the waves softly uproar. "This beautiful young woman, turned out to be 'rivers painting' new manager?" "A half-dead company, it can be said is a hot potato ah," "Gee, is not simple, so young to personally manage a company, it really is Homer's handwriting "Jun Matilda's eyes could not help a faint flicker. He had seen pictures Ying-jun iron, but are in a wheelchair, now king iron tassel so in front of him, really do not recall. Speaking of iron tassel reluctant to take over the king 'rivers painting' people,Hybridge Jacket Men UK, Jun Matilda comes first because iron Ying-jun did not come before he was 'rivers painting' manager, even if the 'rivers painting' annual losses But how to say a royal family in the back support, the manager of this location, or the oil-water fishing a lot of status are also considered bad, however, although he also named king, but it is a very distant jun family relationship clan, and monarch iron Ying immediate children of this comparison is naturally poles apart jun family to take over the appointment of Jun Ying Shan Rail, he is no room for resistance. Face squeeze out a burst of smile, "three Miss, come go." "Do not worry." Jun iron tassel short sound authentic, then turned toward the young people who had just come out and said, "What is your name?" Young people face sè slightly light changed, subconsciously naturally considered himself offended new boss, and now new broom sweeps clean, grab yourself Liwei exhaled a deep, youth replied, "Xiang Jie." Jun iron tassel gently nodding, arm a few stalls on the finger painting, "similar to these paintings, inside the company, how many?" heard, Xiang Jie startled the next, but still truthfully answered, "because our inventory and less and more, here is probably a third of the number. "Because what, Xiang Jie did not say, the king of iron tassel idea. Nature is about to collapse because of the mountains and rivers painting, hand painted painting are too busy, did not sell well, not reserves too much. "Well." Iron Ying Jun indifferent nod, "You go in with a few people, all of them have to move out." Entry point not only Jay, everyone can not help but somehow the rest phase, as a one. Implying jun three lady wanted to take over 'rivers painting' put it on the first day inventory of paintings sold all? It is impossible not to mention one day, even a month, it may not be able to sell so many paintings. "Missy let you go, you will go." Xiao Yang urged loudly this time. Xiang Jie came back a little shake of God, did not think about it, they immediately call on the behind of a dozen young people together hurriedly turned around and went in, then next monarch Matilda eyes flashing do not know what to think hard, and 'mountains and rivers Painting 'shops in front of the crowd gathered around it is more and more. Far from the ancient, never lacking to watch the masses. "Xiao Yang." Fuer Xiao Ying Yang Jun iron side and gently said loudly. Xiao Qing Yang Yang mouth, towards the monarch iron tassel thumbs up, "Missy, really enough courage." When he finished, he turned and walked quickly Xiao Yang to leave immediately. Lasts about five minutes, Xiang Jie, who will continually put turned to move out. "Do not put on the table, all piled on the floor in front of." Jun Ying pointing ahead an iron ground, looked up at the crowd of people, a slight chuckle, "a little trouble you back a little." Command is always beautiful Few people can resist, and soon withdrew from a relatively Kongkuo position. Xiang Jie et al brow slightly wrinkled up similar, due to iron Ying Jun commands, but also not much hesitation, have a width of the picture will be moved to the front, and soon they formed a hill shape. Moving forward iron Ying-jun, eyes gently and gradually swept by the presence of a personal, light voice spoke and said, "I know, everybody is very curious about what I wanted." "I'll introduce myself, I iron Ying-jun, Starting today, 'rivers painting' will be in charge of me "with one voice calm and in penetration, every word fell on ears of all those present. "I have a question to ask you, do you think, 'rivers painting' works how kind?" Live somewhat quiet, it seems that little bear against the opening of the newly appointed general manager of the general. "I have to answer." Jun iron tassel frankly openings then said, "a word, bad," heard this, the presence of people are puzzled together could not help but uproar. Only people ever to hype their products, but no one directly in front of their own, under a large crowd, belittle their own products. This is to do last are shut out? Even the 'rivers paintings' many employees can not help but frown when looking monarch iron tassel. At this time, Xiao Yang figure reappears, hands carrying a big bottle toward the monarch iron Ying nodded, then strode toward the ground that a lot of 'rivers painting' products, opened the bottle mouth. Wow down a fall. Leighton time while the pungent smell filled the air. "Gasoline" Many people have once again changed the face sè a few steps back. "Three Ms" Jun Matilda when he finally could not help but want to open. Jun Ying direct an iron waved, preventing the monarch Matilda speak. Frankly calm eye glanced presence of all, in the hands of a lighter snapped fire lit up the sound dull but firmly thrown down, "I want to tell you one thing," "From 'rivers' no defective" light arms Whoosh play with fire lighters, in mid-air across a beautiful arc, poured directly on a pile of paintings full of gasoline on the fire bombers sky.
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