the disappointment and frustration

September 10 [Tue], 2013, 11:09
According to a normal person's taste to judge the case, Zhang Min undoubtedly win this girl crazy go crazy, go downtown downtown, but is simply superb cooking skills, so incredibly delicious dishes. And Xu Wen Qing usually so busy, can do it two dishes have been very easy, in fact, really, she is also salty fried eggs, put a little more salt, but in order to take into account the big star's face, Lu Han obstinately insisted did not say. Hsu Wen Qing looked round yo eyes wide open looking at his Hope, Miss chilling suddenly soft, even Zhang Min delicious and how to do? Now Xu Wen Ching but his Loved woman, absolutely have to cajole her happy. "Well ......" Lu Han deliberately prolonged the tail, so that, not only promises warm, sunny, even just a look of disdain Zhang Min eyes look a bit, as to why, even she could not say. Lu Han suddenly look to Xu Wen Qing, smiled: "Of course, this dish is delicious fried eggs friends, good taste, delicious." Said, a chopsticks down, half plate egg fast no. Beloved people prefer to do their own dishes, you can put Xu Wen Qing Yue Debu light, immediately stood up to the kitchen: "cold brother, you eat slowly, kitchen well then, I'll get you filled." "Ah, well." Lu literally eating cold food tray, but he did not notice, Zhang Min eyes across the disappointment and frustration that touch. Xu Wen Qing indeed a lot of fried eggs, a full half pot, but no matter how much she Sheng, Lu Han generosity, all eaten. And this than, Zhang Min mandarin may make tamales and many deserted, except for the beginning of the two folders outside the continental cold one did not move, perhaps deliberately gas Zhang Min, anyway, Lu Han is reluctant to eat, dining table There is only the sound of his pit chew eggs. Zhang Min almost no Dongkuaizi, only absently drank soup, the whole process she has been head down, a little driven to distraction. In fact, she anger, and she does not want to see Lu Han and Xu Wen Qing sweet look, do not want to see their most hated man so happy, but their own, but the bewilderment to cook for him, but it is in exchange This result and grieve alone. Zhang Min Qin Jing complex expression is all in the eyes, as a woman, but also a close friend, she naturally understand her mind, seeing little nephew happy to eat and Xu Wen Ching said Yue, she sighed softly, This emotional thing who can not help, and now even her own heart can not be determined, which can help others. A living down, Xu Wen Qing sweet unlimited, from time to time but also to feed Lu cold soup, and she is not a naive little girl, she ate a lot of Zhang Min make tamales with mandarin, praising delicious, also caught in the Many give Lu Han, in her heart, just simply want to eat a man, as to who is doing the dishes, who steal the show, she is not considered a problem. Zhang Min look in the eyes, the gas in the heart, Well, there are so good? Heart simmering anger, and she tried to clamp the mouth eggs, not the entrance, then spit it out Peipei Pei: "salty dead! Salty dead! Really nasty!" This show will undoubtedly have a hyperbole, Xu Wen Qing immediately horrendous awkward, clueless porting tea and handed her: "sensitive sister, I am sorry to give you water." Zhang Min took the water, shout a grunt, she dry cold stare upon landing, meaning very provocative Obviously, hum, how you want with? Lu cursing the crazy cold heart, a good meal can not I? In this have to pick something, "she Seiji do not be afraid!" Lu Han extremely Hudu Son, plate of eggs breathing into his mouth, but he kept praise: "Who salty? Was delicious, than Some people do the dishes more delicious! "" You ...... "Zhang Min feel very wronged, beans big tears rolled down his eyes down. She's come all the way here originally wanted Qin Jing properly explain things today, but not wishing to Lu Han and Xu Wen Qing actually will, but did not think they would show in front of their own sweet, show affection, she should feel This is nothing to do with their own, but prepare the meals themselves, Lu cold front end, he was still there Xu Jing Wen Qing and Qin front so run their own, which made her feel humiliated, could no longer bear to live emotions stretched , the moment vent out. "Lu cold, I hate you!!" Words finished, Zhang Min did not even wear a jacket, ran his seat seats rushed outside. Qin Jing anxious, busy up to chase, but was cold a land grab: "aunt, leave her!" Who knows Qin Jing excited, a stinging blast Li Lu cold knock on the forehead: "brats, you Now go to the Minmin recover, or later you'll never recognize my aunt! "Xu Wen Qing side also anxious and said:" Brother cold, so cold outside, Minmin sister and wearing coats, you go to get her back ah! "Then another hard rocking his arm:" Go ah ...... "Lu Han helpless watching two women, Qin Jing angry, Xu Wen Qing begging, it seems not to read is to die, hey, This is what ah! Ate a meal is not quiet. Pick up on the couch coat, Lu Han quickly ran down the stairs, out of the storied building, district dark few people, and occasionally three two people walking in the street, but none is Zhang Min. Until then Lu Han was some fear that Heidengxiahuo night, temperatures are so low, Zhang Min wearing only a thin sweater how can you stand, say, if there is any danger, then it is how to do. He really regret it, and began flying in every corner of the cell, if today Zhang Min is really what happened, he would have a bounden duty, how to do it? Lu Han Seeing dark pavilions, did not even have a Canada Goose Women's Palliser Parka puppy or kitten, let alone someone up. Will not go home? Lu Han rushed groping in her coat pocket and found the car keys still, that is impossible Zhang Min drove away, that would not take a taxi of it? Lu Han exists only a little bit of hope, ran toward the outside of the cell. Cell just opposite the street, little traffic, not to mention a taxi, a few heavy truck speeding across the night, Women's North Face Down Clearance with a moment of firecrackers, more hordes of street punks just drunk on the street The swinging Youth Canada Goose Freestyle Vest back and forth, to see this, Lu cold heart is having a hard time, Zhang Min, do you go up? Now most needed is calm, Luhan Jing under the heart, thinking there may be Zhang Min place to stay, a large cold day, she was not any money with me, it is impossible to leave here, then that person must still her cell. Lu Han took the car keys to the parking lot, intuition told him, Zhang Min downstairs necessarily want to drive out of this, so most likely in the parking lot. Parking spaces are scattered within the cell, the basic forty-five meters apart, so it is easy to find Zhang Min Lu cold Cadillac, but unfortunately, she did not in this.
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