Sorry for late entry~!! 

June 16 [Mon], 2008, 7:59

('-'*)オヒサ♪ sorry for the late entry~!

I have been busy busy busy lately. And sadly, I still have not practiced my Japanese very much.

Anyways, I am posting because there is sad knews~! Koki is leaving...I am very sad about this, but I support his choice. I hope that he is happy with it in the end though. I think that if it is what his heart is telling him to do, then he will be~! Goodluck Koki-san~!! (*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!

Anyways, only 6 more weeks until I visit Japan~! First Osaka and then Tokyo. I hope to meet many new friends....if you want to meet up, please just message me.

Ok. I have to go~! Take care~!

(^ _ ^)/~~サヨナラ

I fixed it... 

March 03 [Mon], 2008, 6:48
Ok, I fixed my hair.

Kind of...there is still some orange streaks in the back but it is better now.

I am sorry Koki. I won't have the right hair for your cosplay ;^;

but this is good too, right~?

my hair turned orangish.... 

March 03 [Mon], 2008, 6:01

Hello again~!

I dyed my hair, but it didn't turn out right >,<

It was supposed to look like Koki's ( of my favorite bands ever~!) but it has orange streaks for some reason.

I am going to fix it now, but it won't look like his hair anymore ;^;

Maybe I will try to cosplay him again later~? For ACen~?

Ok, I will fix it now.


February 28 [Thu], 2008, 5:45

Hello again☆

Today I had school, so I have a lot of homework.

I do not have to work today though~! I am excited~!

I think I may finish drawing some outfits for my trip after I finish my homework.

oh~! I also have to figure out what I will wear to the concert I am
going to on May 11th...what should I wear~?♪

I am new... 

February 25 [Mon], 2008, 3:28

I am new here.

I do not speak much Japanese, but I am learning.

So please be patient with me~!

I will try hard to post more and more in Japanese.

But for now, I can only post in English. Sorry~!

I am planning a trip to Japan. I will be going in June.

I hope to make many new friends here~!

bye~! (^ - ^)/
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