Meticulous care and maintenance is need for dental implant

May 16 [Fri], 2014, 18:46
Many people are concerned about the life of dental implant, its useful life is different for each case, first of all affected by the patient's own conditions, choose to grow the system, such as planting a doctor's professional experience. After dental implant, it is not sure that the teeth can swing the function, dental implant is similar with your real teeth which requires meticulous care and maintenance in order to maximize provide you the service you need. How to nurse it?

Dental Implant is to use medical materials for implanting the dental prosthesis made into missing alveolar bone, making the tooth to repair effect. Dental implant is a very good method to repair missing teeth present, if you know how to care for dental implant ( Marathon Micro Motor )it will make life longer, healthier lives. The following is a description about how to care dental implant.
After surgery the patient should eat a half or full stream flow of food, before stitches eat soft food, do not use dental surgery area chew food. Patients with dental implant immediately after tooth extractions should not chew excellent food with dental implant teeth within three months. To quit alcohol and spicy food. Under the guidance of a doctor, appropriately supplement calcium preparations, increasing calcium foods, vitamin intake.
Within 24 hours after surgery, can not brush the surgical area in order not to stimulate the wound. Pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene, insist on brushing once a day sooner or later, gargle mouthwash after meals several times to prevent wound infection ( Micro Motor ).
Reduce the movement of the muscles around the surgical area, try not to laugh within three months after surgery, frequent speeches, etc, to prevent excessive movement of the emergence of the wound cheeks tear.
Attention to maintaining oral health, clean all kinds of tartar, referral regularly to the hospital, consult a doctor promptly if there are problems.
Observe implants and wound readily, identify problems and timely solve it.