sudden overflowing the entire hall

September 06 [Fri], 2013, 15:24
() How can we compare the three hundred and ninetieth IX? Northland scenery, thousands of miles Piao chūn early last snow covering acres of the northern white home bleaching vast witness historical events and the years change cornices brackets, and tall towering quaint brick sè Ze are meadowfoam snow cover, bring a vast cold, they brought a child Xiaosha. Although China is the historic capital of the country capital, but four people are often the main possessions back home resting, the time spent each month in the capital, but four or five days so the resident becomes magnificent mansion, the North home more can be said is the world's most heavily guarded place. As control of the Chinese Ministry .. North home, naturally no lack of Jagged guy, so seemingly vast white mansion house full of North Xiaosha, jǐng Wei three steps Kong Buyi whistle, arms bayonet blade bright dazzling, show it The chill of the air, and even snow are afraid to stay on them. "What?" "What did you say?" Over sixty years, usually North home North boundless kindness in everybody's eyes, a long drooping under browed is often laughed microphone. Microphone eyes, coupled with slightly fat belly , make it difficult to believe that this chubby old man, is controlled Chinese Ministry of murderous North's boundless. But at this moment, the North boundless rì past performance is no kind of calm, he looked north Paizhuo smoke into the sky, on the table to build Jingdezhen masters jīng heart jīng caused the collapse, officials rolled down the cup, tea splashed Splashing fall to pieces, North boundless more ferocious scowl on his face. .. He suddenly opened his eyes, jīng Mans stern wai suddenly emerge, but even more horrifying is standing with the North boundless sky, one creepy chill breath, sudden overflowing the entire hall, even lower than the outside temperature seems to make a slight smile Northern smoke. North boundless huge body yīn Shen momentum like devil incarnate. Proof of the hall seemed as fierce a standing North boundless smaller lot, earthquake-like tremors the windows if they are also generally the whirring sound of the hurricane blew through, he looked at the baby in front of the most beloved granddaughter, cold voice shouted: " Sakura was Zhao Heng Tong bloodbath, how exactly is it? '"Smoke, you give me a detailed road come." No Borders North Block sat back in the chair again, his voice gentle majesty and calm eyes restored, just revealed to each kinds of negative emotions actually completely disappeared, his voice at this time but with a touch of lightness and: "Why on earth Zhao Heng Tong on cherry under this hand?" "Grandpa, pacified" North smoke quietly relieved of their own grandfather, then across a trace of heart sigh, just heard Sakura was Zhao Heng Tong bloodbath when eating breakfast is directly to the north chopsticks unconscious smoke break, both on Zhao Heng Henla relentless shocked, but also on Zhao Heng abuses anger. Zhao Heng, she could not accept the fact that bloodbath cherry hall, killing women and children is also difficult to withstand the violent Zhao Heng, North North's spies saw smoke coming from the photos, the heart, like a knife in general uncomfortable, it was a knife split into two Half of the children, his eyes staring at the sky wasted step. Zhao Heng Xi rì Jagged decisive, has become the devil in her heart, she spent a whole half an hour before calm mood, despite her attentive calculations in place, but in the end was a little woman with blood dyeing the face of Zhao Heng The bloody images, North Ruyan simply difficult Canada Goose Palliser Coat Sale to accept. So in the face grandfather's gaffe, she did not find it strange: "Grandpa, a cup of tea" North smoke waved back to Grandpa makes a cup of tea, then went up to him softly spoke up: "I have clear up the whole thing the ins and outs, broken water in the Huahai Gong Lu Zhao Heng attacked and killed him a lot of people, so Zhao Heng took to lock down the flow weisha. "North inquire to smoke his own intelligence Yiwuyishi report to the grandfather, including Ms. Du Hai Xuan in drunk to say also come clean, and finally North boundless carrying tea, sharp eyes staring at the baby granddaughter: "smoke, give me an answer, broken water is not your camp?" "No" North Ruyan elegant touch of a smile emerged cheeks, she looked at the North boundless light response: "how could I break the water to kill Zhao Heng instigated it? I had a chance to reconcile them to do, after all, has been my training before Zhao Heng object of fear it someone in the dark dirty tricks up. "" If not you, then surely someone up to no good. "No Borders North grunted coldly, Duanqichabei sip into a big mouth:" You do not have friendship with mountains and clear meaning? Do you make a phone call to him, and asked asked who ordered off the water to kill Zhao Heng, looking down along this trail, certainly uncovered behind, when I can not force him to kill. "" I am, and asked. "North smoke tight Tight clothes back on the road, blowing shells can be broken face flashed a hint of hesitation: "Qing Yi mountains not only did not tell me, asked me how to deal with this matter in North home? Zhao Heng inconvenience if we get involved, EGL tài Son dǎng will send ninja go Huahai retaliate. "" Zhao Heng kill him three hundred men, he would kill Zhao Heng three thousand people. "heard these words, north face across a trace north face clearance of mockery No Borders:" You tell him he did not Men's North Face Denali Hoodie qualify with North's spread the fire, if he dares to go Huahai ninja tune things out, the old tune directly destroyed his army, of course, we will properly handle the matter, after all, Sakura North Church has home advantage. "" The most important is that Zhao Heng open a bad head. "No Borders North remembered never seen but heard countless names, Zhao Heng is in front of his eyes in today's piece, a somewhat important piece, a little out of color is not amazing, but it left him bloodied cherry Church severely shocked a heart, this kid is really a ruthless of the believers. You know that cherry Church is the EGL tài sub dǎng of parishes, knowing tài sub dǎng North home with little friendship, Zhao Heng Tong is still cynical Heaven's full membership, not everyone has this courage Even the remaining three things we are not touch, but he kicked it stepped on one smashes. "Zhao Heng courage I admire, but he created a bad influence." No Borders North sip into a tea, a touch of the eyes Beng shè Limang: "Not only so remorseful door official suffer opinion, even the North family also times sense of pressure, if not properly beat beat him and North face indeed lost a collapse upon the earth, and the remaining forces will feel North's a sign of weakness. "" Grandpa, how do we now? "dressed in white like North Smoke thoughtful for a moment, lips delicately said: "In fact, my idea is very simple, that is to make clear to enter the Chinese mountains and sea against righteousness Zhao Heng, mountains and justice only makes clear able to export gas, but also allows Zhao Heng feel the crisis, the last desperate stand to the north come home. "" with previous or later, you can. "Northern Borders put the cup on the table, tear collar son said:" But now China Sea must not be arbitrary, Huahai a mess let us another plans to give birth to misfortune, not only I can not allow that three people and Chinese Prime Minister will stop, China Sea to the border a defeat will involve negative. "north face across a trace of smoke Yaran, she only knew that my grandfather had told Huahai few months can not go making trouble, be sure to let Huahai An stable, but do not know yet the outcome of a war between the border, the moment whispered: "Now both sides are hundreds of thousands of troops, which fear the outcome is not good guess right? "North boundless faint smile:" already doomed after the first negative wins. "North smoke body startled:" first negative and then win? "" Do not say this. "No Borders North clothes stood up and patted him:" You tell the mountains Yi Qing, what EGL EGL ninja master, all to stay in my law-abiding island before the end of the war in China Yue trouble, I kill it, when I do not read your Xiuguai friendship, revenge, until the war ended. "North smoke nodded: "Zhao Heng it?" North boundless look dull: "Let Ismail Tong Ching massacre took cherry, gathering evidence sit real Zhao Heng offenses, when China Sea to let him go and see if he still refuses to play gooseberry or doing fence, then it is perfectly justifiable to arrest him and brought five hundred lives enough to sit him dead. "" Zhao Heng is a talent, this war is that he was a general. "Northern Borders raised his head and said:" But I do not like his moderation, so soon settle him. "" In addition, let Yi Ching confessed mountains behind the instigation of the water off. "No Borders North eyes shè a touch of Murder, yīn cold aloud:" North West family home can not be like eat the same boring loss, nor talk to the same club scapegoat "Then he eyes a condensate:" how do I feel as if someone is secretly toss Legend? Who have so much courage? '"Smoke, you find someone special follow-up the matter. "Northern smoke sigh:" so be it a. "In her ready to turn to leave, she suddenly remembered an important issue, hesitated north boundless asked:" Grandpa, Yan Xuan Yue countries also have to some rì son, do not know how the situation like him? there is no danger? "She elegant face more than a hint of concern. "Concerned about the chaos" North boundless vision have become deep, waved back and said: "Since he has high aspirations swan, built Yanmen closing excellence, on the front lines to kill enemies, then you should frankly that seven days of life and death destined, one-third rely on the ability, Huayan Xuan is a dragon, he will be able to survive. "" If he is dead, that is God. "He said dismissively added:" To learn the hero, Hua Yanxuan must withstand Nirvana "North boundless revealing a smile:" Zhao Heng xìng grid,,, touches with his somewhat similar. "North smoke disapproval shook his head:" How Zhao Heng Xuan compared with goose? 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