If the case is to be misunderstood

July 27 [Sat], 2013, 10:29
He Hejiao this soon, who shocked the entire teahouse Moreover, this content is disturbing it. States who do not know the whole wind protect the country and Hong Kun is the Master, and he created Blade door is the state religion. Now actually ran a young man in this barking growl like crazy, and said to the entire Blade door destruction, which makes other people are alarmed ah. So outrageous it is to be aware of that, but the door Knife incredible ah. "You guys are crazy? Freeze speak ah, damn,oakley sunglasses, damn bad luck." Many timid man whispered a few words before fleeing also like to leave, do not dare in Banke stick around. If the case is to be misunderstood here Rebels secret dens, and someone happened to recognize themselves, then it may suffer, rational can not tell. "You ... you ... you ..." A little chubby old man looked at Xia Qing dust suddenly exclaimed. "Fat talk of the town, you hell? Doing stammered, not even a word can not tell." Is said to be fat I tough old man said: "He ... he was killed Knife gate two cents on the young warrior. "" ah! "This is tantamount to bolt from the blue, snow in June. This controversial living legend actually stood in their eyes, he was very calm and relaxed, then people do not know how to face to do. Some say he is a good man, to the Soviet Union saint Liangleichadao million dead without any hesitation. Some say he was unjust, drag caused the death of countless innocent culprit. But anyway Xia Qing dust or famous, and is quite famous, although people do not know what he is called. "That's him do? So young ah." "Do you want to go to the official report, but the reward of a lot of money this person ah." "You court death ah, people connected xiandu then kill an estimated half a step out of this if you dare, flew on will be killed. "the man quietly wiped the sweat," Brother, thanks for reminding ah, or to regret it. another day I treat, must be good thank you. "Xia Qing dust wanted polemic has been posted in Phoenix The size of the corners of the city, and almost no one visited Phoenix does not know. Although the painter's level is limited, but at least there I eighty percent of charm, and is very likely that they have identified a clear summer dust. Xia Qing dust sweep them one, for their words did not make too seriously. These ordinary people is the greatest pleasure afraid to talk about these two things, he is not as would kill them all the. His eyes locked on that people who talk of the town called fat, that fat talk of the town suddenly felt an inexplicable pressure, heart horrified. "So you say the elderly sage Nirvana, give me a specific talk about it?" Tone down regarded Xia Qing dust and gas, did not show Aggressive look. Xia Qing saw dust moderate tone, fat I heart sigh of relief, definitely not in front of the young man he may provoke. Connected xiandu then kill, but it is what counted it? Long sigh, fat Lao Li Xia Qing dust Bao Quan said: "The adults, as far as I get the message when rì you are left with not a few saints widow rì, Blade on a bunch of doors Sin arrived at their originally saints to deal with the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union might be a saint to know what in their hands before the fire Nirvana, and even the huge National Division government are turning to rubble, nothing left. "His tone was very respectful, for such as summer dust cleared strongman but not at all afraid to offend him. Xia Qing dust with a sigh, only he knows, is not afraid of Knife Gate Suquan revenge, but really to his deadline, not even a minute dragged up. He remembered Suquan told him so, he really did not expect people to answer Xiefeng Guo for his love, death is also dedicated to this piece of land, which for him is the best destination for fear it. And chatted with these guy would, he finally sort out from their mouth after Wang Meng tragedy, but also more and more furious. His hatred for Knife gate rising more and more, and afterwards North Knife Hong Kun did not come out to make any apology. Chen Feng is unaffected, which led to his downfall Knife firm as Wang Meng and doors that millions of innocent revenge determination. But he also knows this road which is too hard, he has a dream and the East Legend No mortal hatred, and now with the North Knife Hong Kun die endlessly. These two powerful martial art is not so easy to deal with, one bad he was going to be destroyed, vanished. And his power is still extremely weak, revenge is now simply not reported, only forbear it, and so she had a powerful force, we must call them utter confusion. "The elderly, thank you to inform everything, and you leave it. Maybe Blade door who will come soon, so be implicated, say good-bye." Not safe here now, any time a person could be Knife Gate found that, if the wind or other strongman Chan came, his bailing also impossible. They do not react until it drifted away, a few sideways disappeared without a trace. About a stick of incense, Blade door, led by Chen Feng, Yuan Ying came eight more than the master, the whole tea cordoned off. "The immortal, I obtained a message that wanted on the inside." A wretched middle-aged fat man against Chen Feng Chanxiao. Chen Feng disgust frowned, "Are you sure he was in there?" "To be sure, is one of my life friendship had informed my brother, that the wanted criminals on the inside." Chen Feng overjoyed. " Well, that's a good thing you do, that time will not ill-treat you. "wretched fat flew from ear to ear smile," Thank the fairy, oh no, thank you big brother. "He remembered Knife Gate Awards are walls and doors of his income. Chen Feng mouth up, contemptuous smile, big brother? With your qualifications are also equipped? Strode into the teahouse, flew transfixed, with his soul will know a little sweep, the entire teahouse empty. But not in non-summer dust cleared, even the tea masters have disappeared out of sight. Chen cooled with a face looking middle-aged fat cold channel, "people do? You tell me people do?" Chen Feng also face other Young angry, "the court death, even my brothers are Ganshua!" Having snapped a slap in the face, beaten fat vomit blood, ears buzz. This is people do not use their strength, or fear of his life was this hand drawn gone. "On the fairy .. the immortal mercy ah, my brother really wanted to tell me that this is. Would be that they fled?" Chen Feng naturally think of this situation, his residual cold smiles: "Since Thus, keep your useless. Young, sending him on the road, right. "bang bang, that fat whole physique like shells generally dashing out the baizhang, had just burst open, formidable fighters. Chen Feng have never seen a watch, just faint: "Come on, let Shi Dimen best to search a radius of a thousand miles and since this appeared, presumably still has not gone away,Oakley Sunglasses HOLBROOK, maybe he still has something you want to stay in this place . "" Yes, brother. "" This is Phoenix do? "one woman rode like a Fairy mysterious ancient edged sword, draw air comes from the sky, like a meteor. Is a mortal can recognize this is a woman on the fairy, because well-known of the Sword Feixianguan. Women dressed in white flying Sword sè skirt, graceful, really is a world absolutely sè. An ethereal body Chu Chen atmosphere, people can not help but want to worship. That water Lingling shining eyes full of wisdom gloss, glamorous threatening, it can not look. "This is the Master first task given to me, I have to complete a perfect, but why is the protection that it can not fool practice?" Master account two months ago, he remembered her words, let her silently with Behind the man, in the case of danger necessary before coming to the rescue, otherwise never be seen. Some time ago more rumors, that fool put a saver of disciples punched killed. She naturally not believe that with such a child is not bragging, but think about it to understand. I heard baozhu special love he may not want to let people say that he is not practicing waste such a harsh word, so only an unwise move. Very possible publicity, to get rid of the nightmare of the head yīn shadow. But this is too fake it, the publicity is really yes. . . Believe will be a fool. But I did not expect flat rì stern baozhu, actually expect such a bizarre publicity tactic, really lovely people, even she could not help but smile. Think of interesting places even her own chuckle shook his head again. Seen not far from Phoenix, she put away the Feijian, so the PLC out of thin air in the air. Gosh, this is how the repair takes at least Yuan Ying ah. Of course, if the dust cleared this summer, then, fear can be a recognized in front of the woman, is impressively deep West Fort collation meeting famous meditation exception being the king's palace doors and walls income pity rain. With literally destabilize ordinary genius-level qualification in the same order monks, this is how arrogant and overbearing. Palace pity ponder a lot of rain or removed from a jīng Qiankun Dai clever mask over his face, the beauty of her flawless face foes to covering up. Master once told off as a last resort not expose identity. She walked Official Road in Phoenix could not help wondering, took place some time ago rì big thing, this huge Phoenix actually nobody is talking about,Oakley Sunglasses Store, how could it? Although she was in the king's mouth to know some meditation, but also to the way heard of some, but the specific situation she did not know. That fool again where it is now? Palace Xi Yu hearts burst sigh, some means after injury days, less than she is not necessary to use, is now no alternative but to use the search God. She found a secluded location grabbed a secular person, just a long sigh: "I see." Looked under the slight hint of sleeping in that secular mortal, but unfortunately the rain palace quietly left a few days crystal coins then quietly left. God Found In case there is no struggle there is no harm to human, but unfortunately the rain this search Fortune Palace is very mild, but probably will leave some apologetic heart Crystal credits as compensation. Of course they did Chen Feng forcible search of God will naturally bring some harm, but did not imagine so much harm it. After all, just found God instead of pumping soul refining soul, of course, soul for soul refining pumping requirements on the high level, this is not a mere Yuan Ying period or period of God can do. Xia Qing dust did not know he was a man motivated the number of sects, talk about those who want to fish in troubled waters of the small sects. Those dominant sects light level, there are quite a few have been dispatched. But even knew, surely he would not mind. There is going to escape, a person with two people chase lacks distinction. The most critical now is to find a small red inflammation and smoke children, so long, do not know how they like it. But they did not themselves together and should be safe, but the strength of red inflammation still above their own. Xia Qing dust all the way to try to find remote areas, in order not to be found Blade door, presumably they only go this search is not easy hiding places. Sure enough, after two months of searching, in a city of more than thirty thousand from Phoenix found in the mountains with a small red inflammation smoke children. However, they'd look like a mess, little smoke child nursed the past few months have not been good, obviously lost a lot. That water Lingling innocent eyes, see people especially distressed. Xia Qing dust Rodin to come up with a quiet little girl eating a small child That grin smoke brother's barking. Summer made clear dust while depressed, this is the unique stunt geniuses Li Changqing, Xia Qing dust even only a few who have just a few grains. He himself was seriously injured neither willing to take, the drug in order to have a great life and death of the miraculous, usually eaten simply wasted. Xia Qing dust dust picked up a small child, turning red inflammation riding on top of his head touched the red inflammation, said: "Man, this rì sub wronged you and we go, to the ancient state." He has Suquan to his complete map, so simply do not worry about getting lost. Suquan what people? Once the fit of the mighty. Where he traveled is too vast, that it may not meet him mercilessly Xiao comparison. Moreover, he is a family heir, this map is naturally extremely detailed. Not only encompasses Kyushu, more than the endless including Kyushu region, of inestimable value. Xia Qing dust figure looking out of sight, deep shadow just nodded his head. He spent a supreme supernatural powers to clear dust psychological implications of the summer, otherwise how could he be so easy to find it here. However, according to baozhu said Su there will be a real danger, and the Royal fear is wrong may also insert a horizontal bar, is really a headache ah. Or as soon as possible to solve it, his body also has a lot of the burden, not all follow the child. Flashed by more than a year, summer is also the dust cleared through the ancient state borders, the Soviet Union successfully reached home. Cloud looked like a remote stand, Su extraordinary boldness, even Xia Qing dust could not help but feel shocked. That climb the stairs full of tens of thousands of white stairs above has some obscure array pattern. Xia Qing dust reason to believe that, if there is not enough strength in this complex array pattern everywhere was wrapped Su will suffer enormously. Indeed the super powers, and indeed all of them should not be overlooked. Talk about how much the master, just this heritage to make people reticent about it. Xia Qing dust was about to fly directly over riding a red inflammation, soon Bao like a ringing in his ears: "Come stop, please dismount the line."
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