Jinyuan did not intend to have

January 16 [Wed], 2013, 11:11
This chapter by netizens to provide you with updates] "the things you don't pull me, I two don't help, you want to hit you in the face with a pie" of Chen Jinyuan, it is now almost certain, charm and the mother Xia Yu Tian strength should be about the same, but the charm of the head more than a woman Huang Xiao, now he joined the party, it can definitely win easy odd no pop-up Qi but Chen Jinyuan did not intend to have their own authority, rosefinch this big kill, and the the bird, the two together perhaps he can put them down to one thousand, into the single swallow, transfer a cry of terror -- and why and don't "brother-in-law" field, Chen Jinyuan looked up, but the young general was smiling to him, obviously, this sound brother-in-law is coming out from his mouth, and he called the most likely is "by myself, this is there came out of the relatives" Chen Jinyuan some reaction not to come over, this guy is not myopic?The young general is very enthusiastic on close to Chen Jinyuan, Chen Jinyuan hastily reached the big hands off Mens D'Alpago Parka, didn't say: "Sir, see it clearly, don't Lu à n relatives to identify" the young general face awkward, embarrassed to say: " Mens D'Alpago Bomber Parka;what, you don't know me, but but I know you, my name is Xu Jian, the second of a dream home, is my younger sister" "little dream?"Chen Jinyuan some accident, the boy turned out to be a small dream brother, no wonder so young became a major general, feelings are a family background, as such, this kid really is his two uncles brother heart immediately to the young into the magic of a favorable impression, but thought that he was in Mount Emei with, Chen Jinyuan just ignite the passion went out. "Want to pull me in?"Chen Jinyuan cold face asked "to......Yes.Yes.Xu Jianjian Chen Jinyuan asked, nodding can't live, Chen Jinyuan appeared, he felt Chen Jinyuan looks familiar, but can't remember where seen, Huang Xiao just called out the name of Chen Jinyuan, Xu sword immediately back to God, it is not talking about his name the baby sister all day, a dream to he looked at Chen Jinyuan's picture, my mind immediately for the good, now this trend micro, his brother-in-law, there is no reason not to help themselves, "brother-in-law, O of the grandfather's death under orders, must take the stone back, or I can die set, brother-in-law to help a brother busy, the two NV sent air max sale?"Chen Jinyuan deep glances at Xu Jian, if he doesn't mention his grandfather fortunately, mention it, Chen Jinyuan would think of Mount Emei that nasty old man, had to admire the Pingnan palace, now the thought of it is a big fire, "you don't call my brother-in-law, I can not you so prominent in the home, say, your grandfather did not recognize me the sun NV husband I was two don't help good" Xu sword eyebrows a wrinkly, did not think Chen Jinyuan will not give the Pingnan palace face, also want to say something, but Chen Jinyuan waved his hand, said: "I stopped him said a few, you exactly want to do good, to play as early as possible, or Yao is almost dark I see as well, since everybody is here for inheritance of stone, as we advanced D ò ng, this D ò ng there is no inheritance of stone or two said, if not, that isn't bust a field, if the inheritance of stone, that we'll each by skill?"
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