hear she caught up in the back

January 29 [Tue], 2013, 15:18
Baisanshiyi chapter night road "Tianyu, you let me go, hurry, otherwise I am angry."Mei Yan teacher in my arms in the struggle."Sister, you don't sink, all right, I hold you go, you are not tired?"I said, this time, I how can easily let go."Tianyu, how do you now become a rogue?Put me down."Mrs. Mei Yan cried.Rogue?How can Mei Yan teacher said.My teacher Mei Yan put it, he went on, hear behind Mei research teachers organize the sound of clothes, a short while, hear she caught up in the back.Oh!I study the teacher so good to Mei, she said I'm a blackguard, let me so angry.I didn't look back, go up in the front.Mr. Mei Yan did not call me, followed closely behind, the sun has not see, the days are gradually became dark down, although the road is very easy to see, but I know, in the mountain road, Mei Yan the teacher must have a little afraid, or she won't tell so tight.Go for a moment, Mei study teacher breathing more and more heavy, more and more slow footsteps.Can't really put her behind it, if the teacher Mei Yan scared, but I would be very distressed, although I am angry with her, I deliberately slowed down the pace."Tianyu, you slowly."Mr. Mei Yan spoke at last.I stopped, and Mei study teacher came to my side, I went up, didn't say a word."The sky, why don't you speak, you is it right? Born sisters gas?"Mei Yan asked the teacher.I was a little depressed: "no, I how will have a sister, I am very much to blame, originally see sister tired, want to hold sister to go, unexpectedly the elder sister so angry, sorry."Oh, it hit the sadness card, wanted to touch Mei. Teacher's cheap, but the words can not say that, like Mei Yan teacher is so kind a man, to let her guilt it, her guilt is more deep, will feel sorry for me, will be good to me, as to eat her tofu more easily.Look down their own, how so treacherous Canada Goose Women Freestyle Vest?Do you really feel this way.Mei Yan asked the teacher didn't believe that."Do not want to also think?"I stopped, looked at Mei research teacher, innocent face helpless grievances can not be wronged.If the day is not so dark, I will squeeze some tears in eyes, so more can show my grievance.Mei Yan teacher looked at me without speaking, for a while, she put a hand on my shoulder: "well, Tianyu, don't injustice, sister wrong well, sister shouldn't say you do.""All right, as long as the sister not angry."I started walking."Tianyu, sister didn't think you would like that, you hold me like that, I really do not know how good, that action is to some, between lovers."Mei Yan said the teacher."I know my sister, you do not say, I will never again." Air Max 91 Sale;I stuffy and said.Listen to me to say, Mei study teacher did not speak, silently beside me follow.Day was dark, but the moon is good, the road is also very easy to see.Go for a while Canada Goose Women Kensington Parka, unexpectedly over the mountain, the other side of the hill is not high, not look far to the village, to see the lights.But it away. We still know, looking very near, do not walk a long time.Mei Yan teacher to Dakoutaikou panting, we go all the way, not to Mei Yan teacher tired?"Tianyu, we give it a rest, too tired."Mei Yan said the teacher pant for breath.OK.I looked around, this place was bare, even the grass was not how long, I found a stone, moved back: "sister, you sit it on this.""Tianyu, your sister."Mrs. Mei Yan sat down."Elder sister know it, don't say I rogue."I said."Tianyu, sister and apologize to you, don't angry, ah?"Mei Yan teacher intentionally laugh at me.So beautiful temperament of the girls look at me like this, I how can students vent to, I smiled: "sister, don't angry, really."I also miss Mei Yan aside and sat down.Just sit down, Mei Yan teacher suddenly screamed, yelled stood up, her hands about flutter, body continuously.The voice in the wilderness, enough deterrent, scared me suddenly jumped up, Mei and teacher is this how?A man usually so temperament, how would suddenly make such supernormal action."What elder sister,?How.I cried.Mei Yan teacher screaming and continuous wingbeat: "ah, insects, Tianyu, soon, mom, a centipede, ah �� �" centipede?
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