the capital can be considered an underworld

September 14 [Sat], 2013, 11:10
Lu Jing high kick up the phone before walking toward the county government guesthouse . Walked into the hotel, Lu Jing Gao 's face just changed the situation , knocking into the one room . "Zhao less , you just got it, I would not pick up a little something to you ." If Ye Zetao here , then you can recognize that this Jiaozhao fewer people in the capital, which is that he had a conflict that Beijing City Vice Mayor Zhao Fan Ping children of Zhao Minjiang . In addition to Zhao Minjiang this , there is a longer glamorous woman, this woman had just bathed reveals thousands of style sitting there. Lu Jing Gao there is a stunning, looked toward this woman , this woman should know is that Zhao Minjiang favorite things to help him do a lot of women , it is said that a woman in the capital can be considered an underworld figure. Laughed, Zhao Minjiang on Lu Jing Gao said: "how , I said a woman who called Fang Yimei good bar , it seems Lu also less heart it ! " Lu Jing Gao walked over to sit down , haha ​​a chuckle: "Zhao vision is less really good, in this province Hui Lin , and I 've seen can be considered for less beauty, such a temperament , or deputy governor of beauty really is not . " two men talking woman, that beauty is at the side of her hair with a hair dryer blowing , it can not be completely obscured by a white chest exposed from time to time , to also attracted Lu Jing Gao more glances . See Lu Jing Gao eyes, Zhao Minjiang face on a slightly changed . However, Zhao Minjiang this is intentional from, to not be too obvious antipathy expression. Zhao Minjiang a slight chuckle : "I also stumbled , to be honest , this woman is getting more and more flavor , I have to play a Xiangnong , cheap Lu less ! LU Shao- ah , look at that one I introduced beauty 's sake, how should compensate me about it ? " Lu Jing Gao look to Zhao Minjiang said: " Zhao less , to say the truth, how do you have such a good heart . put such beauty introduced to me and you this man but the rapist one . " that is right that beauty is also dark wrinkled his brow , stood up and said:" You chatted, I returned to the room . " saw a woman out , Lu Jing Gao hee hee a chuckle:" Zhaoshao Yan Fu not shallow, this woman good . " " Lu Jing Gao , I tell you , do not fight his mind ! " Lu Jing Gao smiled and said: " A woman , and I am that people like freshness, keep up the hand of a woman the more the more flavor . of course, your woman I will not move, woman Well , are numerous . " Zhao Minjiang This face eased a little. "Zhao less , this time to the ditch County is going to invest a little longer ? " " I have to look at the situation again, anyway, LU Shao guide , I'll play a little longer ." " Put it , what need the words say . " " You're the real thing , but this time in order to a woman. actually transferred this county coming ! " Lu Jing another job laughed and said:" Father let me down also think it is good exercise . " Haha smile, Zhao Minjiang said: " If you do not like Lou less , but I want to hands, so beautiful , I'm really serious , this time to ditch your golden County , just want to see Lu less attitude , if Lu fewer things uncertain . then blame my brother my polite . " would also have some doubts, Lu Jing Gao said in the hearing of such a post , haha ​​a chuckle:" rest assured, my brother this time I was under the martial arts , and the case must win this beauty , tell you the truth , I'm never tempted too . more rare or do we have recognized family Father . " " Oh, uncle also recognized ? " " You do not know, this little beauty , but incredibly, recently done a lot of work is very good, Father saw me playing a woman all day long , this time I like to see a deputy magistrate , to also happy . " Zhao Minjiang look a condensate , they look to Lu Jing Gao Tao : "You did not check this family Father beauty of the situation ? " " how did the investigation, is said to have so little relationship with Tianlin Xi , recently heard Tianlin Xi was very unusual in the army team has a lot of strength, Father would like to take up this matter by ! "They are the meat and wine buddy , suddenly talking. " Lu little , I heard that many people are interested in the beauty of this surname side , you have to pay close attention ." "Ha ha , I have not got the mind to talk nonsense , and you look at it , I get on tonight she , not that a woman? I first aphrodisiac , and then down the heart of the play, comes to an end just give her some of the benefits , I do not believe , so it can not handle her ! " Zhao Minjiang laughed: " You blow . " Hey smile, Lu Jing Gao said: " You look at it . " " Do not do it embarrass your family Father . " " Haha, a woman thing , just get her on the bed , it is not the time to speak to her , and as long as I get to this woman , we know there will be more than happy family Father do . " " Well, you busy your events go, this time I came to see your county 's investment environment , a suitable opportunities, I want to get to is about . " " OK , I put the deputy director of China Merchants sent to you, you know, although the Secretary askew fast forty, and beauty , ** is a lot of flavor , I have enjoy over . " here is hehe smile . Lu Jing Gao sent out the door , watching the high leavin Lu Jing , Zhao Minjiang mouth to smile . "Zhao small, it can be done into ? " Then comes a woman from another room and went out, they asked one . " To look at the situation and do not succeed , it is to this county Ye Zetao a ? " "My man stumbled , this time Ye Zetao is secretly arrival, he came first to the Provincial Forestry Department , Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Toronto and then ditch the car until golden County , To be honest , I really admire the Chao Shao , how do you know that both of them have some questions ? "refers to a little room , they went inside. Sat down, Zhao Minjiang grunted : "This world is not an unventilated wall, he thought that doing Ye Zetao secret , how could fool intentioned people's eyes , and you think, ah , this is called Fang Yimei woman then young and no background , how she climbed so quickly deputy governor 's seat on ? ' "does not mean she has Tianlin Xi support you ? " "Well, Tian Linxi this man everyone knows his situation , this person is not a lecherous man, said to be the place had previously been wounded , you think, one , how could such a person to find a woman in seagrass County , two people do not related to him , the only one relationship is probably Ye Zetao man , and since this is and I certainly have to look into the . " this woman came with Zhao Minjiang a Jiaohu Ling-Cui, is a mistress of the capital underworld leader , in a crackdown in Zhao Minjiang spotted this woman, helped her one and brought some of that underworld leader Hu Ling Tsui folded into men , so that these people became Zhao Minjiang hand horse, to also help him do a lot of things . "This is strange , and since they have a relationship , how it all turned up on one ? " "That I began to have doubts, then I want to come to understand , it should be that Tianlin Xi 's handwriting , he was afraid of this woman affected Ye Zetao development, as this come up with these things , Ye Zetao secretly ran from this point of view things here between the two men I love constantly ah ! " " Haha . Chao Shao- you are too much, use Lu Jing Gao guy to provoke Ye Zetao ! " Zhao Minjiang also laughed and said:" we take the fight like mountain View , this time I was in any case have made ​​Ye Zetao ruin ! " say this, Zhao Minjiang the eyes of the extreme cold . Hu Ling Tsui said: "Joining a foreign nationality can not be leaders , and What sort of truth ! " "Yes ah , so many people have Youth Canada Goose Freestyle Vest joined the foreign nationality , which is what the big deal ? " Zhao Minjiang reproved up. Zhao Minjiang curse for a while before exclaimed: " Wei Shuji This was next, and my family Father would have had the desired results but also because my brother is an Australian , the results are difficult ." " Say so only provincial level or above , I rely on ! now as long as there is the home of the children of foreign nationality , and that the pace of progress would cease, and that people should not live ? " " Everything is out out this Ye Zetao things ! " " how are you going to engage in this thing ? "Hu Ling-Cui Zhao Minjiang heard cursing himself in there for a while , this asked. "Well, Lu Jing Gao is a playboy , he does not understand , like , thinking that this woman will be able to get the opportunity to be linked up with Tianlin Xi , dreaming, this time I have arranged with a number of reporters over, he would secretly Ye Zetao 'll lover, I'll let this thing exposed out, I want everyone to look at his Ye Zetao is a kind of person ! "" Yes, as long as this thing inside poke out from the county , that Ye Zetao it simply impossible to avoid , Zhao Shao was amazing ! " laughed, Zhao Minjiang said:" Lu Jing Gao this kid means I'm too well , as long as he does not get out of use, it will certainly come violence ! "" Yes, I have just received news that the Lu Jing Gao telephoned San Mao , that is to arrange San Mao , tonight will come a hijacking . " " message accurately ? " " Haha, you would have let us buy those people, who are now inside San Mao we have a few core staff bribed , that Lu Jing Gao has been on hold Sanmao their Zhezhi underworld forces . " Zhao Minjiang it laughed and said:" interesting, interesting, you said if it is being Lu Jing Fang Yimei strength at the time , that Ye Zetao suddenly appeared, would be what kind of situation? "Hu Ling-Cui flirtatious Piaoxiang Zhao Minjiang also laughed and said: " Zhao few really bad ! that it can be really exciting , and we should really like , then this is the play of epic proportions , they might really have something to sudden large ! " " right, this thing hard about arrange , be sure to let Ye Zetao into it ! " two big laughed. Hu Ling Tsui said: "If such a thing really happened , do some good articles, Ye Zetao even destroyed ! " "Yes, I have the layout so long time , secretly put the things that Fang Yimei and Ye Zetao checked so the clear purpose of this day to come , it is time to Ye Zetao to when he was in the dark, we are in the dark , let Lu Jing Gao engage in all things , we arrange it properly in the dark , to the first time exposure to Ye Zetao things out , Canada Goose Women's Trillium CG55 but also let the people know these things ! "Hu Ling Tsui smiles tenderly said :" Zhao little too strong ! "See this woman looks like, Zhao Minjiang guffawing a tear Hu Ling-Cui pajamas , looking at the white one , laughing loudly rushed up . ,
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