troops defeated by South Vietnamese

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() Were brought to the side of the river shadow, Lee Ki find on the big boss. Thing is the fault of the big boss, natural big boss to deal with. Lee Ki said: "I pulled my man you see how to deal with?" Big Boss laughed: "to jǐng inspections, this little thing you asked me not Lee Ki style. More clever, I send my comrades a few packets of tea We try. "" Oh. "Lee sat down to play with a smile and said:" You and I act dumb. blue flowers now whereabouts were known, eight million yuan temptation, this person will continue to find the door, I could protect her one o'clock, I, can not protect her. Vietnamese underworld more troops defeated by South Vietnamese constitution, although for decades, but they still have a certain tradition. since they found the whereabouts, sooner or later will come. "" I have a headache this thing. "big boss side tea side and said:" If it is within our grasp people like Lee onwards, you should come into contact with such a thing. a target by international reward, then the killer swarms ye are generally how to deal with this thing? "Lee Ki-jǐng Ti said:" say yes, but you do not pull me into the water. "" brains. "" I have a father, friend's child, he went to West Africa tour, soak a country very influential generals, which is his son's lover warlords this arrogant warlord son used to, so with a few people want to bury each other, but he did not expect the other side to kill barehanded a decade old. four individuals, including warlord's son is countered killed. murder after a friend of my father's son was very intelligent, and immediately contact the embassy in their own country. Embassy intervention, a country in West Africa Finally justice court sentencing, defense, acquitted, but the warlord quit ah, so he told International buyers purchase orders small child my father's friend lives. "big boss nodded:" xìng quality almost, then what? "" We studied several options, one solution is Cheat, cheat warlord with photographs. Incidentally still earn money. a program of anti-assassination, a sum of money, through international buyer assassinate warlord. third option, we kill the warlord. "Lee Ki said:" The first program we bother to do the second option we have no money to do so we chose the third option. three people dressed as warlords site to invest, they booked a feast in the banquet good bomb buried under the tiles outside when the warlord and his guards walked to that location When the fourth person detonated. warlord dead, then purchase orders disappear. "" Lee Ki-ah. Westerners are not very in love with a bomb? '"so to speak, which may and the underworld, the mafia and the like about. First World War to the Vietnam War, and is the development of a good time gang. vendetta between them constantly, the most famous of course Thomas submachine gun, but the most important is the use of the bomb. bombs is very simple, ordinary people can get started by simply training, detonators ,Langford Parka Canada Goose, detonators on three things. Professionals worse, supplies can be made by his powerful bomb. "big boss said:" kill the widow blue flowers, the day after tomorrow will come to a city in China. this things we said privately, you do not think that this is a good opportunity to get rid of her? "" Ha ha, the big boss I will not be fooled. "Lee Ki said:" a good opportunity, but I will not do illegal things. "" From official, this widow killing decisiveness, ability as much as her husband. traffickers are caught only, and this point you and I both know, but we definitely do not want to see a single big drug lords, as long as the widow's death, her legacy sites and resources will become a small fight drug traffickers target. speaking from personal affairs. blue flowers do well, it is right and we can not look to contribute to such a man, because of his contribution was revenge killing. "assassination , is Secret Service did not do. But the military commission is dry. U.S. forces have often are dry. According to historical records, the U.S. Navy SEALs has told Colombian drug lord Escobar secret several times attacked repeatedly because drug lords seated at Columbia zhèngfǔ and U.S. military liaison officers and failure. Finally, after earlier caught out jiān fine. And finally to kill him. Brother zhèngfǔ in their own States, but would like to help the U.S. military say that it is a satire. But you can also explain the ability of the strong drug lords, not the underworld can match. The Escobar twenty thousand armed personnel, military equipment than zhèngfǔ jīng good. After his surrender, built a cathedral as his luxury prison, without his permission, no person shall enter 'prison'. Its most arrogant when the Supreme Court with armed siege, killing more than 90 staff, all data will be destroyed. Also assassinate a presidential candidate, the assassination of Colombian officials up to five years to 400 people. In the official data, 92 years China one thousand soldiers also attacked the border a drug lords castle. Deal with drug lords,north face jackets clearance, can only rely on the army. Lee Ki-Q: "This is something approved yet?" "No, the truth, and you say this thing is something lakes, rivers and lakes rivers and lakes of things." Big boss a leveling off rì tone, full Fei Qi said: "The original is intended to send snipers out to do her directly, but now the opportunity is at hand. need so much trouble if her husband gave her a solid foundation, she may really dominated the Vietnamese border. "Lee Ki-heart chuckle, this is definitely approved . But the big boss have the right to approve such a comrade-level action. Lee Ki-thinking for a while, come around a pen and paper and write down a website: "The international buyer URLs, one million dollars, she will die." "Where you find one million dollars?" Big boss paper close up and asked: "This buyer has credit?" Lee Ki-smile: "I also." "My private collection." big boss said: "do or not do?" Although there are approved, but the best is still not official resources . The widow is Vietnam 'Members'. "I never did anything illegal." Lee Ki-righteously refused. Then Lee Ki-pressed voice: "But I think it would be very suitable for travel led Ouyang vice." Big boss frown: "how to say?" "As a result, this task is not dangerous. Secondly, with the assassination of experience easier when bodyguards when empathy. three years, you can test team. Ouyang Zhang Mei Lee Deputy originally had two assistants Rose. plus blue flowers, this is no stranger to women who help drug lords. I think it is valuable to try. "" That Zhu Yao do? "" This man put it. "Lee Ki-not sure. "Well," Big Boss meditation for a while and said: "Ouyang father gave me a call and said Ouyang first time yesterday and his quarrel. Ouyang said, why not tell the truth to the organization? If not, who take the clothes to test people to Ouyang father reported Shangguan success already dead. Ouyang Jing Tang, who called for the prosecution disobedience, mutiny guilt. "" This is a woman too seriously. "Lee Ki said:" Tell her to find something to do good. "" Well, I agree . "big boss said:" why do you personally trip now and I feel like my father, so stand Ouyang people, it is difficult to persuade to give up the position Ouyang you different, ah, you do not stand and you can put a bad thing to say generous Chen word. "Lee Ki frown. Words seemed to criticize their own, though, is the truth. Ouyang gladiolus and did not live in the residence listening to the sea, but listening to the sea at a distance of about 100 kilometers of a town near the barracks, there are dependents floor. Lee arrive by car from the town, family wings is a separate district, there sentry standing guard. Faced with a situation to fill their parents and siblings of visitors information, Lee did not hesitate to call up the phone. He could understand each other from the safety considerations searched. But do not understand the significance of this form to fill out. Is it purely to remind you that you are inferior people to the higher place? Jǐng Wei Ouyang father who soon open jeep from the Lee picked up inside. "Uncle, auntie." As a junior, Lee Ki still very polite. Ouyang father's residence is very simple and clean. Lee's play is surprising is that even a mother can not blame Ouyang gladiolus Lee Ki, never heard Ouyang gladiolus ever mentioned. Ouyang father Lee Ki attitude is quite friendly and attentive mother Ouyang Shui, but also to Ouyang room knocking: "gladiolus, a visitor." Door open. Ouyang gladiolus wearing a camouflage vest came out, saw Lee Ki stunned for a while, want to go back and change clothes, seems very appropriate. Had to sit down and asked: "how do you come? '" Something personal to find you. "Lee Ki answer. Ouyang father knew what it was,Montebello CG55 Parka Canada Goose, and said: "That's the two of you to go inside chat. Youth affair and we will not interfere with the." Ouyang gladiolus very strange to see their father, He had a few when their father would Make yourself and a strange man xìng same room. Ouyang gladiolus up, with a sort of puzzled go to Lee from his harem. Spacious, clean, tidy, organized and have things put in order. Lee Ki Chan said: "If it is not know you, I thought to OCD residence." There xìng no private stuff, Yan sè with green, white, gray-based. "When your mouth becomes and Xun declared as hate?" Ouyang gladiolus hint: "Sit down." "And the violin." Lee looked up surprised violin hanging on the wall. Ouyang gladiolus also surprised: "You will play the violin?" "No, erhu I will not." Lee Ki-smile: "I think you are very tolerant of. Could stay at home, a house on so many days. "" I am ten years old was detained three days confinement, early accustomed to. "Ouyang gladiolus took a bottle of mineral water from small freezer up to Lee and said:" Just because I and my classmates to show off my dad was a general. Later, I because it is even more respect for him, but in recent years, he has changed. Previously we discussed on the table is the equipment, the training squadron advantages and disadvantages of this year we are talking about more political and progress. "" progress? progress very Well. "Young people need to make progress thing. Ouyang gladiolus said: "Progress is the official one term meaning careerism." Lee Ki said: "see you situation, you seem to have figured out." "Figured what?" Ouyang gladiolus brow a tight asked. Lee Ki surprised, smiling, said: "Big Boss and I say you and your father some conflict." "No, you look only at Yuan Huang this time there will be." Ouyang gladiolus low voice asked: "big boss and you say are not you? "Lee play a more quietly:" Do you think I know that this is good for me is that right? you try to turn me toward the fire pit on the push? "" "Ouyang gladiolus nodded and said:" Well, do not say these things you will not this time to no purpose, right? I believe that you are not simply when a lobbyist. "" guessed. "Lee took up a piece of paper from the package delivery in the past. This is the widow of the above photograph, height, weight, diet, nationality and other basic information. Lee Ki said in more detail what has happened again. (To be continued.)
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